Can I Brush My Dog’s Teeth with Baking Soda?

It’s not always easy to take care of our dog. They need regular grooming, a balanced diet, comfortable bedding, and more. Especially important is their dental hygiene.  

One of the most ideal ways to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy is to brush their teeth regularly. This will help clean away the plaque that leads to bad breath or more serious teeth and gum issues. 

Can I brush my dog’s teeth with baking soda? We discuss why you should brush your dog’s teeth and if you can brush your dog’s teeth with baking soda. 

We also talk about the right tools you need to brush your dog’s teeth and how to get the job done without fuss. 

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Why Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth? 

Before discussing what to brush your dog’s teeth with, it is first important to know why you should brush your dog’s teeth.  

First, it helps avoid bad dog breath. Who wants to get kisses from a dog with a foul odor? Your avoidance could ruin your bond and make your pup sad. 

Bad dog breath is not only unhygienic, but it also poses a lot of health risks for them! 

Another reason to brush your dog’s teeth is to avoid periodontal disease. 80% of dogs get periodontal disease by the age of two, and you don’t want your pooch to be part of the statistics. 

Periodontal disease is caused by different particles, like saliva, bacteria, and food, in your dog’s mouth. This disease is painful, especially for Yorkies, Dachshunds, Schnauzers, Chihuahuas, and other small-sized dogs. 

Can I Brush My Dog’s Teeth With Baking Soda? 

No. You should never use baking soda to brush your dog’s teeth. Although it is safe for human use, baking soda can be harmful to your dog if they swallow it. 

Some recommend using baking soda for brushing dogs’ teeth because a small amount won’t be toxic. Baking soda can be toxic if a dog eats 10-20 grams per kilogram of their body weight. 

However, it’s still better to be safe and avoid using it at all.  

Besides, your furry friend might be apprehensive about having their teeth cleaned with this white, bitter powder.  

The first sign of baking soda toxicity in dogs is vomiting. Additional symptoms include diarrhea, lethargy, depression, seizures, disorientation, and shortness of breath. 

Since baking soda is salt, ingestion can also result in electrolyte imbalance and congestive heart failure.  

If you used baking soda to brush your dog’s teeth and they swallowed, think about how much was ingested.

Contact your vet right away for advice and don’t induce vomiting unless you’re told to do so. 

Give your dog plenty of water if they vomit. 

What to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth With 

The best option for brushing your dog’s teeth is pet toothpaste. These products are often flavored with meat, poultry, and other tastes that your dog will enjoy.  

You should also refrain from using human toothpaste on your dog’s teeth. It has ingredients that are dangerous to your dog.  

Dog toothpaste should help your dog’s breath smell better and keep their oral hygiene at a good level to prevent infections and inflammation. 

Try Petrodex Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste. Your pooch will love the beef and poultry taste, so you won’t have to worry about needing to force their mouth open. It’s also available in peanut butter flavor.  

Many dog owners claim Petrodex to be their favorite dog toothpaste, making it the best dog toothpaste around. 

It is 100% made of natural ingredients that can fight plaque and bad breath in your dog’s teeth and gums.  

Use this toothpaste with a dog toothbrush like Pet Republique. This dual-headed brush has a small and large end to make it easier for you to switch between tools when cleaning different parts of your dog’s mouth. 

The set includes six brushes, so it’s good for a year’s use! The bristles’ hardness is tested to keep your dog’s teeth and gums safe while still being powerful enough to remove the grime and tartar off their teeth.  

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth 

Your dog’s teeth should be brushed as often as possible, ideally every day. But it’s alright to do it once to thrice a week if you’re busy.  

To brush your dog’s teeth, make sure they are calm first. There should be no distractions like other pets or children. 

Lift the top lip and hold it with your finger while you touch their teeth. They should remain calm while you’re doing this. Then, do the same with the lower lip. 

Then, use the toothbrush to touch their teeth. Start at the upper part, then the lower part, then move to the sides. Praise your dog for tolerating the toothbrush. 

Now introduce the toothpaste by adding a small amount on the toothbrush.  

Repeat the same steps. Simply hold the upper lip and brush, then hold the lower lip and brush. Do the same with the sides. 

The inside of the teeth will be a little harder to brush, so make sure your dog is calm before you perform this step. 

To make this a positive experience, reward your dog with praises.  

This video shows you how to brush your dog’s teeth.  

Other Ways to Maintain Your Dog’s Dental Health 

Aside from brushing your dog’s teeth at least once a week, you can also give your dog a special chew toy that helps remove plaque buildup.  

Here’s a list of the best chew toys for pupppies.

You can also use an oral rinse that can be swallowed designed for use in pets that removes bacteria in the mouth and the formation of plaque.  

Finally, make sure your vet performs an oral health examination and dental cleaning on your dog at least once a year. 

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly! 

Why use a baking soda for dog dental hygiene when there are dog toothpaste products that are more appealing to our furry friends?  

Brushing your dog’s teeth at least once a week is important to avoid bad dog breath and periodontal disease. Aside from doing it regularly, make sure you’re also using the right tools. 

Get the right toothpaste, like Petrodex Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste, to maintain your dog’s oral hygiene. Pair it with Pet Republique toothbrush to make your routine much easier! 

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