Best Collar for a Large Dog that Pulls

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When your dog is heavier and stronger than you are, it might make you feel like they’re the master and you simply have to obey them. This happens especially during walks. 

If you don’t stop them from pulling you, you might put yourself, your furry friend, and others in danger. Remember that it is not about brute strength and who is tougher than the other. It’s all about having the right tools and proper training

Before teaching your giant companion some leash manners, we will show you a guide to choosing the best anti-pull collars for them and our top picks for the best collar for a large dog that pulls all the time. 

collar for pulling dogs

What to Look for in a No-Pull Dog Collar

Not all dog collars are equal. Some offer great designs but give no functionality. Some may help with the pulling issue but can pose risks to your dog. 

Here are some elements to look for in a collar that’s suitable for large dogs that pull:

  • Soft material. No matter how tough your dog is, high quality and comfortable materials are still important for anti-pulling dog collars. Go for soft and durable materials like wool or mesh to avoid rubbing that can cause irritation. 
  • Adjustable. The collar should always fit your dog’s neck, especially with their size. An adjustable collar can ensure that the fit is correct for your dog’s shape and size.
  • Underbody protection. This is optional, but harnesses that protect your dog’s underbody can keep their legs from becoming sore.
  • Quick-release buckle. This feature will allow you to get the collar off your dog quickly. It’s perfect for emergencies, too!

How No-Pull Technology Collars Work

Brands have used different approaches when it comes to no-pull collars. They offer a lot of advantages and it means more options for you!

But remember that each no-pull technology works differently from others, so make sure you select the best type for you and your big baby.

  • Correction collars. These products are designed to help train your dog not to pull by initiating some type of mild feeling when they jerk on the leash. 
  • Directional collars and harnesses. These items make it easy to redirect your dog’s attention. One example of this is the harness with leash clips that sit between your dog’s front legs rather than the back.
  • Head halters. These may be categorized under directional collars as well. The tools work by being wrapped around your dog’s head and muzzle. 

The Best Collar for a Large Dog that Pulls

Based on professional advice and customer reviews, here are the best anti-pull dog collars for large dogs! 

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar

This simple but durable dog collar was engineered by a veterinary behaviorist 30 years ago for controlling unwanted behaviors such as pulling on the leash during a walk. It also prevents your large dog from jumping and lunging.

This safe solution to pulling is super quick and easy to put on your dog because of the nose loop and the quick snap neck strap. It also features a neoprene pad to put pressure on the back of the neck instead of the throat to avoid gagging.

Lastly, there are size options available for your extra-large dog! This anti-pulling collar comes in five sizes, ranging from XS to XL. 

Country Brook Design Martingale Collar

If you’re looking for a collar that humanely prevents the pulling situation, this product is the best selection for you. Also called a limited-slip collar, this thing works through the built-in safety materials that prevent it from being too tight on your dog. 

It only fits around your dog’s neck, rather than his chest and shoulders as traditional harnesses do, so it may be a better choice for dogs with unusual builds. We are also impressed by the thin webbing made for strength and durability!

This heavy-duty collar comes in a variety of sizes and it can fit up to 30 inches of your dog’s neck!

Babyltrl Big Dog No Pull Harness

You may also want to consider harnesses instead of collars as they can offer more safety and control over your dog when they try to pull. They are also more ideal for large dogs!

This product is designed for large dogs like the Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Saint Bernard, and more. The pulling pressure doesn’t make your dog choke because it is distributed equally and gently on their body. 

It’s easy to wear because of the quick snap buckles and straps on the chest and neck for a custom fit. Lastly, they keep your dog safe all the time while they’re out for a walk with you because of the breathable mesh lining with the soft sponge padding.

Collars You Shouldn’t Use

You shouldn’t easily trust products that claim to stop the pulling since most of them can only cause discomfort and long-term damage to your dog. Remember to keep the pressure off your dog’s neck since it may result in damages to the spine, neck, and trachea.

Watch out for these collars:

  • Choke Chain Collars. We do not recommend these collars because they can cause serious harm to your dog without an experienced trainer. Other than intense choking, they also teach your dog to act properly on a leash through fear which is so ineffective compared to positive reinforcement methods.
  • Prong Collars. These items may look scary but they are more humane than choke collars. Still, they are best used when working with a trainer whose experiences with prong collars are A+. Although they have limited constriction ability, improper use or fit can still cause immense pain. 

Keep Your Strong Dog from Pulling on the Leash!

Having the right type of equipment precedes training your large breed dog to stop pulling on the leash. Make sure to use collars that not only decrease the issue but also do not interfere with your dog’s health. Or better yet, go for a dog harness!

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about the features to look for in an anti-pull dog collar and consider buying one of our top picks. Have an enjoyable walking experience with your canine friend!