Brain Training for Dogs

As dog parents, we are well aware of the importance of nutrition and exercise for our dogs. We make special efforts to ensure our beloved pets remain healthy and happy. But many of us often forget that there is more to exercising our dogs than just a physical workout.

We must provide our dogs with the required mental exercise in addition to their physical exercise. Providing your dog with mental stimulation and exercise enhances their IQ potential while also resulting in skill-building and relationship building.

Several methods can be used to stimulate and exercise your dog’s mind. One of the most popular is Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne Faricelli. This program helps you “develop your dog’s hidden intelligence, to eliminate bad behavior, and create an obedient and well-behaved pet”.

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Adrienne claims that her dog training system is scientific in its approach and has been tested and successfully proven in its effectiveness in a wide range of dogs and behavior situations. 

Her methods of unlocking your dog’s brain will make him more receptive to learning new things, resulting in better communication between the two of you, and essentially a smart, happy and obedient pet.

We will help you learn more about brain training for dogs and understand why it is important for your dog’s well-being and happiness. You will learn also about Adrienne Faricelli and her Brain Training for Dogs program. 

We will also walk you through the various modules of this program so you know exactly what you are getting and cover any possible challenges you might face in implementing them. 

We will also address some common questions regarding the Brain Training for Dogs program and provide our honest, unbiased, and uncensored review of it.

The Importance of Exercise for Your Dog

Exercise is important in maintaining muscles, bones, joints, mood, and the overall health and well-being of your dog. Dogs that get enough quality exercise daily tend to look good, feel good, and live longer. Exercise helps work off excess energy in dogs so that they can act more quietly at home. 

Exercise is not only a vital physical aspect of your dog but also a mental stimulation for them. It also includes brain training, teaching tricks, and obedience training. 

For your dog to learn something new, it should take repetitive training and practice. 

Make sure your dog is part of the daily flow of life in your home so that it doesn’t become isolated. Be sure to leave a couple of toys in their crate to play with when they are alone. Dogs also love to search and find things. You can hide a toy or food item you want them to find in the yard and keep them busy for a long time.

Simple tips like these are already a form of mental stimulation since your dog can engage with you and the world around them. 

Advantages of Brain Training for Your Dog

The science of canine cognition studies how dogs think. Research in this field has found that each dog is different, and their cognitive abilities vary. This means that, like us humans, your dog could be a genius in a particular field but sometimes struggles with another. 

Maybe he is great at understanding remembering and responding to commands but has a surprisingly difficult time navigating his way back home from the park despite it being part of his routine. Understanding your dog’s mind and thinking process can help you to meet his intellectual needs.

Using brain training as a means of teaching your dog to use his mental skills and help him develop his intelligence is a simple and effective method to set him up for success every time.

Burning energy is not just about physical exercise! It’s more than walks, playing fetch, and running around the park. Although these are also essential, mental stimulation also plays a huge role.

Dogs need a combination of physical activity and mental stimulation which include a variety of ways to use their brains. Some dogs don’t get enough of either. Some dogs get one but not the other. Each dog’s needs will vary. The smarter your dog, the more mental stimulation they will need.

Various brain training techniques improve communication between you and your beloved pooch and increase his trust in you. This will make your relationship stronger than before, and even more beneficial for you.

They also help your dog grow more confident. Using brain training for your dog ensures that he is having fun and is involved in the training process. Confidence building is vital in socialization and adaptation to new environments. 

A focus on positive reinforcement in brain training exercises helps to make the learning process smoother and more effective, often allowing for faster learning and more efficient results.

Meet Adrienne Faricelli

Adrienne Faricelli is a passionate dog lover and a highly reputed certified dog trainer and behavior consultant in the US and Italy. Adrienne has more than 10 years’ experience in the field, helping thousands of dogs, including service and therapy dogs. She has previous working experience in an animal hospital and a dog shelter. 

She also has published articles on dog training that have been featured in publications like USA Today, Daily Puppy, Paw Nation, Nest Pets, e-How, and Every Dog magazine.

Adrienne Faricelli holds two certificates in dog training, one from the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants in 2010, and another CDPT-KA in the United States. The CCPDT requires continuing education credits to maintain her certification.

Adrienne’s methods of dog training are based on positive reinforcement and rewards. She advocates a scientific, force-free, kind training approach. Her knowledge, experience, certifications, and renown make her a highly credible source for training and behavioral modification methods.

Force-Free Training

Adrienne’s force-free training is based on scientific studies with kindness in mind. Force-free training entails using positive feedback that will enable your dog to perform the behavior again and again because they enjoy it.

In behaviorism, this is called the law of effect. Once a reinforcement is given, there is a high chance that the dog will do it again. If punishment is given, the dog will most likely stop performing a certain action.

However, force-free training does not include punishment at all. This is because punishment only interrupts the learning process. It causes fear that they do not understand, mistrust, and their tendency to hide information.

Punishment does not provide information on what good behavior is. By punishing we tell dogs what we don’t want them to do, but not what we do want them to do. If we don’t allow a dog to try different things until he guesses the correct behavior they will not learn.

What’s in Brain Training for Dogs

The Brain Training for Dogs program is divided into a series of training guides. These include;

  • Obedience 101 Manual
  • Main Manual
  • 7 Trick Training Videos
  • Polishing up your training
  • Adrienne’s Archives
  • Free Bonus Course – Behavior Training for Dogs

In addition to these, you can also submit questions directly to Adrienne and access her vast knowledge and experience to find solutions to your doggie dilemmas. 

There is access to a wide variety of case studies, troubleshooting sections dealing for with specific issues during your training process, an around the clock support center you can contact for help, and access to a private forum to interact with like-minded dog parents.

Faricelli’s method is always central to positive reinforcement with rewards during training. According to her, it boosts the canine-human bond and sets your dog up for success. Her style is also suitable for puppies and adult dogs alike, as well as senior pooches!

As previously mentioned, both physical and mental stimulation are vital to maintain our furry friend’s overall health and well-being. Thankfully, Adrienne’s method covers both types of stimulation and will surely challenge your dog.   

Obedience 101 Manual

The video manual helps you in learning the secrets of how to effectively use food lure to teach your dog basic obedience commands like sit, stay, lie, heel, come, drop it, etc. These commands are essential for everyday communication with your dog and can make life very simple and trouble-free for both your pooch and you. 

The obedience commands taught in this manual also play a very important part in the subsequent training methods and brain games. It’s more about the basics, but that doesn’t mean you should take this part for granted. If your dog doesn’t know the basics, they will struggle to learn anything else.

Main Manual

The main manual is designed much like a school curriculum. It is made up of various levels or modules where each module comprises of a set of three games targeted to achieve specific goals in that level. 

The exercises and games rise to their difficulty level as the modules progress. They are divided as follows:

  • Preschool – This is the foundation level of the course that targets basic obedience and teaches methods that increase eye contact and communication with your dog. At the end of this primary level, your dog will become super obedient and follow every command you give him.
  • Elementary – This level targets increasing obedience that leads to increased responsiveness by your dog to your commands. Through three different games, this method teaches your dog to use his mind to keep him entertained, boredom free, and out of trouble.
  • High School – The third level of the program is meant to teach your dog patience and impulse control. Another set of three games helps you teach your dog how to focus on you despite his excitement and the methods for calming him from an enthusiastic state.
  • College – During this level, your dog’s learning would be focused on developing his motor skills. You will learn methods to teach his mind to focus on his motor skills, patience, and dexterity.
  • University – The University level has games that focus on increasing your dog’s confidence and further tapping into his intelligence. This level also has a critical role in communication and trust building between your dog and you.
  • Graduation – The games set into the penultimate level of the module help your dog master his motor skills and further hone his intelligence
  • Einstein – This final level of the program is meant to bring together all the previous lessons and show-off your genius dog to your friends and family. Impress everyone with his skills on tidying up his toys, stacking rings or even play the piano on cue!

Remember to make sure your dog is 100% successful on the first level before continuing to the next one. Otherwise, they’ll just continue to fail, and the training will slow down, resulting in your pooch’s demotivation. 

At the end of each task, you must grade your dog based on his speed of completing the particular task. The guidelines for grading and the stage of completing each module are described in the manual. This will make it easier for you to know whether your dog is ready to move on to the next level of training.

You can also “up the game” in different ways mentioned in the manual to reinforce your dog’s knowledge and teach him to effectively respond to commands and use his skills in a variety of situations.

brain training for dogs videos


This section contains seven training videos for tricks that you can teach your pooch. These tricks are shaking hands, rolling over, playing dead, covering his eyes, taking a bow, howling, and dancing.

Polishing Up Your Training

Now that your dog has mastered all the commands in his desire to get those yummy treats from you, it is now time to ensure that he listens to you even when there is no food in sight.

During this phase of the program learn how to slowly take away food lure from training sessions and learn easy and effective means to train your dog to respond to hand signals.

Adrienne’s Archive

This section of the product comprises of over 100 detailed articles on various training and behavior related problems. Be it puppy training or behavioral issues in your adult dog, this video manual, curated by certified experts, contains solutions to all your problems with a specific focus on tackling their root cause.

Free Bonus Course – Behavior Training for Dogs

brain training for dogs behavior training

Focusing on the most frustrating and commonly seen dog training problems, this free bonus course helps you master gentle and effective methods for correcting them.

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Who Will Benefit from Brain Training for Dogs?

Your dog’s mind is the key to his personality. It is what you love about him. Thus, to maximize his potential and hone his intelligence, it is important that you take the necessary steps. However, all your efforts may not be fruitful if you are not willing to put in your best efforts.

The program requires your commitment, involvement, and time. While Adrienne’s descriptions of her methods and processes are clear and easy to follow, it requires you, the dog parent, to learn and work with your dog.

The program will benefit not only your dog and their behavior but also you as the doggie parent. In reality, much of dog training is actually about training dog owners. That is why the manual includes all the skills you need to master in a very clear and easy way.

The overall program is lengthy and time-consuming. It requires you to have consistency. And at some stages, your dog may take longer to proceed. Your patience, support, and consistency are mandatory for this process to be effective.

Even if your dog has learned the commands and has proceeded forward, this is not the end. You will need to reinforce these training techniques and periodically return to these methods to keep them fresh in your dog’s mind and keep him mentally stimulated. It is not a one-time solution, but a constantly ongoing process.

Despite all the information and methods available to you, sometimes the same methods do not apply to all dogs. This is because each dog is unique.

The program contains a troubleshooting section to help you through the kinks in the process, but sometimes even that might not provide satisfactory results. In such a case, you have to make further efforts and reach out to the support section or even contact Adrienne directly with your problems. The key is to not give up!

About Brain Training Activities

This book contains 21 brain training activities starting from the easiest ones up to the more advanced ones. For a teaser, here are some of them:


This brain training game aims for your dog to touch a target object with his nose on cue. This requires a pointer with a large blunt end or a post-it note. 

Watch this video to learn about the trick.

Look into My Eyes

The primary objective of this activity is to get your dog to look into your eyes on cue. This is important for your dog to learn how to focus to avoid dangerous situations like dog fights and road accidents. 

Begin by holding a treat next to your eyes and making the kissing sound. As soon as the dog looks in your eyes, click, reward, repeat. In increasing the challenge, Adrienne suggests training your dog to hold your gaze for longer. You do this by delaying the click and treat.

Leg Weaving

This exercise is all about your dog weaving through your legs. This is a great bonding exercise because of the physical contact and the lesson your dog gets from you about not being afraid of your legs or feet. 

Watch this video for a demo of the activity!

About Whining

Dogs are born blind, deaf and unable to regulate their own temperatures, making the attitude of whining an instinctive one. This is their way of telling their mom that they are hungry and cold. 

Brain training your dog will help them learn to whine only when they need to and not because they want attention or when they are excited. 

This is just one of the many benefits that the eBook promises. Other issues such as barking at nothing, chewing, digging too much, and jumping a lot can also be resolved by the book. 

Your Questions

  • Can brain training correct my dog’s bad behavior?

Brain training focusses on addressing the root causes of various unwanted behaviors exhibited by dogs. The program provides customized training solutions focused on the causes of a wide range of bad behaviors seen in dogs. If you put in the work with your dog, you will see results.

  • My dog has failed at all attempts at training. Will this work?

If you make the effort, follow the steps, and work consistently with your dog, this method is assured to provide positive results. The numerous case studies, troubleshooting guides as well as easy to access support system can further help you in managing specific training issues you might be facing.

If even these do not provide satisfactory results, you can “Ask Adrienne” by sending her an email with your problems and she will share with you her expert opinion on the best steps to take to overcome your training challenges.

  • How long does the complete training process take?

Each dog is unique. So, the time involved in completing the overall course is dependent on your dog and the time he requires at each stage. The course teaches you how to continue to persist in his training and support him in his attempts to stimulate and utilize his mind.

  • Is there any risk to my dog?

Absolutely none. The course focusses on building your dog’s intelligence and confidence. The training methods are scientific, completely force-free, and based solely on positive reinforcement.

Our Verdict

The Brain Training for Dogs program focusses on increasing the overall intelligence and mental stimulation in our dogs while focusing on positive, reward-based training methods. The various modules in the program cover methods to increase basic obedience, communication, patience, motor skills, and impulse control in your dog. 

Additional manuals and case studies contain a wide range of dog behavior problems including potty training, chewing, hyperactivity, jumping, ignoring commands, etc. It deals with each issue with a specifically targeted solution made by certified professionals with years of experience.

The detailed and well-written step by step guides, pictures, and videos provided by Adrienne makes this program an invaluable training tool for those looking to train their beloved pups and learn effective and efficient means to eradicate their bad behaviors.

At an astonishingly low cost of $47, compared to the average $350 per hour that you would be paying to a dog behaviorist, this product is a steal. To top this, Adrienne is providing you with many free bonus products in addition to the original program at no additional hidden or follow up costs.

Still not convinced? Try the program for 60 days. Follow the steps. And if you do not find the results to be satisfactory, ask for your money back. Yes! They offer a refund policy if you are dissatisfied with the program.

If you have the commitment towards your pooch and are willing to put in the time and effort, I can assure you, you will not feel the need for a refund. The program does everything it says, and much more for you and your dog. The final results can be extremely rewarding, not just for you but for the overall happiness, health, and enjoyment of your dog too.

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