Best Eco-Friendly Dog Products

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It’s high time we start living more sustainable lifestyles, especially with the adverse effects of climate change we are experiencing. Being environmentally conscious should also entail changes in the products you purchase for your dogs. 

Luckily, there has been a giant leap in eco-friendly dog brands out there, making it possible to fulfill your aspirations for more sustainable living with your four-legged friend. Yes, it’s possible to be both an eco-warrior while still catering to your furry friend’s needs! 

We’ve put together a list of the best eco-friendly dog products for dog parents who wish to start living sustainably. You’ll find a ton of products, from grooming tools to dog food and even chew toys!  

ecofriendly dog products

Eco-Friendly Dog Beds 

Choose a bed for your dog that is not only comfortable for them because of the bumpers and pads, but also made of either organic cotton or fabric created from recycled plastic bottles such as West Paw’s bed with microsuede

You can also consider Bowsers’ Organic Oval Hemp Bed is made from the highly sustainable crop which is grown without the use of harmful chemicals! 

Blueberry Pet’s beds are designed like a sofa, making it a great lounge that provides a soft and cozy place for your pet to rest on. It’s made of thick microsuede fabric filled with 100% recyclable eco-friendly microfiber. 

Eco-Friendly Dog Food 

Choose dog foods that meet your pet’s nutritional and energy needs without having negative effects on the environment. 

Remember that organic doesn’t always mean sustainable, but The Honest Kitchen’s dry dog foods are manufactured by a company that strives to buy from local and organic suppliers and never uses genetically modified organisms.  

Watch this video for an honest review of the product!

We support Weruva’s Grain-Free Natural dry dog foods because of their sustainable and traceable ingredients! The company, which is owned and operated by a family, promises that their product’s components are very simple and wholesome for easy digestion.  

Feeding a fast-eating dog can be tricky because of their tendency to get hungry immediately and the health risks involved. Try this non-plastic bamboo slow feeder dog bowl from Simply Pets. It claims that no plastic goes into the manufacture of this product, making it 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe.  

Eco-Friendly Dog Grooming Tools 

We know that some of the chemicals in our dogs’ shampoos and conditioners can harm both their skin and the environment. Thankfully, there are plenty of eco-friendly products on the market, from breath sprays to shampoo, that we can use for them without worry or irritation. 

Zesty Paws sells natural shampoos and conditioners. Instead of toxic properties, they use oatmeal, aloe vera, and shea butter to remove irritation caused by itching and scratching.  

Bodhi Doggie Breath Spray fights the bacteria in your dog’s mouth that may result in smelly dog breath or periodontal disease. This brand uses natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. It’s also cruelty-free! 

Every time you toss an old brush in the trash the plastic materials stay there for hundreds of years, adding waste to the environment. Why not try a bamboo brush for Fido? The product is eco-friendly and is also amazing in detangling and de-shedding.  

Dogs get smelly right after they take a bath, and we know how annoying that is! You can try using Earthbath’s All-Natural Deodorizing Spritz for them. The product is biodegradable and also all-natural that will keep your four-legged friend fresh and clean all day! 

Eco-Friendly Dog Toys and Treats 

Your dog can enjoy rewards and also be earth-friendly at the same time! In fact, Cycle Dog is a company that has been known for its dedication to making the best sustainable toys and products for your dogs.  

One of their beefy-treaded toy balls is made with their Ecolast recycled materials. They also have a turtle toy and a plush moose for your dog that are both so adorable!    

Pumpkin is not only good as a natural remedy for your pooch’s ailments, but it’s also yummy as a treat! These organic oatmeal and pumpkin treats are oven-baked and made of the most wholesome ingredients without by-products, artificial flavorings, and colorings.  

Dog treat production greatly reduces waste in our industrial agricultural system because most of the meat by-products in human foods that we don’t consume are used by these companies.

Pet Cuisine’s Puppy Chews are USDA and FDA certified, rich in protein and other nutrients because it is made from chicken, pigskin, and vegetable glycerine.  

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Needs 

When going out with your dog, choose collars and leashes that are made of natural materials or plastics that do not have vinyl, phthalates, or BPA. A hemp collar and leash is an especially nice choice, and Pettsie has some great ones! They also offer friendship bracelets made of hemp for you and your dog, where theirs is an adorable and eco-friendly collar instead of a bracelet. 

When your dog poops in the park, always use an unscented biodegradable bag in picking them up. Earth Rated offers thick and strong bags that claim to block the offensive smell of your dog’s poop. They also use recycled materials in their packaging! 

Wiping their bodies after getting dirty is essential when out and about with your pup! Thankfully, Pogi’s Pet Supplies offers deodorizing wipes for dogs that are earth-friendly and hypoallergenic. The natural ingredients include aloe vera, vitamin E and Hawaiian Awapuhi! The product also boasts its 100% sustainably harvested bamboo fiber component.  

Eco-Friendly Dog Products

Go Eco-Friendly With Your Pup Now! 

While it is mostly humans who are the primary drivers of climate change because of the culture of consumerism, it is important to know that pets also leave “pawprints” on our planet. Still, it is mostly because of our product choices for their needs. 

Being environmentally conscious while also catering to our dog’s needs can be challenging, but many dog companies are starting to do their part in saving mother earth. And now all it takes for us doggie parents is to make smart and green purchases for our furry friends. 

Buying these products will not only enhance the care and love we give to our dogs, but it can also show our support in saving the planet we live in! 

See these 9 ways to go eco-friendly with your dog and read our eco-friendly dog grooming tips now!

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