Alternative to Plastic Bags for Dog Poop

As fur mamas and papas, we deal with a lot of poop. A normal dog has around 1-5 poops a day, and that means we can also discard a similar number of plastics bags when we pick up and toss the stool. 

In addition, approximately 500 million plastic poop bags are used every year throughout the world, and each one takes over 500 years to degrade.

Picking up dog poop is a must for sanitary reasons, so you might be thinking that it is impossible to reduce plastic use as long as our dogs defecate. However, that is incorrect.

In fact, there are plenty of earth-friendly ways we can dispose of dog waste. Here are some of the best alternatives to plastic dog poop bags!

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Why You Need to Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

Don’t make going plastic-free as an excuse to not pick up your dog’s poop in the park! It is a well-known fact that dogs can transmit infectious diseases to humans called zoonoses, especially if they’re not dewormed or vaccinated.

Some parasitic diseases that come from contact with dogs’ feces can look mild but are actually dangerous. For instance, Toxocara Canis is a dog intestinal worm that can make children blind when transmitted by dogs’ feces.

Thus, we should all collect the feces of our dogs because of the possible diseases that may affect you and other people.

Don’t Go for “Biodegradable” Dog Poop Bags

Don’t be fooled about dog waste bags that claim to be biodegradable. This kind of plastic has a chemical named EPI that helps it break down. What makes this worse is that it only makes it harder to clean them up as they break into smaller pieces.

This means these “biodegradable” products produce as much waste as the traditional plastic bags.

An Amazon search for “dog poop bag” returns more than 3000 products, most of which claim to be “biodegradable.” The mis-categorization of these bags is a case of industry greenwashing which has led many consumers to mistrust eco-friendly claims. 

Truly biodegradable ones are made of maize flour and vegetable oil, allowing it to break down naturally and be consumed by microorganisms. If the difference still confuses you, there are better alternatives out there!

Plastic Bag Alternatives

There are two main options for you: to make them yourself or buy them made. Here are some of the best alternatives to plastic bags for dog waste.

Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop

The practical poop scooper is a convenient way to pick up your dog’s poop. Although this may be the most expensive on the list, it will surely last for a long time and will ensure that your hands are kept clean.

You don’t have to bend anymore with this product as it catches your dog’s feces with its sharp, jagged teeth that are great for grass and gravel. Although it might be too big to carry when you take your dog out for walks, it is incredibly lightweight and it provides comfort with its one-handed operation.

Planet Poop Plant-Based Poop Bags

The planet poop is an eco-friendly dog waste tool that is so simple to use. Planet Poop is a great company that provides 100% compostable poop bags for dogs. Every bag is tear-resistant and leak-proof. 

The company claims that there are no micro-plastics used to create these bags. They are all plant-based and don’t contain any nasty EPI additives. The bags easily break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass in 90 days. 


Considered by many as the best option, making bags out of newspapers is a cheap and easy way to pick up dog poop. In addition to saving plastic and money, you also get to recycle resources you already have at home.

If you don’t have them, ask for used papers from stores, your friends, and neighbors!

Watch this video to learn how to make dog poop bags out of newspapers.

Just Run Biodegradable Poop Bags

This innovative product uses recycled paper and bamboo to help you pick up dog poop! And it’s easier to use than the ordinary plastic waste bag since it can be opened wide in an angle with the sticks attached.

It also features a cardboard scooper which assists in picking up the poop without the need to use your hands. Although it is made of paper, we guarantee you that this bag is leak-proof and durable for safe and sanitary handling!

And despite having to assemble the bamboo frame with the paper bag, it’s still big enough for large dogs!

Noblo Poof Reusable Poop Bag

Deemed as the world’s first reusable dog waste bag, this fabricated disc can easily scrunch up in your pocket or bag before you head out with your furry friend.

When your dog positions themselves to a squatting position, throw this out to catch the poop.

Once successful, fold up the edges to form a bag-like structure and tie the end with the cord. Empty the content when you see a trash bin 

Although the idea of it sounds dirty, the nylon material of the bag makes it easy to clean off the reside for another use. We love the effort that this company made to avoid plastic use!

Be a Super Scooper

It’s undeniable that plastic waste bags are the easiest tools to use when scooping up your dog’s feces. They are also the most commercially available, but being dog owners should mean that we make responsible and eco-friendly choices for our fur babies.

Start being a super scooper now by going for sustainable dog poop bags or scoopers which can be more affordable and efficient in the long run!