The Best Dog Gate for Jumpers

Dogs are pretty smart, but they may not always be intelligent enough to spot dangers around the house. Sometimes you end up frustrated and angry when you come home to find your dog has chewed up your favorite shoes, the furniture, or some important books or paperwork.

To prevent this from happening to you there is an easy solution. You can get yourself an indoor pet gate and keep your dog away from dangerous areas and keep your things intact.

If you have a larger dog or one who is adept at jumping then we have some recommendations for the best dog gate for jumpers to get you set up.

If you have a tall and strong dog, then we suggest you go for the Carlson Extra Tall Pet Gate. This is the best dog gate for jumpers we have seen for a while.

Why you need an indoor dog gate

The best use of a dog gate inside the home is to keep your dog confined in a particular area of the house or to stop him from entering certain locations.

Dogs are curious by nature and they usually inspect things with their teeth and mouths. They will happily break your expensive stuff and chew up the furniture and anything else lying around. They simply do not know any better.

A dog gate can be used to keep your dog only where you want him to be.

Guide to Buying a Dog Gate

You will find plenty of different styles and sizes of dog gates you can choose from. There are a few things you need to consider to help you choose the right one for you and your pup. Let’s go through the top considerations to make while buying a good dog gate.

Your Dog’s Nature

The first thing to think about is the kind of dog you own and your dog’s nature. How big, small, fat, skinny, agile, energetic, or strong is your dog? Consider your dog’s height and strength before choosing a gate. For example, a low height gate would suffice if you have a Pug but you are certainly going to need something taller for a German Shepherd.

Also how well trained is your pup? Some dogs will simply stay where they are told, or are mellow enough to remain in their designated area. If this is the case, you may not need a very large or strong gate to keep him confined.

Also, if your dog is too strong and energetic you might want a hardware mounted gate screwed to the walls rather than one that just fits into a doorway. You may also need a durable material like steel or aluminum rather than plastic or wood to account for your dog strength.

Type of Installation

Dog gates can be installed commonly in two ways. Either they are pressure mounted or hardware mounted.

Pressure mounted dog gates can be installed easily by applying pressure against door frames or walls. You don’t need to use any screws, and your walls stay unharmed. However, for stronger dogs, you might need hardware mounted gates as they are much more secure.

You can also find free standing gates which don’t attach with anything. They stand on their own and are the most mobile. But be aware that a large dog can easily push these away as they are not very secure.

Size and Fit

You need to measure the gap between the doors or walls where you want to place your gates before you can settle on a size for your dog gate. Find one that fits the gap exactly without you having to make any modifications. Many of the gates we recommend are size adjustable to fit a range of spaces.

dog gate for jumpers

The Benefits of a Good Dog Gate for Jumpers

Keeps your dog confined

The obvious reason to buy a dog gate is to restrict access for your pup to certain areas of the house. You can safely keep your dog on the other side of the gate and get on with your job easily. This can be to keep your dog confined to one particular room in the house or to prevent him from being able to go upstairs. This allows you to leave your dog at home without you worrying about what he is getting up to.

Some areas of your property may not be safe for pets, so the dog gate can come in handy for certain outdoor situations also. It can allow you to leave a door open to let in the air while keeping your pup confined.

Protects your stuff

Dogs are curious and energetic and can break or chew up or simply slobber all over your stuff. Dog gates are the perfect way to keep your dog out of the living room so that they cannot chew the sofa, or the kitchen to keep them out of the pantry and rubbish bin.

Books in open bookcases are another favorite of puppies. You can also keep the expensive china set intact by keeping your dog away from it.

Works for babies as well

Dog gates can also be used to keep your babies safe, or vice versa. You can leave your toddler in the playroom or nursery and close the gate to eliminate your worries.

You are free to attend to your chores as you baby stays safe in the nursery behind the gate.

The Best Dog Gates for Jumpers

We have done our research and come up with our recommendations for some great dog gates for dogs who love to jump.

Carlson Extra Tall Pet Gate

As the name suggests, this dog gate is ideal for large dogs or those who can jump well. It is made of lead-free, non-toxic steel, making it durable and chew-proof.

This one also comes with a small door integrated into the gate so that smaller pets can pass through. This is useful when you have small pets like cats that can come in through the small door while your dog has to stay on the other side. Keep in mind that this will not keep out smaller dogs who can fit through the smaller opening.

You can easily open and close the gate with the one-touch safety release lock. It’s also quick to install as it is pressure mounted. The gate can expand to 38 inches using the extension that comes with it.

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall and Wide Security Gate

Despite being marketed as a baby gate, this gate is ideal for large dogs who love to jump. The gate is very flexible and can fit into spaces of 38 to 58 inches and has a height of 39.5 inches.

The gate is pressure mounted and made of durable steel. It comes with a double locking feature that makes it very secure, so your dog can’t just push it open. The slide lock on the top and convenient bar can be lifted to allow you to open the gate easily.

It also has a smart “Stay-Open” feature which allows the gate to stay completely open for those times when you have your hands full carrying your groceries or the baby. You can open and close the gate with one hand, and there’s an indicator to tell you if the door is securely locked.

Dreambaby is ideal for larger spaces as the gate can stretch to become wide enough to fit your space. It’s also super easy to install being pressure mounted. There are also optional extensions you can add later on so you can fit it to much larger openings.

A good dog gate is a must to have set up around the house if you want to keep your pup safe and restrict access to those off-limits areas. Before you make a purchase you should think about your house layout and the type of dog you own to ensure you get the gate or gates that best fit your needs.

If you have a tall and strong dog, then we suggest you go for the Carlson Extra Tall Pet Gate. This is the best dog gate for jumpers we have seen for a while.