Can Goldendoodles Swim?

Goldendoodles, or Groodles, are a cross-breed between Golden Retrievers and Poodles. Both of these breeds are known to be great swimmers.

So, yes, Goldendoodles can swim. 

Find out if the Goldendoodle likes to swim, what to do if they don’t, swimming safety tips, the benefits of swimming for dogs, and more.

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Do Goldendoodles like to swim

Can Goldendoodles Swim?

Yes. A Goldendoodle can swim. 

But unlike their Golden Retriever and Poodle ancestors, the hybrid dog breed requires more encouragement for them to learn how to swim. 

The Goldendoodle is a cross between two water-loving breeds. The Golden Retriever was bred to retrieve shot waterfowls, including ducks and geese, from lakes and rivers.

Meanwhile, the Poodle was bred to hunt in the water to bring ducks and other birds to their masters. 

The Goldendoodle was bred to be a terrific swimmer. They just lack enthusiasm for the water.  

Introduce your Goldendoodle to swimming gradually so they can enjoy it. Don’t push them if they aren’t ready.

Baby steps are crucial. Also, make sure they don’t overdo it on their first swimming lesson. 

Why Are Goldendoodles Natural Swimmers?

Goldendoodles are natural swimmers because they inherited the necessary physical traits from their Poodle and Golden Retriever ancestors. 

They have most of the natural traits of a water dog breed except the temperament. 

They were intentionally bred to combine the best of both worlds. Humans wanted a larger Labradoodle that also has a low-dander and low-shedding coat.

Many argue that natural swimmers are exclusively pure-bred aquatic breeds. Regardless, the Goldendoodle is a fantastic swimmer.

The Goldendoodle is a perfect size and weight for a swimmer. Their lengthy legs can push water without weighing them down. 

Male Goldendoodles weigh 65-75 pounds and females weigh 55-65 pounds.

Their water-repellent double coat protects them from cold water and repels water, making swimming easier for them.

Much like their Retriever ancestors, Goldendoodles have thick double-coated fur. 

A Goldendoodle is smart and athletic. They are suitable for all households. But they don’t love swimming as much as Golden Retrievers or Poodles. 

This video shows Puppy the Goldendoodle’s first pool day.

Do Goldendoodles Have Webbed Feet?

Yes. The Goldendoodle has webbed feet. 

Since Goldendoodles are a mix of two breeds with webbed feet, they have fully developed webbed feet that are great for swimming.

All dogs have webbed feet. But water-friendly webbed feet are only found in water-loving breeds like the Goldendoodle.

Breeds bred to run, walk, dig, and retain stability while working for their humans have thinner webbed feet. Others have webbed feet more suited to winter walking.

The Goldendoodle’s unique body structure, webbed feet, and thick coat make them excellent swimmers.

Do Goldendoodles Like to Swim?

Yes. The Goldendoodle enjoys swimming

But they do not enjoy it as much as the Retriever and Poodle do. 

The Goldendoodle is a relatively new designer breed that works as a guide dog, service dog, therapy dog, and sniffer dog.

This breed is good at agility sports on land. But may not yet be acquainted with swimming, so they need a bit of training to enjoy the activity. But they will love it.

They are smart and curious, so they will be drawn to swimming.

Swimming training is a breeze for Goldendoodles. There is no need to hire a professional trainer. 

As a family dog, Goldendoodles like swimming with their owners. So, play fetch with your dog using a floating toy like this one.

Still, it depends on the individual dog. 

Some Goldendoodles never enjoy swimming because they are not in the right shape, while others may have had traumatic experiences with a pool or swimming.

Do Goldendoodles Like Water?

Yes. Goldendoodles like water. 

Especially if you start training them in water activities at a young age. 

They’ll enjoy swimming, splashing under the sprinkler and in the pool. 

To help them like water more be sure to expose them to it often.

They’ll swim, frolic, and splash whenever they can.

Bath time may be an exception, though. Even other water breeds do not tolerate being held and scrubbed while they’re wet.  

Even though the Goldendoodle is a hybrid of two water-loving dog breeds, some still do not feel enthusiastic about swimming. 

They’d rather run than paddle. 

What if My Goldendoodle Doesn’t Like to Swim?

It’s okay if your Goldendoodle doesn’t like to swim. What matters is they know how.

Not all water breeds want to swim. Some of them need comforting and encouragement to enter the pool.

They may dislike swimming because it reminds them of terrible bath experiences, new surroundings, or they are simply afraid of it.

Starting them young can help your Goldendoodle learn to swim quickly. It will protect them if they fall off the pool.

Remember to train them gradually. Use high-value treats and check their comfort levels.

Your pup may also be taught to enjoy slow-moving water. It will make them feel calm. 

Enjoy this video of how to teach your dog to love water and swimming.

Safety Tips for Swimming with Your Goldendoodle

The most important tip for swimming with your Goldendoodle, especially if you have a beginner, is to get them in a life jacket or life vest.

A life jacket covers your dog’s body more than a life vest. It’s ideal for those that need more visibility and buoyancy when swimming.

Meanwhile, a life vest is lighter and covers less of your Goldendoodle’s body. It’s perfect for swimming in the pool.

Your dog may also need towels, water shoes, sunscreens, and goggles. 

Learn the best dog swimming gear to use for your dog. 

Don’t Do This When Introducing Your Goldendoodle to Water

Don’t throw your dog to the pool and expect them to learn on their own. This may lead to a traumatic experience for them.

Unlike the ocean or a pond, pools have walls that may make your pup feel like they’re trapped. 

Lastly, do not force your dog into swimming underwater if they’re uncomfortable. 

Underwater swimming requires breed compatibility and lots of training. They may have a natural tendency to breathe underwater, but not all breeds enjoy doing it.

Find out how dogs can hold their breath underwater.

Is Swimming Good for Goldendoodles?

Yes. Swimming is an amazing form of exercise for Goldendoodles. 

Their bodies are built for swimming. Because of their breed, Goldendoodles won’t tire easily in water. 

The Goldendoodle is an energetic dog, swimming helps them release energy. It also keeps their mind sharper and less anxious.  

The off-leash freedom also improves their mental well-being.

Their thick, double coat will also protect them from feeling cold. 

Lastly, swimming strengthens your relationship with your dog if they do it with you.

Learn the pros and cons of swimming for your dog.

How Old Should Your Goldendoodle Puppy Be Before They Start Swimming?

Goldendoodles learn to swim as early as ten weeks old.

They are born for it. 

Start with a kiddie pool or a tub if they don’t feel comfortable in the pool yet. This will give them a clue about what it feels like to have their body in water.

If they enjoy it, you can take them to the shallow part of the pool immediately. Support their body as they paddle to the deep area.

Hold their chest until they can swim on their own.

Learn more about how old puppies should be to start swimming.

How Long Can Goldendoodles Swim For?

It depends on their age and swimming abilities.

If your Goldendoodle is just getting started with swimming, it’s best to keep the sessions short at around ten to fifteen minutes. 

This will help them make positive associations with the water.

Once they feel relaxed in the water, they can swim for up to 30 minutes. Make sure your dog gets enough rest in between.

Goldendoodle athletes can even swim for up to an hour. But this takes a lot of training before they become experts

Learn how long dogs can swim for to ensure they don’t get overtired.

Can My Goldendoodle Swim in My Pool?

Yes. Goldendoodles can swim in the pool as long as you regularly maintain your pool. 

The Goldendoodle doesn’t shed a lot like other breeds, but their fur can still clog your pool filter.

Don’t worry because your Goldendoodle’s fur won’t ruin the pool filtration system.

Clean it every few hours. If this is too labor-intensive for you, it’s best to get a bigger and stronger pool filter that can carry more dog fur.

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Goldendoodles are Excellent Swimmers

The Goldendoodle proudly inherits all the swimmer traits that Golden Retrievers and Poodles have even if they weren’t bred to swim.

They didn’t know how to retrieve game from the water, but they have a double coat, strong legs, and webbed feet that will keep them buoyant. 

They also possess intelligence which is a useful trait for learning how to swim.

Now that you know Goldendoodles love to swim, find out if you should wash your dog after swimming.