A Dog’s Life Game

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A DOG’S LIFE GAME – Be A Canine Hero!

a dogs life game

Update: This game is now fully backed. For more info check out A Dog’s Life Game


We love dogs and everything about them. And we know you do too. So how about a board game about dogs?

A Dog’s Life is a family board game about being a dog for a day.

“A Golden Retriever, a German Shepherd, a Poodle, a Whippet, a Boxer, a Labrador,
and a Fox terrier take a break from their masters to have an adventure in the streets.
They need you, your family, and your friends to guide them on their exciting new life journey.”

This game has beautiful 3d hand painted dog figures, cute handmade graphics, and dog cards with characteristics that match their breeds.

a dogs game dogs

This looks like a original and fun game to play for adults and kids. A great simulation game that will help the kids learn about life as a dog. Kids as young as 6 years old can easily play along.

Take a look at what you get:

a dogs game box


3D Figures

All figures in the game are 
made of high quality materials 
and are carefully hand painted.

Innovative design

Proven game concept in a brand 
new design. The good parts 
stay the same, the rest is better.

Specific strenghts

Each dog has their own strengths 
which help them on their adventure. 
Use them to win the game!

Family game

Cute tailor-made art gives the game 
a unique feel and is loved 
by both children and their parents.

Teach your kids

Children will learn about real 
dog’s lives from the rules and the 
game itself.

Easy to play

Anyone can learn to play the game 
in just a few minutes. 
But it takes many fun-filled family evenings to master it!

Favorite dog breeds

The game features America’s favorite 
dog breeds and even more are coming! Play for YOUR dog!


The game will ship in December this year just in time for Christmas, so will make a perfect gift for the dog lover in your family.

Find out more about the game – A Dog’s Life Game

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