Can Havanese Swim?

With their long crazy hair and soulful looks, Havanese dogs are gorgeous, but they don’t appear to be the finest swimmers.

Yes, Havanese dogs can swim. Some Havanese can swim naturally without much practice, but not all.

Read on to find out if Havanese are natural swimmers, whether they really like the water, and how to teach them to swim safely. 

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Do Havanese Like to Swim

Can Havanese Swim?

Yes, Havanese can swim. 

They can be powerful swimmers when they’re taught properly. 

They are athletic, and they have well-built bodies that are ideal for physical activities like swimming. 

However, it’s important to note that, despite their ability to swim, it doesn’t always come effortlessly to them.

The good thing is, you can teach them how to swim by yourself.

It’s essential to educate your Havanese on how to swim while they’re still young and energetic.

Are Havanese Natural Swimmers?

No, Havanese dogs are not natural swimmers. 

In the 1800s, they were bred as companion dogs for the Cuban nobility. Havanese dogs weren’t bred to work in water, or even work outdoors.

To this day, they still make great family pets. However, they are not natural swimmers.

They prefer to stay indoors and snuggle with you most of the time.

Do Havanese Like to Swim?

Havanese do not enjoy swimming.

As previously mentioned, they weren’t bred to enjoy the water.

However, it differs for every dog. Some Havanese will enjoy swimming if they are introduced to it early on.

If your dog has had traumatic water experiences in the past, on the other hand, they may need more encouragement to like swimming.

It all depends on their previous experience, and how early they were introduced to the water. 

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Do Havanese Like Water?

Yes, Havanese do like water.

Havanese are a dog breed that requires regular baths and grooming to maintain their beautiful fur coat.  

That means that they are used to the water in terms of baths. 

So it is safe to assume that they like water, especially if they get constant grooming and baths.

Can You Teach a Havanese to Swim?

Yes. You can teach your Havanese to swim.

Havanese dogs are very intelligent. They are also quick learners and very intuitive, so you can teach them how to swim.

When teaching your Havanese pup to swim, it’s important to use positive reinforcement.

Havanese pups are very sensitive, so they need positive reinforcement to make themselves feel confident in the water.

You can use treats, praises, toys, and pats to help motivate them to swim.

How to Teach a Havanese to Swim

Before teaching your Havanese pup to swim, you must first consider what rewards you will use.

You can use treats, toys, and even praises as a reward when they obey commands.

Once you have that sorted out, teach them some basic water safety commands. 

Here are some helpful tips to teach your Havanese how to swim:

  1. Teach them where the entry and exit points are. But teach them not to enter the pool, until you give the command “go.” Or until you carry them in by yourself.
  2. Use a life jacket to help your pup feel more comfortable in the water.
  3. Teach them a water exit command that they will remember, like “out”.
  4. Begin with a paddling pool that is no higher than their stomach.
  5. If they are hesitant to get in the water, start using positive reinforcement.
  6. Gradually increase the water level after they’ve learned how to swim.
  7. Use your judgment to determine if your pup is having a good time in the water. If they’re not, bring them out immediately to avoid tiring them out. 

Safety Tips for Swimming with Your Havanese

Some safety precautions you should take when swimming with your Havanese include the following:

  • Invest in a life jacket and make sure they have it whenever they swim or are near a body of water.
  • Even if they know how to swim, stay by their side when they’re in the water.
  • Show them where the entry and exit points are to make things easier for them to get out when they’re tired.
  • Make sure they’re adequately hydrated before and after swimming.

Make sure your Havanese is wearing a life jacket when swimming. They’ll struggle to keep afloat and paddle if they don’t have one.

When near water, Havanese must wear a life jacket in case they fall in.

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Don’t Do This When Introducing Your Havanese to Water

In addition to the safety precautions, there are several things you should never do when introducing your Havanese to water.

  • Do not force your pup to swim if they are not comfortable doing so.
  • Do not give them access to or use of the pool unless they are wearing a life jacket, especially if they are still learning.
  • Do not introduce them to water by forcing or pushing them into it.
  • Do not wait for their first swimming experience to be an emergency.
  • Allowing your pups to go to unknown parts of the water, even if they know how to swim.
  • Finally, even if they are wearing a life jacket, do not leave them unsupervised.

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Is Swimming Good for Havanese?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors.

For instance, if you have a show dog or a Havanese pup that competes, then swimming might not be good for them.

Chlorine water or even lake water can damage their coat. It can create tangles, mats, color changes, and brittle, dry fur coats.

On the other hand, if you live near a body of water, or you have a pool at home, then swimming is good for your Havanese pups.

That is because, in case of an emergency, your Havanese puppy can at least know how to swim safely. 

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How Old Should Your Havanese Puppy Be Before They Start Swimming?

You should train your Havanese puppy to swim when they are around five months to a year old.

Before they reach a year old, especially if they are not fully vaccinated, they may come in contact with contaminants in the water.

A Havanese puppy’s immune system is sensitive, especially when they’re still developing.  

Any contaminant or pathogen from chlorine or natural water has the potential to cause serious harm.

However, once your Havanese pup is fully vaccinated, and they reach a year old, it’s a good time for them to learn.

At this stage, your puppy is still energetic and inquisitive enough to learn how to swim. 

Your puppy has begun to investigate their surroundings. They are more active and curious.

They are also more active, allowing you to teach them without exhausting them.

They do not have to swim in the pool right away. Try the tub or a kiddie pool first.

Transfer them to the shallow end of the pool, then the deeper end, once they’re comfortable to swim.

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How Long Can Havanese Swim For?

In the beginning stages, your Havanese pup should only swim for a few minutes at a time. 

If they like the water, you gradually increase it up to 10 minutes. However, be sure to take breaks so they won’t get overwhelmed.

Experienced swimmers and water breeds can swim up to 30 minutes. But Havanese dogs are only recommended to have short swimming sessions.

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Can My Havanese Swim in My Pool?

Yes. If your Havanese want to, they can swim in your pool. 

In fact, it’s the perfect place for them to learn how to swim. 

However, you need to be mindful of the chlorine levels in your pool.

Havanese pups have very sensitive fur coats, and high chlorine levels might damage their coats.

To avoid this, give them a quick rinse with fresh water after each swimming session.

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You Can Teach Your Havanese To Swim

When you decide to teach your Havanese to swim, it’s imperative that you wait until they’re old enough to learn.

This is after they’ve been fully vaccinated, potty trained, and their immune system is strong enough.

Remember the safety tips we mentioned above and the things you shouldn’t do when teaching your Havanese to swim.

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