Best Fleece Dog Coats

While not all dogs need coats because of their naturally thick hair, some have short hair and thin skin that makes them susceptible to the cold.

If your dog gets chilly, a fleece coat or sweater is highly recommended. 

Fleece is a soft warm fabric with a texture a bit like sheep’s wool, and is used as a lining material.

It stops the temperature from dissipating and blocks the cold air by acting as a filtering barrier. 

We cover the factors you need to consider when choosing the right fleece coat for your pup.

And see our top recommendations for the best fleece dog coats for winter.

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fleece dog coats

What to Consider when Choosing a Dog Fleece Coat

The best fleece coat is defined by its insulation and comfort. Here’s what you should look for, from least to most important.


Unless you would rather hand-wash, you should pick a fleece coat for your doggo that is machine-washable. It should be easy for you to wash, clean, and dry it, especially if they’ll be wearing it all the time. 

Dog coats get dirty with outside conditions like rain, mud, snow, and dust. Especially when you constantly take walks and runs together.

These outdoor coats need regular and thorough washing to keep your dog clean and fresh. And because your dog will need it all the time, the drying process shouldn’t take too long.


During the colder months of the year, rain, snow, and hail are common, so it is important to get a dog coat that will act against these conditions to cover your dog’s whole body, even their legs.

Water-resistance is important to keep the moisture away from their body and avoid hypothermia. Keep them warm and safe at the same time. 


Most dog owners do not enjoy putting on and taking off a dog’s coat. That is why convenience is a factor to consider as well.

The more zippers, buttons, and ties that a coat has, the less likely people will use it. 

A good fleece coat for dogs doesn’t need too much work to get on and off. It should help save time and a lot of stress for you.

Go for a coat that either zips or just slips on.


This is an obvious factor that every dog owner needs to consider.

The wrong size coat might make your dog feel uncomfortable and cause more problems down the road. You may not even be able to use it if you choose the wrong size.

Additionally, a coat that does not fit will not work as required. No matter how much warmth they offer and how good the materials are, if it doesn’t fit properly it won’t do it’s job.

An oversized one may just fall off and not be effective in providing insulation. Also, consider your dog’s growth rate when choosing the size.


While the best fleece dog coats protect from cold, one important feature that tends to be overlooked is safety.

If you walk your dog at night, go for ones that are visible with reflective straps and vibrant colors on the apparel.

These will allow your dog to be seen from afar by cars and passersby.


The best fleece dog coat will give the insulation that every dog needs to stay warm. One required feature is the fleece-lining that will obtain that level of comfort for insulation.

Insulation lets the dog’s body temperature stay inside and avoid escaping while also providing a barrier to the temperature outside.

Top 3 Best Dog Fleece Coats

Not all dog coats are the same. Don’t just buy one based on the popularity of the brand or the attractive design.

To make your purchase easier, here are our top three most highly recommended dog fleece coats.

EzyDog Element Jacket

While not as thick as other coats, the Element Jacket boasts its strong 600 denier polyester fabric outer shell lined with fleece that is impressively non-pilling.

It makes it one of the toughest dog coats out there and will hold up well despite being used a lot. It also won’t snag when your dog runs through a thick brush.

The Element Jacket by EzyDog offers great protection against wind and water with a unique stretchable neck opening made of Neo-Xpand material to protect the chest while your dog comfortably moves around.

We also love the safety it gives because of the nighttime visibility feature and a waterproof access zipper on top for attaching a leash to a collar or harness underneath. 

If you are looking for a well-made, durable, long-lasting coat for your dog, we think this one is worth the price.

Petcee Fleece Dog Jacket

This fleece dog coat by Petcee is designed with 100% fleece lining as well as a 100% polyester surface.

The sleek jacket does a great job of providing your dog with more comfort in extreme weather conditions.

This waterproof and windproof jacket features a reflective brim that will keep your dog safe and visible in the dark.

It’s also convenient to put on and take off because of the elastic band on the chest and the flexible Velcro on the back.

This jacket has two layers outside the cotton and a collapsible collar that’s quite stylish.

Reversible Kurgo Loft Fleece Dog Coat

All fleece coats made by Kurgo are the most recommended for harsh winter conditions. They keep your fur baby warm and also offer protection with their reflective piping.

Kurgo will keep your dog safe and visible during the dark hours when you’re walking or running with them. 

A combination of fashion and function, this stylish jacket is easy to get on and off with an adjustable hook for custom and comfort. We also like the fact that it’s available in different colors.

The Kurgo dog coat is windproof and waterproof yet incredibly lightweight, enabling your dog to stay dry during the rainy season.

The soft fleece inner lining will keep your dog warm in the coldest of conditions. The back also features an opening for the leash access inside the zipper.

Keep Your Pup Warm and Safe

With so many options out there, it’s hard to pick the best fleece coat for your furry friend. We hope that this guide and our top recommendations will help you decide on a new coat for your dog.

Remember, though, that a fleece coat is not all you need to keep your dog warm and dry.

Feed them properly, let them sleep indoors, and if you can, get an insulated dog house or a heater for them. Stay warm and safe.

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