Can I Brush My Dog’s Teeth with Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil has been used by humans for many centuries now for its wonderful health benefits.

Our ancestors have been using it to clean their teeth because of how effective it is. That is why some companies manufacture coconut oil toothpaste.

But you might be asking, can I brush my dog’s teeth with coconut oil? The answer is yes!

Find out how beneficial it is for your dog’s dental health!

We discuss why you should brush your dog’s teeth and if you can brush your dog’s teeth with coconut oil. 

We also share with you how to brush your dog’s teeth with coconut oil using three different recipes.

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Why You Should Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Many pet parents overlook their dog’s dental health, that is why 80% of dogs have some degree of periodontal disease by the age of two. 

These teeth and gum problems can easily cause infections that lead to more severe diseases. 

Failing to brush your dog’s teeth can lead to the following:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Poor eating habits
  • Heart disease
  • Blood infection (sepsis)
  • Liver infections and abscesses
  • Osteomyelitis and bone infections.

Periodontal disease is common in small-breed dogs such as Yorkies, Dachshunds, Schnauzers, and Chihuahuas.

As the periodontal disease gets worse, the bacteria may enter the swollen gums and pass through their bloodstream. This then affects the heart, kidney, and other internal organs.

Periodontal disease is very painful. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell if your dog is feeling pain. The best thing you can do is to avoid this dental problem.

To avoid these problems, regular brushing is important. Start as early as possible because periodontal disease can also occur early in dogs. 

It will also be harder for you to train an adult dog to accept teeth brushing.

You should ideally do it once a day. However, at the least, you can brush your furry friend’s teeth once a week to prevent dental disease.

You also need to make sure to combine regular brushing with professional dental cleaning at least once a year.

This process is done under anesthesia for the vet to reach all parts of the mouth.

Your dog is also sedated during this operation, so they won’t be conscious and frightened. 

Can I Brush My Dog’s Teeth With Coconut Oil?

Yes, you can brush your dog’s teeth with coconut oil. 

It has many benefits for their teeth, gums, and other parts of the body when swallowed after brushing.

Unfortunately, there is not enough information on how better or worse it is than toothpaste products specialized for dogs’ dental hygiene.

Coconut oil is known to have many health benefits for both humans and dogs. This superfood is almost made of pure saturated fat, a good type of fat.

The medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) in coconut oil can aid in digestion, immune system, and metabolic functions for weight loss, skin and coat health, and thyroid health.

MCT contains lauric acid which has antibacterial and anti-viral properties, making it good for their teeth. 

It also has capric and caprylic acid which have the same properties. These can kill harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease in your dogs.

MCT also has myristic acid and palmitic. All these components in coconut oil are safe for dogs to swallow. 

In fact, they are even healthy. Just be sure that your dog does not swallow more than a spoonful so as not to cause diarrhea.

When you use coconut oil to brush your dog’s teeth, you’re supplying them with supplements that can help in their digestion, immune response, and skin and coat health.

They are also good if your dog hates the taste of regular dog toothpaste, or if you’re having second thoughts about the complex chemical ingredients found in pet toothpaste products. 

In addition, coconut oil products like Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is cheap and accessible. It’s inexpensive and has so many uses beyond brushing your dog’s teeth.

Nevertheless, we recommend using both pet toothpaste and coconut oil alternately when brushing our dog’s teeth. This will ensure that you get the benefits of both products for your dog’s dental health.

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth With Coconut Oil

It’s easy to brush your dog’s teeth with coconut oil. You can use it in its solid form or melt it and just dip their toothbrush in it.

But here are some other recipes for dog toothpaste using coconut oil.

Coconut Oil and Peppermint for Fresh Breath

If you want something to keep your dog’s breath smelling fresh, try this recipe.

Simply combine a tablespoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of coconut oil, a tablespoon of water, a pinch of salt, parsley sprigs, and mint leaves until a wet paste forms.

Remember not to exceed the given measurements since too much baking soda can harm your dog. The same goes for the peppermint and parsley.

Coconut Oil Toothpaste for Dogs Who Don’t Like Teeth Brushing

If you want to make the toothpaste taste better for your dog, simply combine:

  • half a cup of melted coconut oil
  • a tablespoon of liquid broth
  • 1 ½ tbsp of baking soda
  • a pinch of cinnamon
  • and a pinch of salt.

Use a broth flavor that your dog loves to make brushing a little easier for both of you.

Coconut Oil and Baking Soda

You can also create a paste by mixing coconut oil with baking soda.

Make sure to only add a tablespoon or less of baking soda since it can lead to baking soda toxicity in dogs. 

This mixture can whiten your pooch’s teeth and remove stains because of the abrasive grain-like texture.

Go Natural When Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth!

Extracted from the meat of a coconut, coconut oil has many health benefits for both humans and dogs. 

Its antimicrobial, and antiviral properties can remove and avoid plaque forming in your dog’s teeth and gums.

Coconut oil is also cheap, accessible, and safe for your dog! It can aid in their digestion, immunity, and skin and coat health.

Still, we recommend using both pet toothpaste and coconut oil alternately when brushing our dog’s teeth to ensure that you get the benefits of both products for your dog’s dental health.

Try the recipes we’ve provided for more benefits!