Can Greyhounds Swim?

As dog owners, we want to do everything with our furry best friends. This includes swimming.

If you own a Greyhound, you may be wondering if they can swim or not. The answer to that is yes, Greyhounds can swim.

However, this also depends on each individual dog. Read on to find out whether Greyhounds are natural swimmers, whether they like water or not, and more.

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Do Greyhounds like to swim

Can Greyhounds Swim?

Yes. Like most dogs, Greyhounds can swim.

But they are not the best dog breed for swimming. Originally, Greyhounds were bred for coursing games and for racing.

They have long limbs and slender bodies which should be great physical traits for a swimmer.

However, they are still not as good as other water breeds. Greyhounds are large in size, and they also have low stamina.

They also do not do well in the cold.

Because of those traits, Greyhounds are not best at swimming. Again, this will depend on each individual Greyhound.

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Are Greyhounds Natural Swimmers?

No, Greyhounds are not natural swimmers because it is not what they were bred for. 

The body of your Greyhound was designed for sprinting. This means that they have short bursts of energy, but it doesn’t last very long.

Swimming for a long time can be tiring for them. So it is best to keep swimming sessions short.

Greyhounds also have low body fat, so regulating their body temperature can be tricky for them.

This means that they can get cold easily, and might not be able to stay buoyant for a long time.

Their long legs make it easier for them to push through the water, but they won’t be able to exert much energy after swimming for a few minutes.

Do Greyhounds Have Webbed Feet?

Yes. But they are not designed for swimming.

While Greyhounds, like all dogs, have webbed feet, they are not designed for swimming.

If you look at your Greyhound’s feet, you may notice that it looks similar to a hare’s feet. They have two centered toes that are longer than the outside and inside toes.

The feet of a Greyhound help them move faster. Most breeds with hare feet were bred to run fast for short periods of time.

Whippet and Borzoi dogs also have hare feet.

Do Greyhounds Like to Swim?

It depends. Some Greyhounds enjoy swimming, while some are afraid of the water.

For others, it may take a while for them to get used to swimming. Generally, Greyhounds will enjoy splashing in the water during summer.

But they won’t bother getting wet during cold seasons. 

Some Greyhounds, especially adopted ones, may have had a traumatic experience with swimming. 

In these cases, it will take a lot of effort on your end to encourage them to swim.

Watch these Greyhounds enjoy the water after their race:

Do Greyhounds Like Water?

They can.

Your Greyhound may enjoy splashing in the tub, pool, or even with the hose if the weather is hot and humid.

Swimming helps them cool down during the hot weather. 

If they’re a bit hesitant to go in the water, don’t force them. Instead, you can let them stay in the shallow part of the water, or beachside.

This way, they will be somehow familiar with their surroundings and learn to love water with time. 

What if My Greyhound Doesn’t Like to Swim?

If your Greyhound doesn’t like to swim, there’s no reason to force them to like the activity.

In fact, it shouldn’t be surprising since they would rather play on land, run around, or take a walk. 

However, swimming does have some benefits for Greyhounds, so it is still important to teach them basic skills. 

By teaching them the basic skills, you can at least feel comfortable with bringing them around water. 

Safety Tips for Swimming with Your Greyhound 

Before we discuss some safety tips, let’s talk about introducing your Greyhound to water first.

The first step is to make them feel comfortable in the water. Introduce them slowly in small bodies of water.

You can start with kiddie pools or your bathtub. As they get used to the feeling, try moving them to deeper parts of the pool. 

Now, to keep your pup safe in the water, here are some tips:

  • Have them wear a life jacket or a life vest.
  • Always stay by their side, especially if they’re still learning.
  • Teach them where the exit points are.
  • Keep them hydrated before and after each swimming session.
  • Make sure to keep each swimming session short. 

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Don’t Do This When Introducing Your Greyhound to Water

Here are some things you should never do when introducing your Greyhound to water:

  • Do not throw them in the water – it makes them anxious, and scared.
  • Do not force them to swim if they don’t feel comfortable yet.
  • Do not leave them unattended.
  • Do not let them get in the water without a life vest or a life jacket.

The best way to teach them how to swim is to use positive reinforcement techniques.

Greyhounds need time to learn to enjoy the water. So, before taking them to the pool, start with small and shallow bodies of water.

Even if your Greyhound already knows how to swim, they may require your assistance getting out of the water if they become tired.

Is Swimming Good for Greyhounds?

Yes. Swimming is good for Greyhounds but only if they don’t spend too much time in the water.

Swimming is not only another form of cardio exercise they can try, but it also helps them cool down during the hot weather.

Swimming sessions must be kept short to avoid near-drowning and over exhaustion. 

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How Old Should Your Greyhound Puppy Be Before They Start Swimming?

Your Greyhound puppy has to be around 10 weeks old to start swimming. 

They need to learn early to enjoy it and stay safe.

It’s also easier to teach younger Greyhounds because they have more energy compared to adults. They are also more obedient and adventurous during this age.

It’s the perfect time to take advantage of their carefree attitude. 

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How Long Can Greyhounds Swim For?

Greyhounds can only swim for 5 to 10 minutes. 

They can’t swim for a long time because they get tired easily. As we have said above, Greyhounds have short bursts of energy that quickly fade.

They will get tired easily, and they will have trouble paddling through the water. 

Whenever your Greyhound goes for a swim, be sure to accompany them. 

Not all Greyhounds are great swimmers and even the ones that still need help in case they get tired.

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Can My Greyhound Swim in My Pool?


There is no reason not to let your Greyhound swim in your pool. Swimming pools are safer compared to oceans or lake.

This is especially true when they are still learning.

It’s perfectly fine for Greyhounds to swim in your pool. They won’t ruin your pool filter, although some hair can get caught in it.

Make sure to clean your pool and filter regularly while maintaining the right chlorine levels.

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Greyhounds Can Learn to Swim

Greyhounds can swim, but they are not the best swimmers. 

Do not expect them to be too excited about it. What’s important is that you teach them for safety reasons.

If your Greyhound doesn’t like to swim, don’t force them. Never throw them in the water or take them to the deep part of the pool when they feel uncomfortable. 

You will need a lot of patience when teaching your Greyhounds how to swim. So prepare lots of treats and positive reinforcement. 

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