10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happier

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Dogs are naturally happy creatures. It takes very little to make them happy. Their optimism and never-ending positive energy for life are probably just some of the many reasons why we love being around dogs so much.  

As a dog owner, you and I both know that there is nothing better than spending time just chilling with our pups. A new study proves that people love their pups more than other human beings, understandably so.  

Spending time with dogs boosts your mood and your health, they lower blood pressure increase happiness levels and make people feel less lonely. Dogs are incredibly loyal, too. They even help save strangers lives and are willing to put their lives on the line for others. 

Because of these reasons, we are always looking for new and improved ways to make our pups happier. They just deserve all the happiness and love in the world. In short, they deserve to be spoiled for being such good doggies! Fortunately, because dogs are simple creatures, there are plenty of ways to make them happier. 

make your dog happier

1. Homemade Treats 

Homemade treats are a hundred percent better than store-bought treats. Now, we know you probably don’t have a lot of time to create homemade treats given your busy schedule. But once in a while, it is nice to spend at least a few hours making homemade treats for your pup. 

Making homemade treats can be easy. There are plenty of recipes online that you can try. For instance, these Homemade Peanut Butter Bacon Dog Treats only take 45 minutes to create.  

Spending a few hours a week to create homemade treats will earn major brownie points to make your dog happier. Plus, you are also in control of the ingredients you use and ensure your pup only gets ingredients that are safe for them.  

Check out more treats in our article on homemade frozen dog treats.

2. Take a Road Trip 

A road trip is not only beneficial for your pup, but it’s also great for your physical and emotional health. It is a great opportunity to relax and unwind away from the city, and you get to spend more time bonding with your pup. 

Dogs love road trips, especially riding shotgun and seeing new places. Just be sure to keep your pup secure by using a harness, seatbelt, or a crate. These will help keep them secure while on the road and keeps you from getting distracted while driving.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.  

3. Take Your Dog for a Swim 

take dog for swim

Not every dog breed loves the water, but most do. Swimming is a great way to bond with your pup and make them happier. Whether it’s taking a trip to the nearest river, lake or beach, or simply setting up a mini pool at home, your dog will surely appreciate it! 

4. Take Them for a Walk 

This is simple enough. Dogs love walks. What could be a better way to make them happier by taking them for a long walk where they can meet new people and new pup friends, right? 

5. Warm Baths  

dog in bath

Warm baths are a great way to make your dog happy. Not all dogs love bathing, but with the right approach and maybe even a bribe, your dog will willingly jump into that bath in no time! You get to keep them clean and happy at the same time. Add in a little bonus massage to keep them relaxed, and viola, instant happier dog! 

6. Microchip Your Pet 

This tip might not instantly and consciously make your dog happy, but this decision will make both of you and your dog happy in the long run. This also gives you the peace of mind that you have a higher chance of finding your pup in case they get lost.  

Should your pup go missing (which we certainly hope will not happen), a microchip increases your chances of getting reunited sooner – what could make your dog happier than seeing you, right? 

7. Clean Their Ears and Paws 

Regular cleaning of your dog’s ear and paws can go a long way. After a nice cleaning, your dogs will feel better and happier. Not to mention, unclean ears can lead to infections and mites.  

You can use swabs specifically made for dogs. You can also ask your vet for recommendations on ear drops. As for your pup’s paws, you can easily clean them using wet wipes or just simply wiping them with a wet cloth. Bacteria buildup in the paws can lead to inflammation and various skin diseases, so keep them clean! 

8. Keep Their Water Fresh 

Do not let your dog’s water sit stagnant all day. Keep it fresh by changing the water constantly throughout the day. Dogs hate old and stale water; you might notice that they ignore their water after they have already taken a drink from it. 

This is because dogs prefer fresh water at all times. Make it even better by scrubbing their water dish. Keep your dog happy and hydrated with this tip. 

9. Keep Them Busy 

Dogs get bored easily. When your dog gets bored, there is a higher chance that they will start chewing on furniture or hiding your stuff. In worst case scenarios, when your dog gets bored, they get lonely. 

They are happier when they are kept busy. Give them new toys to play with, or give them jobs that will make them feel important. Remember that dogs are the biggest people-pleasers, and they are happy to do just about anything you tell them to. 

You can either put them in charge of carrying a few things on your grocery trip, have them open doors, or play a game with them. Keeping your dog mentally stimulated makes them happier.  

10. Give Them Compliments and Love

give dog a hug

This is easy. You probably do this every day. A simple “You’re cute,” and “Who’s a good boy” is enough to send your dog to the moon. Dogs love compliments and getting noticed, so this is a great and simple way to make them happier. 

Bring Joy to Your Dog’s Life!

These are just some of the things you can do to make your pup happier. Remember, it’s the simple things in life that makes them feel loved and keeps them elated. What are the things you do to make your dog happy? Share them with us below! 

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