Can Boston Terriers Swim?

Yes, Boston Terriers can swim. 

But they cannot swim for long distances or for a long amount of time.

Find out why Boston Terriers can’t swim for long, whether they are natural swimmers, some good safety tips for swimming with them, and more. 

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Do Boston Terriers like to swim

Can Boston Terriers Swim?

Yes, Boston Terriers, like most dogs, can learn how to swim. 

But they are not great at it. 

Boston Terriers may be a brachycephalic breed, a short-faced breed, but they know how to stay afloat in the water.

They also know how to paddle their legs. They are easy to train and more intelligent than most breeds.

Boston Terriers are also an enthusiastic breed. They can easily learn new skills that they’re excited about.  

With that said, the Boston Terrier can become a great swimmer with proper training. Just don’t let them swim for too long because of their breed limitations.

Are Boston Terriers Natural Swimmers?

Boston Terriers are not natural swimmers. 

It’s a misconception that all dogs know how to swim from birth. While they may paddle instinctively when they touch water, they are not all natural swimmers.

Most dog breeds still require proper swimming training.

The Boston Terrier’s size and weight don’t pull them down in the water, but they get tired quickly because they can’t move against much water. Their legs are too short.

Their weight is also distributed unevenly. The Boston Terrier has a heavy head and short snout, so it can be hard for them to breathe in water. 

This short-haired breed can get cold when swimming. Their coat is not waterproof, unlike double-coated dogs.

But this breed is determined, smart, and curious. They are also brave and adventurous, so they may persevere in learning to swim despite not being naturals.

Do Boston Terriers Have Webbed Feet?

No. Boston Terriers do not have prominent webbed feet.

All dogs have some sort of membrane between their toes, but this web-like skin doesn’t help Boston Terriers with swimming.

The Boston Terrier’s skin between their toes is only 0.5 to 0.75 inches thin, which helps them walk on mud but not swim.

Only water breeds like the Golden Retriever, Poodle, and Irish Water Spaniel have thick webbed feet that let them propel in water. 

Some Boston Terriers can swim underwater if trained well. 

Here’s a video of Howie playing pool frisbee.

Do Boston Terriers Like to Swim?

Yes. Boston Terrier puppies love swimming. 

They may be scared at first, but they will be comfortable as long as you help them. Allowing them to wear safety swim gear can also help them stay afloat.

The Boston Terrier puppy enjoys being in a new environment, so learning to swim early is ideal.

Boston terriers were bred for pit fighting. They used to be bigger and stronger, so they were engaged in dogfighting all the time. 

This explains the Boston Terrier’s bravery despite their small size.

Because Boston Terriers are prone to drowning, you should always be with them when swimming.

Adult Boston Terriers who are learning to swim may not enjoy the activity. Unlike puppies, these older dogs may be less energetic.

They can still swim for a short time as adults. They can also stick to regular exercise like walking or running.

Here’s a video showing how Boston Terriers react to water.

Do Boston Terriers Like Water?

It depends. Boston Terriers can love water if you familiarize them with the environment at an early age. 

Some Boston Terriers who dislike water may choose to splash around in the pool’s shallow end or on the beach instead.  It also helps to keep them cool in the summer.

An exception to this is bath time. Boston Terriers don’t like being bathed because they can feel overwhelmed with the water, soap, and your touch.

Other than that, they are cool with it.

Let them enjoy the water at their own pace. And reward them for good behavior so they stay excited. 

What if My Boston Terrier Doesn’t Like to Swim?

It’s understandable if your Boston Terrier doesn’t like to swim. 

A brachycephalic dog has trouble breathing and paddling, so you can try other enjoyable exercises for them. 

Forcing your dog to swim will only make the activity traumatizing for them. Boston Terriers are sensitive, so be patient when training them. 

They still need to learn how to swim for their safety. Introduce them to water by letting them walk in puddles or play in the tub. They can also sit on the beach and play in shallow waters.

When they’re ready, take them to the shallow end of the pool.

Begin with their feet and slowly paddle them in. Hold their chest and back to avoid anxiety. This will also help them hold their weight.

Give your dog treats or toys as a reward to encourage a positive experience.

Safety Tips for Swimming with Your Boston Terrier

Keep your Boston Terrier safe when swimming.

  • Make sure they are wearing the right gear like a life jacket or a life vest. 
  • Stay by their side so they don’t get overwhelmed or anxious.
  • Show them where the exit points are so they know how to get out.

Safety swimming gear not only helps Border Collies stay afloat but also keeps them visible in the water.

The life vest is more ideal for natural swimmers or those learning how to swim in swimming pools. The life jacket is best for dogs swimming in deep water.

Find out the best life jacket or life vest to use for your dog. The guide also includes recommendations for sunscreens, towels, and other doggie essentials for swimming. 

Don’t Do This When Introducing Your Boston Terrier to Water

Here are some things you should avoid when introducing your Boston Terrier to Water:

  • Don’t let them drink pool water. 
  • Do not teach them how to swim without teaching them how to get out of the pool. 
  • Do not throw or push them in the pool. This will cause anxiety and trauma for your dog.

Dogs can experience an upset stomach when they consume too much pool water. Especially if they are sensitive.

Around 25% of dogs experience hyponatremia, which is caused by drinking too much water. 

Find out how pool water affects your dog’s body and skin.

Lastly, your dog should be able to locate the entry and exit points of the pool. They should also learn how to get up using a ramp, staircase, or ladder.

Is Swimming Good for Boston Terriers?

Yes, swimming is good for Boston Terriers.

Many people think swimming is not a good idea for brachycephalic dogs because they have trouble breathing and staying afloat.

But even a short swim can benefit them. Swimming for just a few minutes gives them a full-body workout while also stimulating their minds.

Swimming is also a great way to bond with your dog. It helps both of you burn some calories while building trust and relationships.

Find out the benefits and drawbacks of swimming for you and your dog

How Old Should Your Boston Terrier Puppy Be Before They Start Swimming?

Your Boston Terrier should be around ten weeks old or two and a half months old before they can swim. 

This will help them love water at a young age when they are still curious, playful, and adventurous.

Start by taking them to the kiddie pool or bathtub to get them acquainted with the feeling of being wet. 

Once they are comfortable swimming, take them to the shallow part of the pool to swim. 

Find out more about the right age to let your dogs swim.

How Long Can Boston Terriers Swim For?

Boston Terriers can only swim for five to ten minutes because they have trouble breathing in water. 

They also get tired quickly, so a quick swimming session is best for them. 

Some dogs may benefit from longer swimming sessions, but the Boston Terrier’s size and body composition don’t need this long. 

Find out how long your dog can swim based on their breed and ability.

Can My Boston Terrier Swim in My Pool?

Yes. Boston Terriers can swim in the pool as long as you are there to supervise them. 

Follow our guidelines on how long they can swim and which safety swimming gear they need. 

If you’re worried about your dog’s effect on your pool, keep their nails trimmed to avoid damaging the pool liner.

Because Boston Terriers have short hair and don’t shed much, they won’t clog the pool filter. But you must still maintain your pool.

Find out how to clean your pool if you have a dog.

The Boston terrier Can Swim

As you can see, the Boston Terrier can still swim despite their limitations. 

They can paddle despite their short legs and regulate their temperature despite their short coat.

Provide the right gear for them and give them plenty of freshwater. Make sure to rinse the chlorine off their body after swimming.

Find out if you should wash your dog after swimming.