Best Anti-Itch Shampoo for Dogs

Do you have a pup that itches no matter what shampoo you use? Have you tried everything, but nothing seems to be working? Do you just want your beloved dog to be able to happily enjoy bath time? It’s a sure thing that if you don’t get a good dog shampoo quickly, Fido is going to continue to dread bath time and you’ll be out more money every time you try a new shampoo that doesn’t work.

Because there are so many different options for anti-itch shampoo, it can be hard to tell if you’re selecting the right one for your dog. Not to worry! We’ve done the research to make your decision easier. We’ve read hundreds of reviews to make sure you’re getting the best anti-itch shampoo for dogs.

Because you care about your pup, you want to make sure that you get a shampoo that works but doesn’t hurt your dog or make their itching worse. It should be soothing and shouldn’t dry out your dog’s skin, and it needs to be pleasing and, most importantly, effective at stopping the itch!

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anti itch shampoo for dogs

Finding a good anti-inch shampoo for your dog:


  • Does it actually relieve your dog’s itchy skin due to allergies or sensitivity? It may be extremely safe and vet recommended, but it needs to work for your dog. You may need to try a few before you can figure this out.


  • Once you’ve already confirmed that the shampoo is safe for dogs, what kind of ingredients do you want in a shampoo? You (and your dog) might prefer aloe vera or oatmeal rather than tea tree oil or argan oil, but that will be different for each dog.


  • Is the shampoo vet recommended? Obviously, it still could be a great shampoo even if it doesn’t say “vet recommended,” but there’s an added comfort in knowing that a shampoo is approved by people who take care of pets and have their best interest in mind.


  • Does it work with other treatments? You don’t want the shampoo to counteract topical flea and tick control products.
  • Is it safe for dogs? You don’t want to be massaging dangerous chemicals into your dog’s skin and fur.

Now that we’ve looked into some questions you might want to consider, let’s examine some of the advantages of finding an excellent anti-itch shampoo for your dog.

Benefits of using the best anti-itch shampoo for dogs:

Comfort for Your Dog

  • A good anti-itch shampoo won’t irritate your dog’s skin and instead will be soothing and pleasing.
  • It will keep your dog smelling and looking great without irritating the skin or fur coat.

Enjoyment for Your Dog

  • A good anti-itch shampoo will make bath time fun time for your pup!
  • You may even find a dog shampoo that will also detangle hair for easy brushing, making it much less stressful to brush your dog after a bath.

Ingredients for Your Dog

  • A good anti-itch shampoo won’t use harmful chemicals that you would be putting on your dog.
  • It will be made of natural ingredients that is perfect for a dog’s skin, which is three times thinner than ours.

Below you will find our top three rated products in order of how much we like them. Depending on your needs, any of these anti-itch shampoos are great choices.

The Best Anti-Itch Shampoos for Your Dog

Fieldworks Moosh Dog Shampoo

This Fieldworks Moosh Dog Shampoo is great for helping to heal skin irritations and infections. It is a truly natural shampoo, even with some organic ingredients, that cleans your dog’s coat and leaves it looking smooth.

While it may be a more expensive anti-itch shampoo, it really works, and many dogs who used to dread bath time stay perfectly calm when they are getting lathered up. If you’re looking for an anti-itch shampoo that’s effective and has organic ingredients, this shampoo gets the job done.

You can check the reviews and price here

PetPleasant Natural Dog Shampoo with Colloidal Oatmeal

If you need a good, natural anti-itch shampoo that is tough on dirt and lathers really well, PetPleasant Natural Dog Shampoo is the shampoo for your pup. It’s highly recommended for puppies with sensitive and itchy skin since it uses natural ingredients like jojoba.

It is also formulated with lavender to provide a soothing feeling to your fur baby. This shampoo is safe and effective, making it a favorite of many vets and professional groomers.

You can check the reviews and price here

Vet’s Best Allergy Itch Relief Dog Shampoo

The Vet’s Best Allergy Itch Relief Dog Shampoo is great for treating and preventing dogs with allergies and red, itchy splotches. Even when other shampoos don’t work, this one does. Something Vet’s Best Dog Shampoo has in its favor is that it is about the cost of a normal shampoo and it’s also less thick, but it’s not going to hurt the bank.

After a bath, your dog will smell good, feel very soft, and no longer have the urge to itch. Vet’s Best Shampoo even helps deter fleas. The only thing you might have to get used to is the tea tree oil smell, but it isn’t too noticeable if you aren’t super sensitive to smells. All in all, Vet’s Best Allergy Itch Relief Dog Shampoo will help your dog stop scratching and itching.

You can check the reviews and price here

Whether you’re predominantly looking for an organic shampoo or if you have other pets and want a shampoo that’s good for ferrets and rabbits too, our top three recommendations can help you with your dog and his sensitive skin. No need to continue to dread bath time when you can get one of these amazing anti-itch shampoos for your dog.

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