Best Guard Dog for First Time Owner

Dogs can be the sweetest and most affectionate creatures on Earth. However, they can also be protective, which is why they are well suited to the duty of guarding you and your family. 

Do you want a guard dog but have no experience owning one? There are some things you need to consider, such as personality, train-ability, and size. 

What is the best guard dog for first-time owners? 

Find out what breeds make the best guard dogs and some tips for first-time dog owners!

Tips for First Time Dog Owners 

Getting a dog for the first time is an unforgettable moment. However, despite the positive experience, it’s not always easy. 

Here are some tips for first-time dog owners who want to get a guard dog. 

Expect an Adjustment Period 

No matter what kind of dog you are bringing home, there will be an adjustment period when your new companion comes home. 

Your dog may not act as a guard dog right away. In fact, they might even be scared. Learn how to handle a fearful dog to make sure they are happy! 

If you’re bringing home an adult dog, the adjustment period may be longer. 

Stock Up on Dog Supplies 

Your dog will need all kinds of stuff. For instance, a dog bed is not enough. You should also get some other bedding supplies for your dog house.

Learn all about the world of toys, bowls, beds, leashes, collars, crates, and more.

Another vital dog supply is dog toothpaste and toothbrush. Many dogs get periodontal disease because their owners overlook their dental health. 

Find a Veterinarian 

Your guard dog’s health should be of utmost importance to you. If they grow up sickly, they won’t be able to assist you for personal protection. 

Develop a relationship with a vet whom you will trust and respect. The doctor will walk you through all the needs of your dogs, such as their diet and vaccination. 

Socialize Your Guard Dog 

Make sure you are socializing with your dog, so they know who friends are, and who are not.  

It’s also essential so that they don’t consider other people in the park as threats. You want them to feel comfortable with your family, neighbors, and even other animals. 

Teaching your dog to socialize with other dogs is also an important step to a well-behaved dog. 

Best Guard Dogs for First Time Owners 

What are the best guard dogs for first-time owners? Here are our top five! 

Great Dane

great dane dog breed

Great Dane is a large-breed dog that weighs between 110 and 180 pounds.  

This giant dog has an imposing look, but they’re very sweet and funny! They can intimidate strangers and intruders with a glance, even if your dog is really the sweetest creature.  

The Great Dane is even good with kids as they are playful yet careful and gentle. They are also friendly with other dogs as long as they get to know them. 

Great Danes are friendly toward people and pets at home, but scary to strangers.  

With proper training, they will learn how to protect and obey you as their pack leader.  

Some Great Danes can be stubborn leaders, so you need to mentally stimulate and socialize them so they can be more equipped for basic training.  

You also want to provide enough room for this giant dog to prevent potentially life-threatening problems. 


boxer dog breed

The Boxer is playful, patient, and a great addition to the family. They are relatively low-maintenance, making them perfect for new dog owners. 

They usually have high energy levels so your kids will surely be their playmates. 

These smart dogs need to be socialized and trained at an early age to ensure that they are growing up to be amicable guard dogs. 

This loyal breed has a good sense of humor, but can also be a serious guardian whose job is to make sure you’re safe. 

These highly active dogs can be territorial, but they do not have a high prey drive. 

Boxers are low-maintenance because they are family-friendly, easy to groom, intelligent, and just the right size! 

German Shepherd

german shepherd guard dog

German Shepherd is a highly active dog that is also one of the most famous guard dog breeds.  

This breed makes a great protector, friend, and assistant. Their flexibility is the main reason why first-time dog owners choose them.  

While they are friendly toward the family members, they can be aggressive to potential attackers. You can even take advantage of their sense of smell to detect suspicious objects on your property. 

The German Shepherd may look smart, confident, and serious, but they are not high-maintenance. You will not have a hard time raising them even as a first-time dog owner. 

This is because of their independence, gentleness, and ability to learn tasks easily. 

Make sure to train your German Shepherd well because lack thereof can cause biting tendencies and destructive behavior.  

Border Collie

Border Collie dog breed

The Border Collie may just be the best guard dog out there. Because of their unlimited energy levels, they are alert and active enough to protect and give hugs to you! 

But they are not ideal as guard dogs for elderlies and people who live in apartments. Frequent walks, run, and games of fetch may conflict with lifestyle or age.  

They love to run around a flock, gather animals, and they make sure to come back running to you always. 

Border collies are smart, low-maintenance, goal-oriented, and observant! 

They are happy with whatever task you give them, be it running a mile, playing with the kids, or protecting the yard from intruders! 

The Border Collie makes a great guard dog for first-time dog owners because they are the happiest when they have a job to do.  

They will protect you with their eyes. As mentioned, they are very observant. They may not be the type to bite, but they alert you and chase people. 

Find out more about the Border Collie in this video.



The Rottweiler is an alert and active dog that used to be a guide for visually impaired people.  

These intelligent dogs are trainable to become the best guardian ever. They can guide you, assist you in tasks, protect your home, and be fun-loving creatures. 

Start them young so they can grow into strong, powerful, yet low-maintenance dogs. Rottweilers may be naturally protective of their families, but they should still be properly socialized and trained. 

When they are properly socialized, their attitude toward strangers who don’t pose a threat is indifferent and not aggressive, 

When rottweilers are not on duty, they are playful, friendly, and gentle.  

How to Train a Dog for Protection 

Your definition of a guard dog as a first-time owner should not be an attack dog. Rather, it should be a dog who can protect you and your family. 

A dog that has been trained to be in attack mode is not an ideal pet to have around the house. They may bite someone who’s an approaching friend, mistaking them for an intruder.  

One way to train a pet guard dog is by teaching them obedience commands. They must first respond to basic commands like sit, lie down, and come to you.  

If your dog does not follow these consistently, they will never be equipped to be guard dogs.  

Then, you encourage your dog to bark when a stranger approaches. Barking is natural in dogs, but you have to teach them to stop barking when given a command.  

Try having a “stranger” approach you to challenge your dog. Then, give your dog a command to bark at him. If the stranger runs, the dog should bark even more. 

Then, if you decide that you are already safe, you can tell them to stop barking now. 

If they get used to this, they may start barking even before you give them a command. If you want to proceed, loosen their leash. If you don’t, then give them the stop command. 

You also want to train your dog to back off. If they put their teeth on the stranger and the stranger gets intimidated, tell your guard dog to “leave it”. 

If your dog does not respond to this command, they can be vicious later and you will not be able to control them. 

What is the Best Medium-Sized Dog for a Family? 

When it comes to family-friendly medium-sized dogs, there are a lot of options. 

But it is not just limited to the breed. There are a few factors that make a dog family-friendly.

This includes being trainable, good with kids, and affectionate toward everyone.

A few examples of medium-sized dogs that are family-friendly are Beagles and Basset Hounds. 

Here’s a list of the best medium-sized dogs for your family.

What is the Best Guard Dog for Apartment Living? 

If you live in an apartment, then you definitely want a dog that will fit in with your lifestyle. 

The best guard dog for apartment life is one that is just the right size.

You also want a dog with low energy levels, so you only need to take them for a walk once a day.

Since there is limited space in an apartment, you’ll want a small to medium-sized dog. It’s also important to choose a dog that’s easy to train.

Or you can adopt a dog from the shelter that is already trained. 

Here are the best guard dogs for apartment living

Should I Get a Second Dog? 

You know what they say, “dogs are like chips, you can’t just have one.”

But this actually depends on how ready you are for another dog. And how much space you have.

If you feel like you are ready enough, and you have space for another dog, then go for it.

Keep in mind that dogs are social creatures. They thrive in packs.

Although, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get a pack of dogs.

Right now, you are your dog’s pack.

Two dogs may be better to make exercise and training a lot easier. It’s also a great way to keep your dogs entertained while you’re away and keep them happier. 

Learn the factors to consider when getting a second dog

Man’s Best Friend and Protector! 

Dogs serve a lot of purposes in our lives! Aside from being a source of laughter and joy, they are also amazing guardians who protect our family from threats. 

Among the best guard dogs for first-time owners include Border Collie, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Great Dane, and Boxer. 

Make sure to socialize your dog and stock up on supplies to grow up happy and healthy enough to guard your family! 

If you live in an apartment, consider getting a smaller guard dog fit for apartment life