Best Anti-Pull Dog Harness

It’s hard to walk a dog that pulls. No matter how much you want to spend time together going outdoors and letting them bond with their canine friends, everything just becomes a real drag. But don’t worry because we’re here to the rescue!

Of course, proper training will completely eradicate this bad behavior, but having the right tools is the first step to stop them from pulling. Harnesses, in general, are a great choice for dog walking. 

We will help you manage your dog’s pulling behavior by showing you which harnesses are the best for a stress-free stroll in the park.

Learn all about why you need a harness instead of a collar and all the features you need and how to choose the best anti-pull dog harness.

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Why Use a Harness Instead of a Collar?

Both types of equipment have their own pros and cons. If your dog is already well-behaved, then they’re perfectly fine using a simple collar. But for fur babies that are hard to control or manage because they still lack leash manners, a harness is a better idea.

Harnesses have some other great advantages too:

  • Harnesses are a good training tool for puppies that do not know how to walk on a leash yet. They can prevent your pup from getting tangled and hurt.
  • It’s much easier to control a large dog with a harness since they won’t hurt your arms and back.
  • Very small dogs can be prone to injury from pulling or tugging on the leash. A harness disperses pressure over a larger area of the body, reducing strain on their neck and back.
  • Harnesses help stop pulling behavior. Unlike with a collar, pulling with a harness on will redirect your dog back to you whether it’s attached to their chest or shoulder blades. 
  • They are the best solution for dogs who escape on the lead. 

What to Look for in an Anti-Pull Dog Harness

The best anti-pull dog harnesses have straps that cross above your pup’s shoulders and can be fastened at the center of your dog’s chest and behind her front legs. The dog harness will also have a clip in front of the leash.

Here are other features to look for:

  • Wider straps. If the straps are flimsy, they might chafe against your dog’s skin. Go for thick and wide straps to better distribute the pressure on your dog’s skin. 
  • Padding. This is optional, but most breeds need these to avoid skin irritation. Padded harnesses also add style to the look. 
  • Back ring. Harnesses that have rings for clipping a leash at the back and front can help minimize pulling. As they learn the proper walking behavior, you can stop using both back and front rings and just use the back ring. 

Watch this video for more tips!

The Best Anti-Pull Dog Harness

We’ve rounded up professional advice and online reviews to discover the harnesses that truly work for dogs that pull. Here are some of them

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

This harness has a standard front clip that encourages you and your dog to engage in loose-leash walking. The company is proud to say that this product is designed by a professional veterinary behaviorist, guaranteeing its safety and effectiveness in stopping pulling.

This harness allows you to control light to moderate pulling without choking your dog or making them cough. We are also amazed by the variety of sizes that it offers, so measure your dog’s chest width and their girth before purchasing to ensure the right fit. 

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2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness

For harnesses with front clip and back ring, 2 Hounds’ harness is our ultimate fave! This prevents your dog from pulling, while also hindering neck strain and the chance of them escaping. 

It has a soft Swiss velvet lining on the strap to avoid rubbing, chafing, and sores that lead to irritation. It stops pulling with its patented action loop located at the back of the dog for them to walk in a straight line without twisting or straining.

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PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

Looking for something sleeker? This harness is our top pick for that. Combining fashion and function, PoyPet features two sturdy metal leash attachment points at the back and front to discourage pulling and for a relaxed walk. 

It’s easy to put on and take off, and it prevents pressure from being concentrated on their neck to avoid gagging. We love how it’s super stylish, durable, and comfortable for every furry friend. 

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Kurgo Dog Harness

This lightweight walking harness has five adjustable points that make it so comfortable to wear on your pup. We are also impressed by the release buckles that making wearing them and taking them off such a breeze. 

What’s special about this no-pull dog harness is that it includes a seatbelt that can be used during car travel to prevent distraction while you’re driving. 

It’s perfect for any outdoor adventure or even an everyday walk in the park because of its strength and preventative features like the front D-ring leash attachment that turns them around when they try to pull. 

The quick-release buckles also make it easy to take on and take off the harness wherever you go. 

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Other Tips to Stop Your Dog from Pulling

Aside from putting your pooch on a harness, here are other simple tips you can follow when leash-training your dog:

  • Practice walking them in different places so they don’t associate corrections with just one area. Start indoors, then in your backyard, and gradually move further.
  • Pair the harness with a short leash for better control and communication.
  • Reward them for good leash manners instead of punishing them for unwanted behavior. 
  • Be consistent in training them and never allow them to get away with bad behavior.
  • Remember that you are in charge of the walk!

Stop Your Dog From Pulling Now!

Before teaching your dog that you are the pack leader and training them to obey you, the right equipment is required. To avoid the pulling behavior we recommend a good anti-pull harness that is safe and easy to use.

Harnesses are more suitable for leash-training than standard collars as they allow you to gain more control over your dog. Purchase one of our recommended products now and enjoy a stress-free walk with your pooch!