Help The American Pit Bull Foundation Save Lives

The idea of Pit Bulls being a violent breed is based on disinformation and myths. It’s not true that Pit Bulls hate humans and have the worst bites. 

Fortunately, the American Pit Bull Foundation is here to help dispel these myths.

Find out who the American Pit Bull Foundation is and what its programs are. Get to know their latest campaign, Operation Sidekick, and how they also help military veterans.

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Who are They?

The American Pit Bull Foundation is a US-based organization that encourages responsible ownership of dogs through training, assistance, and programming. 

This team includes strong and dedicated volunteers who want to educate dog owners and lovers about pit bulls. Its founder and CEO is Sara Ondrako, with Alexis Williams as the executive assistant.

Everyone on the American Pit Bull Foundation wants to debunk and dispel myths and stereotypes about Pit Bulls. 

They do this through missions: Humane Education, Outreach, Advocacy, and Shelter to Service.

The organization frequently collaborates with other organizations to promote its efforts to a wider audience.

Addressing Pit Bull Discrimination

The American Pit Bull Foundation currently tries to target two issues regarding Pit Bulls. 

First, this breed experiences a high kill rate. And the leading cause is the second issue, which is breed-specific discrimination.

Many people still think that Pit Bulls are aggressive with people. In reality, there is no scientific evidence of this breed being a natural fighter.

Pit Bulls are also said to have a stronger bite. But the breed is not a determinant of a dog’s bite. A dog’s body mass is.

How They Started

Before the American Pit Bull Foundation, there was Nana’s Rescue, which aimed to conduct rescue operations for abused and neglected dogs.

But in 2010, Sara Ondrako established the American Pit Bull Foundation after witnessing the unjustified abuse, neglect, and unnecessary euthanasia among Pit Bulls.  

Although they still rescue dogs aside from Pit Bulls, the rebranded organization now tackles the root cause of these cases.

Upon careful research, Sara Ondrako and the rest of the board found that abuse, unnecessary euthanasia, and other sufferings that dogs face are because of dog owners’ lack of education.

Other owners have their dogs euthanized because they cannot afford to provide medical care anymore.

This was depressing for Sara, who worked as a veterinary nurse. She even witnessed that most cases of abuse in the Animal Control Report involved Pit Bulls.

Since then, the foundation has produced a bottom-up approach to serving humans and dogs. 

What is Operation Sidekick?

One of the American Pit Bull Foundation’s ongoing projects is Operation Sidekick, under their Shelter to Service mission. 

The foundation continues to rescue, raise, and train many Pit Bulls in the location. Some are even being prepared to be service dogs for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The American Pit Bull Foundation is concerned with the fact that over 20 military lives are lost to suicide every day because of mental health conditions. 

Therefore, it aims to hit two birds with one stone through its rescue operation for Pit Bulls and military veterans.

The organization pairs military veterans with service dogs to save each other and improve their quality of life. 

What Do They Do?

The Pit Bulls from Operation Sidekick come from the organization’s pregnant females and newborn puppies. They rescue these pups to reduce the euthanasia of an estimated 1200 Pit Bulls per day.

The foundation provides the training needed for these future service dogs. 

It understands how challenging it would be for the veteran to provide the appropriate training environment for furry friends, so they entrust the Pit Bulls to them upon completion of training.

Most service dogs can be paired between 16 to 20 months of age. But the trainers usually start working with the puppies as early as day three of birth. 

Operation Sidekick adheres to the guidelines of Assistance Dogs International to ensure quality service to the veterans.  

How Can You Help Them?

You can help the American Pit Bull Foundation by offering volunteer work in training. You will assist in training and socializing the Pit Bulls with the team’s help.

You can also use your network to raise awareness about Pit Bull discrimination and PTSD among veterans. 

The organization has a fundraising team which you can also join. Help them with grants, events, and other campaigns to sustain the charity’s programs.

There are a number of different options for you to do your part to help. 

RescueMe 5K

If you’re in Belmont, North Carolina, or anywhere nearby, you can join The American Pit Bull Foundation’s RescueMe 5K. 

It’s going to be on the 22nd of October this year, at 9:00 a.m. 

The RescueMe 5K will benefit not just The American Pit Bull Foundation, but Operation Sidekick as well. 

To register, visit this page.

Pets for Vets

Another way you can help is by supporting their Pets for Vets Pet Portraits. This initiative helps raise funds for Operation Sidekick and The American Pit Bull Foundation. 

Through Pets for Vets, you can order beautiful portraits to memorialize your furbabies. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to their website here.
  2. Order a portrait.
  3. Select your custom pet portrait and desired prints.
  4. Then go to checkout.
  5. You will be emailed instructions on how to send your pet’s photo.
  6. Wait for it to be completed.
  7. Wait for the portrait to get delivered.

Simple, right? You get to help make a difference, and you receive an incredible portrait of your pet, too.

Shop on Their Website

The American Pit Bull Foundation also offers merchandise, like hats and shirts, on their website that you can buy to show your support. 

You purchase an item, and help the foundation too.

Check out their shop here.

The Pack

You can also support them with membership in The Pack. It’s a great option if you want to make a recurring monthly donation.

The Pack helps provide military veterans with the help they need to fight PTSD. 

By being a member of The Pack, you help decrease unnecessary pit bull euthanasia and lessen PTSD-related suicide.

Learn how you can be a member of The Pack here.


Additionally, you can help The American Pit Bull Foundation by becoming a volunteer.

There are plenty of volunteer program opportunities to choose from. You can advocate, educate, or join an outreach program.

Learn more here.

Take A Pledge

Lastly, you can take a pledge on their website for responsible dog ownership.

Taking the Responsible Dog Ownership Pledge means that you are committed to leading by example to give your furbabies the best environment to live in.

Help American Pit Bull Foundation Now

Responsibility and accountability are at the heart of the American Pit Bull Foundation. 

The team is dedicated to solving the root cause of Pit Bull killings, neglect, and abuse through their four-point strategy.

If you believe in the advocacy of the American Pit Bull Foundation, be part of their volunteering team now or donate to their program.