Brian lives and breathes all things dog. As the doting owner of Scooter, his spunky dachshund sidekick, Brian takes his role as a dog dad very seriously. Scooter isn't just a pet to Brian - he's family. Whether they're going on neighborhood strolls, playing endless games of fetch, or cuddling up on the couch, the bond between man and pup is strong. Brian makes sure that Scooter is happy, active, and receiving top-notch care. From training challenges to nutrition to healthcare, Brian educates himself on the latest info so Scooter can thrive. He loves discovering new pet products, dog-friendly hiking trails, and other adventures to enjoy with his four-legged friend. Brian connects with other dog lovers who, like him, are devoted to their furry companions. He never tires of chatting about the joys and responsibilities of pet parenthood. To Brian, dogs represent unconditional love, loyal companionship, and simple joy. He hopes to honor the special role dogs play in our lives by caring for Scooter and sharing his experiences with others. There's nothing Brian enjoys more than seeing his beloved pup - and all dogs - happy.

how to train your dog

How to Train Your Dog

Regardless of what you’re trying to teach your dog — how to come when called, to sit, to stop barking — you should always have a general principle. For instance, to get quick results and make the bond between you and your four-legged friend grow stronger, it is CRUCIAL that you understand them. Want to

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