How to Stop Dog Aggression

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Stop Dog AggressionLooking to learn how to stop dog aggression? Of course you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this. But anyways, let me start by first asking you a couple of questions:

  1. is your dog just joining in on aggression YOU started?
  2. is your dog listening to you right before they become aggressive?

The answer may be obvious: when your dog becomes aggressive, they are no longer paying attention to you at all.

Your dog is making their own decisions and simply will not listen to you when you try to show them how to behave. To your dog, what they’re doing is too important and the right thing to do. Dog aggression is nearly always done to protect the lives of themselves and their pack.

There are many different types of aggression in dogs. Some are dominant, some are fearful, and some lie at any point in between. Some dogs are always aggressive, while others only act out from time to time.

Some dogs will vary based on many random factors. Everything in their environment, from people to animals to other dogs or even objects could be the cause of your dog’s aggression.

Oddly enough, the way to stop your dog’s aggression uses the same solution as what is causing the problem in the first place: by becoming your dog’s pack leader.

Your dog has come to think that they are the pack leader. When they become fearful, they will attack to protect you or themselves. More dominant dogs will be more proactive, sometimes even continuing to chase after the threat is gone. Fearful dogs will attack only when they have no place to run.

Read and remember this: There is no factor more important to preventing your dog from being aggressive than ensuring that you are their pack leader. None.

To be seen as pack leader at all times, your dog must first see you as the pack leader at home. This will be the easiest place to get it through to them that you are the sole decision maker.

Only once you have become pack leader of the home will you be able to convince your dog that you are also pack leader of the walk, or pack leader of the dog park, or pack leader of the… well, you get the idea.

These videos are excellent for teaching you exactly what you need to know to become the undisputed leader of your dog’s pack.

Once you have your dog convinced that you are the pack leader outside, you will see that when they come across things that would usually cause them to become aggressive they will actually start to look to you for cues on how to behave!

If you still haven’t convinced them, then nothing will change. Your dog’s misbehavior will continue, and everyone is worse of for it. But by becoming your dog’s pack leader (again, I’d check this video series out — it’s excellent), everyone wins.

Remember, dogs are pack animals and they follow the pack leader. Learn to become the undisputed head of your pack and you will put an end to your dog’s aggressive behavior.

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Stop Dog Aggression

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