Can Labradoodles Swim?

Swimming with your dogs can be a fun activity for both of you. If you have a Labradoodle at home, you may be wondering if they can swim.

Yes, Labradoodles can swim. But does that mean they like to swim?

Continue reading to find out whether Labradoodles like to swim or not, how to teach them how to swim, and some safety tips when swimming with your Labradoodle. 

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Do Labradoodles like to swim

Can Labradoodles Swim?

Yes. Labradoodles can swim.

Labradoodles were bred from two water-loving breeds. The Labrador Retriever, and the Poodle.

Both of these breeds love being in the water. So it only makes sense for Labradoodles to inherit this love for the water.

But do not forget that it still depends on each individual dog. Just like with humans, each dog has their own personality.

This means that while most Labradoodles love to swim, some might be hesitant to go in the water.

Some Labradoodles might have trauma when it comes to water, or a negative experience that made them dislike swimming. 

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Are Labradoodles Natural Swimmers?

Yes, Labradoodles are natural swimmers.

Their ancestors were bred to work in the water, and they have inherited this trait.

Still, that doesn’t mean they automatically know how to swim right away. Some Labradoodles might need more encouragement than others.

As usual, you still need to teach your Labradoodle how to swim safely.

It will take minor training and some encouragement to help your Labradoodle love swimming.

Do Labradoodles Have Webbed Feet?

Yes, just like Labradors, Labradoodles have webbed feet.

Their large, webbed feet make it easier for them to dog paddle, and their thick coat makes it easy for them to shake off after swimming.

Poodles also have webbed feet which makes them excellent swimmers.

It only makes sense that Labradoodles have inherited the Lab and Poodle’s webbed feet.

Do Labradoodles Like to Swim?

Yes, Labradoodles like to swim.

They’ll cheerfully splash around in a pool or lake, or even go for a run in the ocean waves if the weather is nice.

Having said that, every dog is an individual. Some dogs of the same breed may take to the water more quickly or more slowly than others.

It is frequently determined by how early and how frequently they are exposed to water and swimming. 

There are several things you can do to ensure that they have the best opportunity of adapting to the water environment.

We’ll discuss more about that below.

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What if My Labradoodle Doesn’t Like to Swim?

On the off chance that your Labradoodle doesn’t like to swim, you do not have to force them.

As previously mentioned, some Labradoodles might not like water.

Despite being bred from Labradors and Poodles, some Labradoodles might just not like swimming. It depends on each individual dog.

Each dog has their own personality, so if your Labradoodle doesn’t like to swim, that’s okay.

But it is still important to teach them the basics of swimming. This will keep them safe in case they accidentally fall in the water.

Here are some tips to help your Labradoodles get used to swimming:

  • Start teaching them early.
  • Make swimming easier for them.
  • Make swimming more fun for them.
  • Help them stay safe in the water.

Safety Tips for Swimming with Your Labradoodle

Even if your Labradoodle is a natural swimmer, you still need to keep them safe in the water.

Here are some tips to help::

  • Make them wear a life jacket or vest.
  • Stay by their side at all times, especially if they’re still learning.
  • Show them where the exits are.
  • Keep them hydrated before and after each swimming session.
  • Make an effort to keep each swimming session brief.

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Don’t Do This When Introducing Your Labradoodle to Water

Even if your Labradoodle has natural swimming skills, there are still some things you shouldn’t do when introducing them to water.

  • Do not throw or push them in the water. Throwing them in the water makes them anxious and scared.
  • Do not force them. If they are not yet comfortable swimming, do not force them into the water.
  • Never leave them alone in the pool.

Positive reinforcement techniques are the most effective way to teach them to swim. 

Labradoodles take their time in the water. Before taking them into the pool, try introducing them to small, shallow bodies of water, like a kiddie pool.

Finally, even if your Labradoodle already knows how to swim, they may require your assistance getting out of the water if they become tired.

Is Swimming Good for Labradoodles?

Yes. Swimming is good for Labradoodles.

Swimming is an excellent cardio exercise for Labradoodles. When compared to walking or running, the low-impact workout is gentler on their hips and joints.

It’s also great if your Labradoodle needs to lose weight but is low on energy. And it’s helpful for senior Labradoodles. 

Swimming burns more calories than walking and running, too.

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How Old Should Your Labradoodle Puppy Be Before They Start Swimming?

You can start teaching your Labradoodle pup how to swim as early as 8 weeks old.

The earlier you introduce them to water, the better they will get at swimming.

This will also help them enjoy swimming as they grow up. It’s also easier for you to teach them while they’re obedient and eager to learn.

Young Labradoodles are more curious, energetic, adventurous, and obedient.

Take advantage of their carefree attitude while they’re still puppies to teach them how to swim at a young age.

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How Long Can Labradoodles Swim For?

Labradoodles can swim for up to 30 minutes at a time.

They are a water-loving dog breed, so they can spend more time in the water compared to non-water breeds.

It’s also a beneficial form of exercise for your Labradoodle pup. 

However, if you’re swimming with your dog for as long as 30 minutes, make sure to clean their ears right after.

This will help prevent them from getting ear infections. 

Ear infections are common in Labradoodles, and excess water in the ear from water sports can cause problems.

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Can My Labradoodles Swim in My Pool?

Yes. Your Labradoodle can swim in your pool. 

Swimming pools are a safer place for your Labradoodles to learn to swim than saltwater or lake water. 

Labradoodles are welcome to swim in your pool. 

They will not damage your pool filter, though some hair may become entangled in it. Labradoodles are considered to be non-to-low shedders.

Maintain proper chlorine levels by cleaning your pool and filter on a regular basis.

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Labradoodles Can Swim

So, yes, Labradoodles are considered to be natural swimmers.

This breed typically enjoys the water, and may even get involved in some water sports such as dock diving, kayaking, and dog paddling. 

Some Labradoodles even enjoy the occasional surfing. Just be sure to teach them some water safety basics, and make sure they wear safety gear at all times.

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