Can Cavapoos Swim?

The Cavapoo is a mixed breed between the Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a playful and outgoing personality. 

Yes, the Cavapoo can swim very well, but they require training to learn. 

Learn why Cavapoos are natural swimmers, how to teach them how to swim, how old and how long they can swim, and more. 

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Cavapoo dog breed

Can Cavapoos Swim?

Yes, Cavapoos can swim.

They have the natural swimmer traits of a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

Almost all dog breeds can be good swimmers but not at first.

When you first take your adult Cavapoo to the pool, they will automatically paddle. But they may be slow to start with. 

Cavapoos, like other dogs, need to be properly trained to swim. Some are still afraid of water and need the confidence to approach the pool.

They can be one of the world’s best swimmers once they gain confidence and ability.

Also, not all Cavapoos like to swim. Some only like getting wet on the shoreline or the poolside, while others won’t go near water.

Begin training your Cavapoo to swim when they are young, curious, and motivated.

Why Are Cavapoos Natural Swimmers?

Cavapoos are natural swimmers because they have the size of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the agility of a poodle.

But not everyone agrees that the Cavapoo is a natural swimmer. 

Only pure water breeds are usually considered natural swimmers. These include the following:

  • Standard Poodle
  • Otterhound
  • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
  • Spaniels
  • Portuguese Water Dog.

So, two natural swimming breeds can make a natural swimmer, right? Yes.

The Cavapoo’s size and weight make them great swimmers. It helps keep them afloat.

Some think Cavapoos are bad swimmers due to their size, but not if they get regular exercise. Their Poodle ancestors were among the most athletic breeds.

The Cavapoo’s double coat makes them tolerant to cold water. 

Cavapoos also have webbed feet, which is the thin membrane in their paws between their toes. 

They can paddle easier because their Spaniel and Poodle ancestors had webbing on their paws.

Cavapoos do not have any natural swimming disadvantages, so we can confirm that the breed is a natural swimmer. 

Check out this video of a cute Cavapoo swimming.

Do Cavapoos Have Webbed Feet?

Yes. All dogs have some sort of webbed feet, including the Cavapoo. 

But not all webbed feet are thick enough to make them a natural swimmers. 

Luckily, Cavapoos have thick membranes between the paws that allow them to push through the water while swimming. 

Doing so helps them swim quicker at farther distances. They can propel in water, even against strong currents.  

Just because a dog has webbed feet doesn’t mean they are a great swimmer. Dogs’ webbed feet are developed based on the activities they were bred for. 

For example, the German Shorthaired Pointer has webbed feet to help them retrieve fowl for hunters. But using them for swimming is still difficult.

Do Cavapoos Like to Swim?

It depends on their age.

As puppies, Cavapoos love swimming. Their energy levels are still so high that they swim across pools and keep going. 

They also like exploring at this age, so you’ll see them wandering around the pool regularly. 

Be careful as they might jump in the pool out of excitement, and they might drown. 

Swimming isn’t a challenge for them because of their webbed feet, lightweight, and double coat. 

But as they grow older, Cavapoos get exhausted easily. Their size makes them prone to fatigue. 

They will not enjoy swimming as adult dogs and would rather walk, run, and play frisbee. 

They also dislike the noisy, unforeseeable, and sandy ocean. 

Still, every Cavapoo is different. Some enjoy swimming until they become senior dogs, while others never liked the activity even as puppies.

Do Cavapoos Like Water?

Yes. Cavapoos like water.

They like water in all forms: pools, rain, showers, and fountains. Their love for water remains even if they grow out of swimming.

This is why you’ll notice the adult Cavapoo would rather splash in the shallow part of the pool instead of paddling and diving. 

What if My Cavapoo Doesn’t Like to Swim?

If your Cavapoo doesn’t like swimming, you should not force them. 

Don’t force your dog to do something they don’t like. They can still play frisbee, raft, or dog ball in a kiddie pool.

But you still must teach your Cavapoo to swim to avoid the risk of drowning. 

To do this, we have some tips for you:

  • Introduce your dog to the water slowly. Even natural swimmers take time to be confident around water. 
  • Make your Cavapoo’s first water experience a positive one by using treats and praises. 
  • A game can even teach them. Ask them to retrieve a toy thrown into the pool and move the toy farther until they have to paddle.

This video shows how a Cavapoo puppy learns how to swim.

Safety Tips for Swimming with Your Cavapoo 

Get your Cavapoo a life vest if they are still learning to swim.

A life vest is also needed by dogs who have a hard time staying afloat because of their fear, size, or the water current.

Even natural swimmers like Cavapoos can get nervous and tired in the water.

Don’t let them drink from lakes, ponds, or oceans. It contains bacteria and algae that can harm your Cavapoo.

Wash your dog after swimming to get rid of any bacteria. 

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Don’t Do This When Introducing Your Cavapoo to Water

Here are some things you need to avoid when introducing your Cavapoo to water:

  • Don’t rush your Cavapoo into learning.
  • Do not throw them in the pool.
  • Do not make them swim for long distances during the first time.
  • Do not let them swim without a life jacket. 

It’s important to make their first time in the pool pleasant by using treats and praises. Be patient with your dog and let them enter the pool at their own pace. 

Support their chest while paddling.

Learn how to teach your dog to swim so they stay safe in the water. 

Is Swimming Good for Cavapoos?

Yes, swimming is good for Cavapoos. 

Swimming is a low-intensity and low-impact exercise that is perfect for their size. Unlike running, swimming will not make them easily exhausted.

But it still makes all muscles work despite the little effort. It will also keep your dog cool because almost all of their body is submerged in water.

Swimming also improves Cavapoos’ cardiovascular fitness.

Their lungs and heart become stronger while also reaping mental benefits like stress relief, stimulation, and sleep improvement.

Dogs that are usually put on a leash need to experience swimming so they can feel freer and happily worn out.

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How Old Should Your Cavapoo Puppy Be Before They Start Swimming?

Your Cavapoo must be at least ten weeks old to start swimming. 

Familiarize them with water by using your bathtub or kiddie pool first.

Add more water to the tub or pool after a few weeks so they can have half their body submerged.

Every week make the water deeper until they learn to paddle. Go to the shallow end of the pool once they are confident in small bodies of water.

Use positive reinforcement techniques as they learn how to propel in the pool. 

Start your dog young with swimming so they grow up loving the pool, ocean, and lake.

How Long Can Cavapoos Swim For?

Cavapoos can only swim for 10-15 minutes regardless of whether they are expert swimmers. 

Their small size is not meant for training long hours even if swimming is a low-intensity exercise.

If your Cavapoo is a beginner, senior dog, arthritic, or has other medical conditions, ten minutes of swimming is enough as a good workout for them. 

Swimming them for too long can cause the following:

  • abrasions on the armpit
  • dry skin and fur
  • over exhaustion
  • dehydration
  • heatstroke.

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Can My Cavapoo Swim in My Pool?

Yes. Cavapoos can safely swim in the pool as long as you don’t let them drink pool water. 

Drinking will not severely impact your dog, but it can upset their stomach for a few days. 

There’s no need to worry if your Cavapoo might damage the pool. Just clean the filter every four hours or get a bigger filtration system.

If you’re yet to get a pool, consider an above-ground fiberglass pool to avoid ruptures in the lining. 

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Cavapoos Get the Best of Both Worlds

The Cavapoo is lucky to inherit the thick coat, webbed feet, the right size, and intelligence of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, making them one of the best swimmer breeds.

Keep them safe while swimming by using safety gear, maintaining a low duration of swimming, and never leaving them unattended. 

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