Best Collar for a Large Dog That Pulls

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best collar for large dog that pullsNothing is more frustrating than trying to take your big dog for a walk and your walk turning into more of a run because your current collar and leash don’t slow down your dog or stop all the tugging and pulling! The right collar for a large dog can really help because it can stops the jumping and pulling and help you better control your dog. If you don’t get a quality collar, you won’t have solved the problem of your pup’s pulling and you’ll also be out some money.


Because there are so many different options for collars, it can be hard to tell if you’re selecting the right one for your dog. Not to worry! We’ve put in the research to make your decision easier. We’ve read hundreds of reviews to make sure you’re getting the best collar for a large dog that pulls.


Because you care about your dog, you want to make sure that you get a collar that works for you but also doesn’t hurt your dog. It shouldn’t choke your dog or prevent your dog from eating and drinking when it’s on. It should fit your dog properly, but it should also stop the unwanted behavior of leash pulling.


How to find a collar for a large dog that pulls

Here are some challenges you might face when you are looking into getting a collar for your large dog:

Dog’s Behavior

  • How strong of a puller is your dog? You want something that’s tough enough to slow your dog down and withstand his strong pulling behavior. A poor quality collar, or one that is not the right fit, will hinder you and can hurt your pup.



  • When are you going to use this collar? If you’re mostly going to use it for walks and running outside with your dog, a waterproof collar might be more practical. On the other hand, if you’re using it for a indoor training or special occasions then a leather collar or a colored collar might be more attractive.



  • Are there any special considerations for safety you might need? If you’re using this collar at night, you will want something that is reflective.


Size and Fit

  • How good is your dog at getting out of collars? You want something that’s tight enough that your dog isn’t going to be able to slip out of it. So make sure you check your measurements.
  • How adjustable do you need the collar to be? If you have a large dog that is still growing, something adjustable might be nice, but if your dog is fully grown, you probably won’t need an adjustable collar.


Now that we’ve looked into some questions you might want to consider, let’s examine some of the benefits of owning an excellent collar for your large dog.


Benefits of a collar for a large dog that pulls

Comfort for Your Dog

  • The right dog collar can help calm your dog down and help them with the anxiety and frantic behavior associated with leash pulling.
  • A dog collar can also be made of a soft and comfortable, yet durable, material that protects your dog’s neck from rubbing while you go for a calm walk.


Control of Your Dog

  • A good dog collar can assist in training your dog to behave by allowing you to address unnecessary barking, lunging, and jumping.
  • A dog collar can also provide immediate control by allowing you to give your dog immediate feedback, thus leading to a walk with your dog, not a run with him or her pulling you along behind.


Ease in Walking Your Dog

  • A dog collar can make walks with your dog more pleasant by making it harder for your dog to pull.
  • A dog collar can also be stylish and sturdy, making your dog look amazing when you walk your dog all year round!


Below you will find our top three rated dog collars for large dogs in order of how much we like them. Depending on your needs, any of these collars can be a great choice.


The best collar for large dog that pulls

  • PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar

The PetSafe collar is a nylon collar that is superb in teaching your large dog not to pull. It goes over your dog’s nose, but it is not a muzzle, so it does not hinder your dog’s eating or drinking. It is fully adjustable, and can be worn almost the entire day. We think it’s the best collar for the money because it removes your dog’s tendency to pull with gentle pressure on calming points and removes the pressure from your dog’s throat. This not only eliminates pulling, but also effective in preventing lunging, excessive barking, and unwanted jumping.

It’s like walking an entirely different dog! By allowing you to control the focus of your large dog, this collar is one of the best training tools there is. Although it might take a little bit of time for your dog to get used to the PetSafe collar, it is a lifesaver, especially for smaller people who have trouble controlling their large dogs!

You can check out the price here


  • Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar


If you need a beautiful, yet functional collar, this Soft Touch leather collar is your go-to collar. The type and quality of the material is superb. The inside is made with a soft sheepskin leather padding to protect your dog’s neck from rubbing and irritation. The stitching is good quality, and the brass hardware is solid and will not rust. This is a super strong collar that is made to last.

Because the holes are far apart, it can be challenging to make sure that the collar isn’t too loose or too tight, but most people don’t seem to have too many issues with it.

All in all, this Soft Touch collar is stylish and useful and is an excellent value for the price if you’re looking for a nice leather collar for your large dog.

You can check out the price here


  • Blueberry Pet Spring Scent Floral Collection Collar


This Blueberry Pet floral collar is great for dressing up your large dog. Although it isn’t waterproof, the collar has held up for a long time without smelling or falling apart. The material is durable and doesn’t seem to get dirty as easily as some other collars. Because the collar is adjustable it means that you can keep using it as your dog grows. Even so, be sure to measure your dog’s neck accurately so that you get a collar that’s the best fit for your dog.

If you’re looking for a collar to dress up your pup with a bit of color and pattern then this collar is very cute. It is comfortable for large dogs and is made of great quality material, including high density polyester for durability, and eco-friendly plastic buckles.

You can also get a matching leash or harness.

You can check out the price here


In conclusion, depending on if you’re predominantly looking for a functional collar or if you’re more interested in something that’s a bit more stylish, our top three rated products can help you with that German Shepherd that pulls. No need to continue running with your dog when you can walk your dog with one of these three amazing collars.

Don’t forget to get your pup a leash or harness as well.

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best collar for large dog that pulls