Best Dog Paw Moisturizer

The pain of walking barefoot is not only experienced by us humans, but also by our four-legged pets. 

Burns, blisters, and dryness of the feet are very uncomfortable for your pup, so it is important to give your dog some protection against extremely hot and rough pavements.  

Without adequate protection your dog’s paws can become irritated, burnt, or damaged. This is when a good dog paw moisturizer can help soothe and heal your pup.  

We will tell you why you need a good moisturizer for your pup and give you some of our recommendations for the best dog paw moisturizers to help make your choice easier.  

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dog paw moisturizer

Why You Need a Dog Paw Moisturizer 

Because dog paws are so vulnerable, we’re thankful for the originators of dog paw moisturizers! These fantastic products aid in healing blisters and burns, curing dryness and bleeding, and mending cuts and scrapes.  

Let’s take a closer look at how a moisturizer can help your pup with these issues. 

Blisters and Burns 

The main cause of blisters and burns on your furry friends is the high temperature of the surface they are walking on. These bumps are actually filled with pus, a mixture of cellular debris, dead tissue, and white blood cells. Dog paw moisturizers and antibacterial soap can help in healing these skin issues. 

Dryness and Bleeding 

Like human skin, dogs’ paws can get dry when they aren’t well-moisturized. As it gets worse, the paws tend to crack and bleed. Your pup needs a lotion formulated exactly for their needs since human lotion may soften the pads too much. 

Cuts and Scrapes 

Your playful pup may occasionally cut the pad of their paw on sharp surfaces. Cleaning the wound with a good quality soap and soothing with a moisturizer will fasten the healing.  

Looking for the best dog paw moisturizer takes meticulous time for research and experimenting. After careful analysis and research, we have picked out the best products that will help soothe their paw pads! 

The Best Dog Paw Moisturizer 

The Company of Animals Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Paw Butter 

This paw butter, though on the lower end in price, is definitely high quality because of its wholesome and eco-friendly ingredients such as shea butter, oatmeal, mango, vitamins E & F, coconut oil, and many more! Here are other things to consider when buying this oatmeal moisturizer in terms of price, formulation, variety, and instructions. 

  • Price – The 2oz Pet Head by The Company of Animals product is one of the most affordable. So if want to just try one of these moisturizers for your pooch, then start with this small container. We don’t think it will be your last purchase from the brand! 
  • Formulation – Carefully formulated to balance the pH level of your dog’s precious paws, this oatmeal-scented balm specializes in cracked paws as a result of damage from hot and cold weather. It is a mixture of the same gentle components used on human lotions to prevent irritations and other issues for both puppies and adult dogs. This means that it is very safe to use and very soothing when applied.  
  • However, preventing your furbaby from licking their paw after application can be tricky since they may find the oatmeal scent enticing! This can be prevented by putting socks or booties on their feet, which will also prevent the product from spreading on the floor. 
  • Variety – The brand boasts its diversity of products from shampoos, to moisturizers, and even detangling sprays. Although this dog moisturizer only comes in one scent for each product variety, it already has all the ingredients needed and caters to both adult, senior dogs, and puppies! 
  • Instructions – Like any other paw moisturizers, this one can be applied by just massaging it into the paws before and after walking them into the park. Opening the lid is quite easy and you only need to use a small portion of the product which will make it last longer. 

Benefits of Using Pet Head 

Pet Head sure does give maximum moisture to the paw pads by softening them with the most wholesome and effective ingredients. Moreover, it is ideal for the eco-friendly dog parent because of the sustainable formulation and ingredients used. For a very reasonable price, your dog’s paws will be left as smooth and shiny as a pearl!

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Burt’s Bees for Dogs All-Natural Paw & Nose Lotion  

Who would have thought that this leading skincare brand also offers skincare needs for our beloved dogs? Known for being gentle, Burt’s Bees offer this bottle of lotion complete with the nurturing ingredients to repair and improve the padded paws of your pooch.  

  • Price – Compared to other dog paw moisturizers, Burt’s Bees is even more affordable because of its size (118 ml, 4.8 ounces). You’ll get your money’s worth out of the product because of its luxurious and high-quality ingredients at such an affordable price. 
  • Formulation – Designed exactly like a bottle of lotion, Burt’s Bees Dog Lotion is 99.7% made with the powerful products of mother nature, such as olive oil which deeply hydrates, and also rosemary to nourish the nose and paws. Although a little watery and somewhat oily, this essential only requires a dime-sized squeeze to fully moisturize the paws. Furthermore, it is made for all dog breeds and ages.  
  • Variety – If Burt’s Bees for humans consists of cleansers, shampoos, soaps, toners, lip balms, and many more, then the same goes for Burt’s Bees for Dogs! If the damage on your dog’s paws is quite extensive, you may opt for their healing cream which is packaged in a small round container.  
  • Instructions – Apply this lotion as often as necessary by putting a dime-sized amount on your finger and rubbing it onto your dog’s paw pads. Unlike thick balms, the very sheer layer of lotion on your finger can repair any minor dryness on the paws of your pooch! 

Benefits of Using the Burt’s Bees Lotion 

A little goes a long way with the Burt’s Bees lotion for dogs, so you have the potential to save while taking good care of your pup. If your dog is fond of long walks and gets minor scrapes from the pavements, this is the best solution, but not the best choice for the athletic dog whose feet are more prone to bleeding and blisters.

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Warren London Hydrating Butter and Leave-In Conditioner for Dogs’ Skin and Coat 

Made specifically for the whole body of your dog, this leave-in conditioner might just be what you’re looking for! Compared to some dog moisturizers, this healing butter gets rid of all the dryness without the unnecessary grease that makes the skin feel uncomfortable and slippery. 

  • Price – There is a valid reason why this leave-in conditioner is on our list, and it’s all because it’s made to hydrate every part of your dog from head to tail. Also, the name of the brand is well-known to dog spas and grooming salons around the world. 
  • Formulation – This butter is best used during the winter when the coat and skin are all dry and frizzy. This means that the ingredients not only hydrate but also add a nice shine and glow to the coat! Like the other products mentioned, this one is all-natural and a humectant, meaning it will attract water to the upper layer of the skin to help keep moisture in. 
  • This also acts as an exfoliator that releases moisturizing components every 2 hours for 24-hour hydration for your pup’s pleasure!  
  • Variety – Available in two formulas, the hydrating butter by Warren London can also be paired with the butter wash dog shampoo, hydrating scrub, and spray to give your four-legged best friend a full spa session! You can choose from either guava and mangosteen or pomegranate and acai for the scent, and this will all depend on your dog’s preference, or perhaps yours.  
  • Instructions – Similarly, there is no fuss with regards to applying this product. Just squeeze a small amount onto your hands and rub it into your dog’s paws and coat. You can also brush the coat afterward for a smooth shiny finish. 

Benefits of Using Warren London 

Because it is already a leave-in conditioner, Warren London will make bath time for your pup quicker and more convenient. It is also safe to use on the coat and the rest of the body for such intensive therapy, making the price more justifiable!

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A good quality dog paw moisturizer will be functional no matter the season. Both heat and coolness can dry out and burn your dog’s paw pads, so it’s important to bring one with you everywhere!  

In picking the right product for your pet, it is important to take note of what you can afford, what type of formulation and consistency your pet needs, what you can pair it with, and how easy it is to use!  

We recommend The Company of Animals Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Paw Butter most often! Why? Because it has all the ingredients we need to lock in the moisture and heal all types of injuries caused by dryness! At a great price, this product will keep your dog active and playful outdoors without any worries for you. The only downside for some maybe its “yummy” smell which your pooch find very enticing! 

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Best Dog Paw Moisturizers