Can Dachshunds Swim?

Dachshunds make for clever and playful pets. They are also courageous, which may be the reason why they’d love to explore swimming. 

Yes, your Dachshunds can swim, and they can be taught how to do it safely.

Read on to find out if Dachshunds are natural swimmers, how to teach them how to swim safely, and more. 

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Dachshund Swimming

Can Dachshunds Swim?

Yes, Dachshunds can swim. 

Because they are clever and courageous dogs, swimming often comes naturally to most Dachshunds.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are built for swimming. Usually, Dachshunds won’t run to the water as excitedly as other water breeds.

While they may not be natural swimmers, Dachshunds still need to learn how to swim for their safety.

It’s important to teach your Dachshunds to swim while they’re still young and full of energy.

Why Can Dachshunds Swim?

While it is true that Dachshunds can swim, it is not in their nature to do so.

Their long body and short legs are not the ideal physical characteristics for a swimmer. 

Most Doxies prefer to stay on land. 

So it may take a little bit more effort and encouragement on your end to teach them how to swim efficiently.

Do Dachshunds Like to Swim?

Dachshunds do not enjoy swimming. 

They do not like the activity because their short legs make it difficult for them to paddle in the water. It requires extra effort from them.

They would rather be on land, chasing squirrels and playing fetch instead of any type of water activity. 

Some Dachshunds struggle from wet belly syndrome. This syndrome is an extreme adverse reaction to water. 

While it is not a severe medical problem, it can cause problematic situations in your Doxie’s everyday life.

The wet belly syndrome can cause your puppy to walk slowly, or stand still when their stomach gets wet.

In addition, this syndrome may also cause them a fear of water. Doxies with wet belly syndrome sometimes refuse to go potty when it’s raining.

So instead, they do it in the house.

But it doesn’t happen to every Doxie. 

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Do Dachshunds Like Water?

Unfortunately, Dachshunds do not like water. Yes, swimming comes to most of them naturally, but some are hesitant to go near water.

Some Doxies can be taught to love the water and swimming too. Their courageous and clever traits make them great students of swimming.

Encourage them to play in shallow areas of the pool or on the beach to help them get used to the water. Alternatively, let them play with the sprinkler or hose.

Can You Teach a Dachshund to Swim?

Yes. You can teach your Dachshund to swim.

It will be easy for them to learn because they are obedient and clever.

They’re also incredibly courageous for their size. Swimming will be like a new adventure for them.

When teaching your Doxies to swim, you have to be patient. They won’t learn to swim as easily as Labrador Retrievers or Poodles. 

It’s also important to use positive reinforcement with every swimming lesson.

If they do not like the water or do not feel like swimming, do not force them. 

As they swim, supervise them, even if they already know how. As always, equip them with a life jacket to make it easier for them.

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How to Teach a Dachshund to Swim

As previously mentioned, you need to be patient when teaching your Dachshunds how to swim.

Start by introducing them in shallow water, like a tub or the shallow end of the pool. Make sure to stay with them.

Dachshunds will enjoy learning as long as they can see you do it with them.

Introduce them to water by holding their stomachs as they paddle. Do this at the shallow end of the pool. 

Gradually go deeper as they start to learn how to paddle. Praise them with toys and treats. 

Keep repeating the process as they paddle and stroke in the water. Make sure to give them treats so they stay motivated. 

Safety Tips for Swimming with Your Dachshunds

Here are some important safety tips when swimming with your Doxie:

  • Invest in a life jacket, and equip them with it when they swim.
  • Even when they already know how to swim, stay by their side when they’re in the water.
  • Teach them where the entry and exit points are to make it easier for them.
  • Make sure to keep them hydrated before and after swimming. 
  • Watch for water fatigue. If they seem tired, get them out immediately.

It’s important to have your Dachshund wear a life jacket when swimming. They will struggle to keep afloat and paddle without one.

As long as Dachshunds are near water, they need to wear a life jacket in case they fall.

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Don’t Do This When Introducing Your Dachshund to Water

Aside from the safety tips, there are also some things you should never do when introducing your Dachshunds to water. 

  • Never force them to swim if they are not comfortable.
  • Do not let them near or in the pool without a life jacket, especially when they’re still learning.
  • Don’t introduce them to water by pushing or throwing them in.
  • Do not let them go to unfamiliar parts of the water, even when they already know how to swim, 
  • Don’t leave them unattended even if they have a life jacket on. 

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Is Swimming Good for Dachshunds?

Yes. Swimming is actually good for Dachshunds.

While some Dachshunds might be hesitant to swim, it is still a good form of exercise for them.

It can help an overweight Dachshund lose weight and is a fantastic athletic activity. 

It is great for Dachshunds with arthritis or other health issues.

Swimming also increases endurance and stamina while also strengthening muscles.

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How Old Should Your Dachshund Puppy Be Before They Start Swimming?

Your Dachshund pup should be around ten to twelve weeks old before you teach them how to swim.

At this age, your pup has started to explore their surroundings. They are more curious and adventurous at this age.

They are also more energetic at this age, so you can teach them without getting them too tired.

They don’t have to swim in the pool right away. Try the tub or kiddie pool first. 

As soon as they are at ease in the tub, move them to the shallow area of the pool, followed by the deeper area.

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How Long Can Dachshunds Swim For?

Dachshunds can swim for only a maximum of five minutes when they’re still learning.

It is best to keep your swimming lessons short to avoid overwhelming your Doxie. 

Swimming for too long can also make them feel cold and tired if they’re still a beginner.

Understand that Dachshunds were not bred for swimming. So keeping swimming lessons within 5 minutes should be enough.

You can increase their swimming sessions as they become more confident in the water.

Good swimmers can swim for up to 30 minutes without discomfort.

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Can My Dachshunds Swim in My Pool?

Yes. Your Dachshunds are welcome to swim in your pool. 

In fact, because there are no unpredictable waves or high tides, it is one of the safest places for them to swim.

Pool water is also much safer for them than lake water, which can harbor toxic blue algae.

Because Dachshunds do not shed much, your pool filter will not become clogged easily. However, you must still clean it on a regular basis with a pool vacuum.

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Dachshunds Can Swim

Dachshunds can swim, but if they don’t want to, you don’t have to force them.

Remember that when you’re teaching your Doxies to swim, it should only be for safety reasons.

If you’re going outdoors, or anywhere near deep water, equip them with a life jacket for their own safety.

Other than that, there’s no other reason to force your Doxie to love swimming.

If your Doxie loves swimming, then that’s a great start. It can be a great exercise and bonding experience for both of you. 

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