How You Can Help the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County

Donating or volunteering at your local animal shelter is always a great way to be a part of something bigger. It helps you create a positive impact on the world.

If you live in Montgomery County in Maryland, you might want to consider helping the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County. 

Learn more about the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County and how they impact the lives of animals. Find out how you can help this wonderful non-profit organization. 

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Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County charity

Who is the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County?

The Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County (AWLMC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to improve animal welfare in Montgomery County, Maryland. 

Their primary mission is to operate a no-kill shelter for cats in their area to promote responsible pet ownership. 

AWLMC informs residents of the alarming fact that over 800,000 homeless cats and dogs are killed each year in American shelters.

About 2,200 animals are killed every day, all because they do not have safe places to call home. 

Many pet owners in Montgomery County owe their success to the organization. They recommend this non-profit organization to anyone looking to bring home a new feline friend. 

How the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County Started

The Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County started in 2005 in Maryland in a small store-front facility in Gaithersburg, MD. 

Just five years later, the organization moved to a larger facility in Old Town Gaithersburg to rescue even more abandoned, abused, and homeless cats in the area.

The shelter is designed to feel like home to these animals. In fact, when you visit the place, it doesn’t feel like a shelter at all.

This wholesome and inviting home is cage-free. Cats can spend their first days walking in the enclosures during their transition phase. Then, they get their assigned rooms, with toys, roommates, and other things to stimulate them.

Here’s a quick tour of their shelter:

What Does the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County Do?

Animal Welfare League of Montgomery Country is a no-kill shelter that houses adoptable cats in their area. Aside from rescuing animals and helping them find new homes, the organization launches events and programs in the local community.

One of their programs is the Chompers Pet Food Bank, which provides pet food to owners facing economic hardship. 

The program was established in 2010 to help pet guardians provide a high-quality life to cats and dogs in Montgomery County. 

Many participants are senior citizens with multiple pets. Some of these people feed their animals instead of themselves because of their challenges. 

Another of the organization’s current projects is its Spay/Neuter Program. Because the organization aims to improve animal welfare, they also care about cats with homes outside the shelter.

To promote responsible pet ownership, the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County provides spay and neuter services to all eligible cats and dogs in their area. 

AWLMC also pays for the cost of surgeries for cats and dogs through the donation of Paul S. Teitelbaum and other private individuals. 

How Can You Help the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County?


You can help the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County in multiple ways. If you are looking for a new furry addition to your home, you can adopt from their shelter

The organization offers guide questions that will help you evaluate whether you are fit to adopt a cat. Some questions include, why do you want a pet? Do you have time for a pet? Can you have a pet where you live? 

Once you’re ready to adopt, you can file an application and start the process. 


Another way to help the organization is by fostering a cat. This program lets you provide a temporary home for cats before they go to their permanent homes.

It also helps you contribute to making a cat more “adoptable.” Some cats do not show well in the shelter environment but have great personalities in foster homes. 


If you’re the type who enjoys hands-on activities, try joining the CatFam and volunteering at the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County facilities. All you have to do is fill out the volunteer application and pick from the various opportunities.

Some opportunities include outreach, intake, spat and neuter programs, web support, and shelter placement. You can also help monitor the cats to ensure they are healthy and happy.

Raise Awareness

You can also follow and engage with the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County on various social media platforms. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

It doesn’t cost anything to like, subscribe, follow and share their content on social media. By doing so, you’re helping raise awareness for this foundation.

Adopt, foster, or volunteer at the organization now. And help spread the word about this amazing organization’s kindness.

There are always animals in need, so make sure to learn more about other foundations and charities that promote animal welfare.