Can Maltipoos Swim?

Maltipoos are a mixed breed between the Maltese and the swimming breed that is the Poodle.

Maltipoos can swim thanks to their Poodle ancestors

But the Maltipoo also shares some genes from Maltese, a non-water breed that dislikes swimming.

Read up on whether Maltipoos can swim and what traits make them natural swimmers. 

Learn what to do if your Maltipoo dislikes swimming, some safety swimming tips for them, and why swimming is good for Maltipoos.

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Maltipoo dog breed

Can Maltipoos Swim?

Yes. Maltipoos can swim well if they are trained to do so at a young age

They need time to adjust to pools as Maltipoos are not comfortable with this large body of water given their small size. 

Start them in shallow water in a bathtub or kiddie pool and then gradually increase the depth of the water until they are ready for the pool.

Maltipoos can be stubborn. Even though we recommend training your dog to swim early, Maltipoos can be too immature to listen and obey your commands.

This breed cannot swim in the ocean well. While they have no problem splashing around the beach shore, if the waves are too big your Maltipoo might get washed away. 

Once a Maltipoo knows how to swim, they will happily jump in the pool to paddle and play games with you.

Are Maltipoos Natural Swimmers?

Maltipoos are not natural swimmers. 

They can become good swimmers, but they can’t swim for a long time because of their physical traits.

While they are fun and daring when swimming in the pool, their body can’t handle spending too much time swimming. 

A Maltipoo is a cross between the Maltese and a Poodle. 

Maltese were bred to be companions of hunters. They can hunt small rodents in burrows and onboard ships. 

Their small body and short legs were essential to protect the food on the ships from pests. 

These genes do not make them great swimmers. Small breeds tend to get tired more easily.

On the other hand, Poodles are natural-born swimmers who have waterproof coats and webbed paws. Their fluffy double coat provides buoyancy while in the pool. 

But Maltipoos only have a single layer of fur, so they tend to get cold easily. Because it’s not waterproof, they feel heavy while swimming when their coat is soaked.

Maltipoos can inherit the Poodle’s desire to hunt ducks or retrieve waterfowl, but they won’t be as good as this breed when swimming.

To give you an idea, this is what a Maltipoo looks like when swimming in the water for the first time.

Do Maltipoos Have Webbed Feet?

Yes. The Maltipoo has inherited the Poodle’s thick webbed feet. 

While every dog has webbed feet, some breeds have thinner webbing on their feet which does not help with swimming.

Webbed feet usually develop among dogs to help them climb rocky surfaces and walk on muddy land. 

Only water breeds, like Poodles, develop a thick membrane between their toes. This helps them push against the water quickly.

More developed webbed feet help them paddle in the water more efficiently.

Do Maltipoos Like to Swim?

Maltipoos like to swim because they have inherited their Poodle ancestors’ drive to retrieve game in the water. 

Poodles may have ended their water-retrieving career when they came to North America to be show dogs and pets. But their love for swimming remains and is even passed down to Maltipoos.

Maltipoos enjoy paddling because their feet are good at it. They can swim quickly and stay afloat despite their small size. 

Any dog who has it in their genes to swim is usually a water lover. Genetics play a big role in how they interact with water

Place your Maltipoo in the pool and their legs will automatically paddle with their tail wagging out of happiness.

Some may not like swimming because they’ve had a traumatic experience in the pool. These experiences can include being thrown into the water, almost drowning, or feeling too cold.

Others may have a stronger drive to hunt than swim because of their Maltese ancestors. 

Maltipoos are unpredictable because of their opposite ancestors. 

The best way to know if your Maltipoo likes swimming is by introducing them gradually to water to see if they enjoy it.

Do Maltipoos Like Water?

Yes. Maltipoos love water even if they may not love swimming.

Those who don’t like swimming in deeper water still love to play in the shallow part of the pool.

Make sure your Maltipoo does know how to swim even though they may not like doing it. 

It’s an important skill for their safety especially if they like hanging out by your swimming pool.

What if My Maltipoo Doesn’t Like to Swim?

It’s okay if your Maltipoo doesn’t like swimming. But they still must learn how to paddle and climb in and out of the pool for their safety.

It only takes two to three weeks to teach your Maltipoo how to swim because their swimming ability is innate. 

Here’s how you can teach your Maltipoo to swim:

  1. Let your dog feel the water with their paws. Start with the bathtub or a kiddie pool, or the edge of the pool. 
  2. Once they get familiar, slowly assist them in the deeper part of the pool. Support their chest as they learn. 
  3. Watch them, and stay by their side in case they need help. 
  4. Take breaks and don’t overdo it.
  5. Gradually coach them from time to time.

This video gives you some tips for teaching your dog to love water and swimming.

Safety Tips for Swimming with Your Maltipoo 

The most important tip to keeping your Maltipoo safe while swimming is by letting them wear a life jacket or life vest. 

Even if they are already good at swimming and staying afloat, they still need support in case they get tired of paddling. 

Try to keep your Maltipoos from drinking the pool water. This may cause an upset stomach.

You can do this by keeping them hydrated before, during, and after swimming. Keep a fresh bowl of cool water on hand.

Your Maltipoo should also know how to enter and exit the pool. 

They must be able to locate the stairs or ramp, so they know where to go if they are getting tired from swimming.

Find out the best life jacket and life vest for your dog and learn how chlorinated pool affects your Maltipoo.

Don’t Do This When Introducing Your Maltipoo to Water

Here are some things you should avoid when introducing your Maltipoo to water:

  • Do not leave them unattended, no matter their experience or expertise in the pool.
  • Do not let them stay under the sun without wearing sunscreen. Dogs can get UV ray damage too. 
  • Do not throw or push them in the pool.
  • Do not teach them how to swim when the water is too cold. Learn the right water temperature for dogs who swim.

Learn how to teach your Maltipoo to swim to avoid injuries and trauma.

Is Swimming Good for Maltipoos?

Yes. Swimming is good for Maltipoos for several reasons.

  • It’s a good exercise for the whole body.
  • Swimming helps overweight Maltipoos lose a few pounds. 
  • It’s good for Maltipoos with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or mobility issues.
  • It’s a great bonding experience for both of you.

Swimming is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your dog. Maltipoos are affectionate and gentle, so take this opportunity to bond with your pup.

How Old Should Your Maltipoo Puppy Be Before They Start Swimming?

Your Maltipoo can start learning to swim at 8 to 10 weeks old. 

The Maltipoo needs a little introduction to water before you take them to the pool. Start by introducing them to a bathtub, small pool, or the shallow end of your pool at first. 

The best time to start them is during puppyhood. 

Training them early can help you determine whether they have fear of water. Or, if they like swimming in general.

Find out the right age to teach your dog how to swim so you can start them young.

How Long Can Maltipoos Swim For?

Maltipoos can only swim for 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

This is considerably less than their Poodle ancestor, who can swim for up to an hour.

The small size of the Maltipoo means they can get tired quickly. Their heavy fur, which is not water-resistant, also requires more effort to stay afloat.

Letting your Maltipoo swim for too long might also cause hypothermia if the water is too cold. 

They may also develop fatigue and nausea. Some dogs can begin to hate swimming if they are forced to stay in the pool for long hours. 

Learn how long you should let your dog swim for a good workout.

Can My Maltipoo Swim in My Pool?

Yes. Maltipoos can swim in your pool. 

If you keep swimming sessions short, then their skin and fur will stay healthy.

Rinse off the chlorine from your dog’s coat after swimming to avoid dryness and irritation. 

You should understand how pool water affects your dog to protect them from potential health risks.

Maltipoos can also swim in the pool without damaging it. Your dog’s fur will not ruin the pool filter if you clean it regularly.

Invest in a large filtration system and a pool vacuum to avoid frequent cleanups.

Find out the best type of pools for dogs.

Get Your Maltipoo Swimming Now

Maltipoos come from two opposite breeds: the Maltese who can’t swim and the Poodle who’s a water champion. 

This means their ability to propel in water depends on which gene is stronger. Most of the time, they can swim but some may dislike the activity.

Teach your Maltipoo how to swim so they can have an alternative form of exercise to running, walking, and playing fetch.Now that you know how to teach your Maltipoos to swim, find out if they can swim underwater.