Make the World a Better Place With Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue

Can you imagine what your dream animal shelter looks like? 

Would it be cage-free with a huge space for dogs to run. With separate facilities for medical care, nursery rooms, and a training campus. 

This is exactly how the Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue campus looks. They specialize in rescuing and rehabilitating dogs as part of their no-kill initiative.

Find out who Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue is, how they started, and what you can do to help this charity. 

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Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue charity

Who is Big and DogSmall Ranch Rescue?

Big Dog and Small Ranch Rescue is a non-profit organization located in Florida and soon in Alabama. 

They rescue dogs from homelessness and abusive homes, natural disasters, and shelter euthanasia. 

Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue then rehabilitate these dogs by providing medical care. They spay and neuter them, treat them for illnesses, and prepare them for adoption. 

The no-kill rehabilitation center is working toward building a 33-acre campus for thousands of dogs. They even have facilities for pregnant dogs, puppies, sick dogs, and more.

They plan to open a Senior Sanctuary for dogs who have lost their owners and are looking to share their love.

How Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue Started

Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue was founded in 2008 in Beach County, Florida by Lauree Simmons. Her passion for saving dogs has allowed her to create the biggest no-kill shelter in the country.

Not only is Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue a no-kill shelter. The president and founder also ensured that it’s cage-free because they want to promote wellness among these rescue dogs. 

Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and educate until every dog in the country is safe and well-loved.

The people of the charity specifically aim to save 5,000 dogs annually, provide medical care, and place them with loving families. 

Lauree Simmons first became inspired when she volunteered at a Weimaraner rescue. She would later assume full control and convert it to serve dogs of all breeds.

Animal rescue organizations around the country know that Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue is an ideal prototype of what every rescue should be. 

As a custom home builder and interior designer, Lauree used her skills to carefully plan the facility. 

Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue believe that they can help end dog homelessness and abuse through legislative efforts.

What Does Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue Do?

You already know that the organization’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and educate to help dogs find loving places. 

To date, the organization has saved 179 dogs from parvo, 2,701 dogs spayed and neutered, 291 shelters supported, and 152 senior dogs served.

Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue have also partnered 28 veterans with suitable therapy dogs while educating 100,000 people about their no-kill initiative. 

They have several programs, such as the Big Dog Ranch University, Asia Dog Meat Trade Rescue, and Hurricane and Disaster relief.

One of their best programs is the Seniors for Seniors Program, a volunteer-supported initiative that addresses the most at-risk categories of the dog population – dogs 7 years or older. 

Apply to adopt if you are a senior who would benefit from a senior dog. You can also attend the visitation event to help promote love and companionship in a supportive way. 

The charity is currently working toward expanding its facilities in Shorter, Alabama. For them, this is an essential response to the all-time high rate of euthanasia in the area.

The only way to save more dogs is by increasing their capacity to improve more lives. The facility will include quarantine, rehabilitation, medical, and adoption facilities. 

This place will also serve as a transitional hub for shelters in the Northeast as they rescue more furry friends in the Southern states. 

Another benefit of this new branch is that well-respected vet colleges are located close to it. 

If you want to learn about the upcoming events of the organization, check out their events calendar now.

How Can You Help Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue Rescue?

A great way to help Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue is by making a donation. Your donation goes towards the rescue initiatives and current dogs in the shelter. 

You have the option to make a single donation or monthly donation.You can also choose where your donation goes: Alabama branch, Asia rescue missions, Seniors for Seniors Programs, or where it’s needed most.

You can also donate items to the ranch. Some of the goods they need include:

  • dog beds and blankets
  • martingale collars and leashes
  • medical supplies
  • unopened canned treats
  • dog crates
  • dog costumes/clothes. 

Donating stocks and mutual funds can also bring donor tax benefits while helping the organization save more lives. 

You can also help the organization by becoming a volunteer if you live in the area.

Check out their Facebook page and Instagram account for more information on how to help and to spread the word about this wonderful organization. 

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