5 Things You Didn’t Know About Beagles

Beagles are good-looking and easy-to-groom dogs. Thanks to their friendly and peaceful nature, many people regard them as the best friend a human could ever hope for.

Beagles are small yet hardy and can become good companions for both children and adults. They love going outdoors and like to engage themselves in activities, so if you are an inactive person, you should probably consider a different breed.

Read on for five things which you might not know about Beagles!

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beagles dog
Beagles are more than meets the eye!

1. They were once called “Pocket Beagles”

The earliest Beagles, found around the 14th and 15th centuries, were much tinier than today’s versions and were known as “Pocket Beagles.” The breed was only about 8 or 9-inch talls at the shoulders.

The original Pocket Beagle breed no longer exists these days. Why? Over time, Pocket Beagles were bred with bigger hounds which grew them larger and larger until they reached the size we know today.

2. Beagles are loudmouths

Though plenty of dogs love “mouthing off” (learn how to stop barking), beagles can take things to another level .  Beagles not only bark but can also produce two other distinct sounds which are a howl and a yodel-like sound known as a “bay.”

Never had the pleasure of hearing a beagle bay before? Check out this video below!

In fact, the name Beagle was derived from a French word “bégueule” which can be translated into gaped throat or loudmouth. Not surprising since they are considered one of the most vocal dog breeds.

If you are living with a Beagle in a small apartment, I’m betting you’ve worried about complaints from neighbors while your dog is home alone. Learn more about separation anxiety here.

3. Beagles have expert noses

Beagles are famous around the globe because of their excellent sense of smell. That is why they are widely known as a scent hound. But you probably don’t grasp just how powerful their noses really are.

Let’s illustrate things by comparing them to ourselves. Humans possess 5 million scent receptors in their nose, whereas Beagles have a staggering 220 million. Quite the difference, huh?

These powerful noses make Beagle dogs highly sought after for their ability as search and rescue dogs and also among hunters.

4. Beagles are cartoon famous!

The world’s most famous fictional Beagle is Snoopy from the classic comic strip “Peanuts.” First appearing in October 1950, Snoopy has grown to become one of the most popular dogs in the world for both adults and children.

But Snoopy isn’t the only famous cartoon Beagle! Cartoon cat Garfield’s grudgingly accepted best friend Odie is also a Beagle. Gromit, from Wallace and Gromit, is too, not to mention undercover superhero “Underdog.”

5. Their tails tell tales

Did you know that you can identify whether your Beagle is a purebred or not by the color of its tail? It’s true!

All Beagles will have white hairs at least somewhere on their tail. It is not necessary that the whole tail be white, but it should be present somewhere, and is usually found at the tip of the tail.

The white tip tail is useful in their ability as hunting and search & rescue dogs, as it helps to keep the dog visible while their noses are pressed to the ground chasing a scent.

With their full personalities, need to be active, and love for barking and baying — Beagles can be quite a handful. But their sweet nature make them perfect companions when trained properly.

Get a handle on your Beagle and make them an even more perfect friend than they already are by watching this free video series on training your dog. It will cover everything you need to know, including the major stuff about controlling their noisy mouths! 😉