The Automatic Dog Washer Machine – How to Clean Your Pup the Easy Way

Do you wish you had an automatic dog washer machine to make cleaning your pup easier? You don’t have to struggle any longer with a squirming soapy dog and end up getting wetter than your pup.

Bathing your dog in a pet launderette is now as easy as taking your car to a car wash.

A fairly new device, the automatic dog washing machine is described as water massage for pets and is supposed to be more thorough and less stressful than a hand bath, both for your pup and for you.

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dog wash machine

Where to Find an Automatic Dog Wash Near You

At a cost of around $20,000, these machines are still outside the reach of most of us and much more ideal for grooming shops and pet stores than homes.

They may be showing up in places like Petco and Petsmart or even in a chain of pet launderettes.

One such pet laundromat is already in operation in Japan next to a regular laundromat. Customers are able to wash their clothes and their pet at the same time. Prices run at about $17 for small dogs and $34 for large ones.

The Evolution Dog Wash is in a lot of locations across the US, and so is All Paws Pet Wash.

How an Automatic Dog Washing Machine Works

In some automatic dog washer machines, like the Lavakan, the dog will stand with their face in a window hole in a 5′ x 5′ lighted chamber while massaging streams of sudsy water from all around penetrate even long dense coats. The Lavakan is a side-loading automatic pet wash machine that was invented by two Spanish entrepreneurs.

The option of several wash cycles is available for various size animals and various shampoos and cleansers. The machine washes, rinses, and dries your pup in about 25 minutes.

Heat is not used in drying but two internal sensors monitor the temperature of the water and the inside of the machine, which will shut down if either becomes too hot or too cold.

Groomers or owners watch their pet through the large glass door to ensure their safety and comfort.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Dog Washer Machine

  • The pulsating action of the doggy washing machine increases circulation in pets without removing natural skin oils.
  • It can be a relaxing way to get clean for many dogs as it stimulates their blood flow and makes them feel more relaxed. It has been demonstrated on dozens of hunting dogs at a Barcelona dog show and one, reportedly, fell asleep during the bath.
  • The pet washing machines are also claimed to work well for cats too.
  • You will end up with a clean, calm, and relaxed pup without you having to do any work.

Closely monitored, these machines may be a luxury for dogs as well as owners but, as with any mechanical device, the potential to malfunction is always there.

Some pets may enjoy the water massage, while others could have a stressful and terrifying experience.

Heat stroke, drowning or other hazards are also potential issues.

With proper caution and consideration for your dog, these machines have some potential, however, the old-fashioned bathtub and hand scrub will still remain popular for many.

Should You Get an Automatic Dog Washer Machine?

Cleaning your pup could be an arduous task, but the automatic dog washer machine could be a great help. Its pulsating action also helps with your dog’s blood circulation, and it keeps them calm and relaxed!

If you do decide to use an automatic dog wash machine to get your pup clean, make sure to keep a good eye on your dog to make sure they are safe and comfortable.