Can Pomeranians Swim?

Pomeranians are energetic and fearless dogs.

Yes, Pomeranians can swim, but it’s dangerous for them.  

Continue reading to know if Pomeranians can swim and why they’re not natural swimmers.

Learn some safety tips for swimming with your Pom, how you can teach them, and more. 

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Pomeranian dog breed

Can Pomeranians Swim?

Yes. Pomeranians can swim.

This breed is known for being energetic, daring, and feisty. 

But it can be dangerous for Pomeranians to swim because they are not strong enough. 

They easily get tired after a few minutes and may not even be able to paddle to the other side of the pool.

Most non-water breed dogs, such as the Pom, have weak swimming instincts. You can train them to swim but it’s unnecessary to teach them water tricks. 

It also takes a lot of support for them to get comfortable with water. The pool may look too big for the small Pomeranian. 

Once they have developed confidence, they can easily learn to swim. Almost any dog instinctively paddles when their paws hit the water. 

Small breed dogs like the Pomeranian are quick to learn how to swim because their small physique keeps them afloat. 

Their fluffy coat also provides minimal buoyancy even though it is prone to mats.

Their technique in swimming is also not as great as other breeds’.

Regardless of your dog’s skill and confidence, you must always watch out for them every second and let them wear a life vest. 

Are Pomeranians Natural Swimmers?

No, Pomeranians are not natural swimmers.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Their legs are too short to swim long distances, it only allows small paddles. 
  • Poms get tired and cold easily. 
  • They have a hard time breathing when in water.

However, the Pomeranian sports a double coat; an undercoat, and a topcoat. This makes them feel more tolerant to cold water despite being small. 

This breed originated from the cold Arctic. The sled dog also guards homes and protects livestock. 

However, their environment gave them no access to water or a pool.

On the plus side, the personality traits of the Pomeranian make it easy to teach them how to swim. 

They enjoy exploring and they won’t show fear even if they feel intimidated by the water.

Do Pomeranians Have Webbed Feet?

No. Pomeranians do not have webbed feet or extra skin between their toes. 

This is another proof that the breed’s genetics doesn’t make them good swimmers. 

Many will disagree and say that all dogs have some sort of paw webbing. 

But some breeds, including the Pomeranian, have very thin membranes between the toes which don’t count as webs. 

Webbed paws make dogs powerful swimmers because the flap of skin promotes further contact on the surface of the water. 

It can push more water as they paddle, making them faster.

Less water escapes from their toes because of the webbing. Webbed feet are also useful in digging and walking in the snow.

Do Pomeranians Like to Swim?

Pomeranians like to swim. They are naturally intelligent, inquisitive, and courageous. 

These are the traits that make a Pom easy to train. 

Some signs that your Pomeranian enjoys swimming include the following:

  • wagging their tail in the pool
  • relaxed ears
  • stable paddling. 

Some also like jumping to the pool by themselves.

They also like the activity because it keeps them cool.

However, not all Pomeranians like to swim. Some will show signs of fear, such as:

  • having their tail tucked
  • stiff body
  • shivering. 

In the end, whether the Pom likes to swim or not depends on their first swimming experience. 

If they get overly tired during training sessions, they are likely to dislike swimming.

Near drowning experiences in the past can also make them traumatized. 

Do Pomeranians Like Water?

No, Poms do not like water.

While Pomeranians like swimming, they do not like water in general, especially in the form of baths. 

Having to stand still while being washed isn’t something they enjoy. This is why some dog owners let their Poms swim when they don’t like taking a bath. 

Some Pomeranians also dislike stepping on wet surfaces. They won’t splash around and make their bodies wet when they’re not in the mood to play.

The Pomeranian has a strong and stubborn character. They only like water if they are in the mood and if they have control over it. 

If a Pom thinks they hate something, then it will take a lot of training and positive reinforcement techniques to make them change their mind.

What if My Pomeranian Doesn’t Like to Swim?

There is no need to force your Pomeranian to swim if they don’t want to. 

After all, their breed isn’t meant to love it or be good at it. 

If they know how to swim, then that’s enough. 

They should at least know the basics of swimming so they can save themselves in case they fall in your pool.

If you’ve already tried teaching them and they still don’t like pools, try familiarizing them with the pool before letting them take a dip. The Pom might just be intimidated. 

Offer treats and affection every time your Pomeranian is around the water. Continue doing this as you move closer to the pool.

Safety Tips for Swimming with Your Pomeranian 

Keep your Pom safe in the water at all times.

  • Stay in the shallow water, especially if they are new to swimming.
  • Equip them with a life jacket or a life vest.
  • Keep them away from big dogs while they’re in the pool.

Making your Pom wear a life jacket will avoid exhaustion because they automatically stay afloat without having to use their muscles. 

And keeping them away from big dogs while swimming will avoid rough play that may overwhelm them. 

Lastly, stay very close to your Pomeranian while swimming to avoid accidents.

Don’t Do This When Introducing Your Pomeranian to Water

If your Pomeranian is new to swimming, never throw them in the water in an attempt to train them. 

It’s both unsafe and inhumane. It will also make them associate swimming with negative experiences. 

Don’t let them drink pool water. While the pool water is not toxic when consumed in small amounts, it can still cause an upset stomach.

Give them plenty of freshwater to minimize the risk of drinking chlorine or saltwater pool.

Don’t let your Pomeranian swim in very cold water. Check the temperature before letting them dive. Even if they are Arctic animals, they may still develop hypothermia.

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Is Swimming Good for Pomeranians?

Yes, short swimming sessions can be good for Poms.

Here’s why:

  • Swimming acts as an exercise which burns calories and activates muscles.
  • It keeps your Pom safe in case they accidentally fall in water. 
  • Swimming strengthens the bond and relationship between you two. 

However, be aware that regular swimming can be harmful to your dog’s coat because it can damage their follicles and dry their skin and fur.

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How Old Should Your Pomeranian Puppy Be Before They Start Swimming?

Your Pomeranian should be around 10 weeks old to be prepared for swimming.

But start slow. Pomeranians are a toy breed. You need to handle them with extreme caution.

Take them to a shallow kiddie pool or a bathtub first. Get them familiar with splashing around and getting wet.

Once they are comfortable, introduce them to the pool environment. Let them roam around your pool and teach them how to reach the steps. 

This familiarization phase may take days or weeks but be patient.

Once your Pom is finally ready, lure them into the pool with praises and treats and watch them naturally paddle around.

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How Long Can Pomeranians Swim For?

The Pomeranian should only swim for 10-15 minutes a day.

Those who are still learning should only train for 5-10 minutes. 

Pomeranians are small, so they get tired easily, have difficulty breathing, and may feel cold from the water.

These are enough reasons to keep swimming sessions shorter.

Some dog breeds that are expert swimmers can swim for 20-30 minutes. But no matter how good your Pom is, they shouldn’t stay this long in the water. 

Frequency also matters. We don’t recommend Poms swim every day because it can damage their skin and coat. 

Two to three times a week is enough to help them enjoy swimming. 

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Can My Pomeranian Swim in My Pool?

Yes. Your Pomeranian can swim in the pool. 

Damaging the pool filter is usually the biggest concern with dogs in pools.

But Poms and their small bodies won’t cause the filter to fill up with fur. Even large breed dogs can’t damage the filtration system of most pools.

But you will have to clean the filter more often to avoid clogging. 

If you want to avoid frequent cleaning, invest in a bigger pool filter. You can also use a pool vacuum to reach the surface of the pool.

Your Pomeranian can also swim safely in the pool if they don’t ingest pool water, stay too long swimming, or get left unattended. 

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Handle Your Pomeranian with Care

Consider taking your Pomeranian for a swim if you are looking for a new form of exercise for them. 

They will quickly learn how to move their legs underwater and stay afloat.

But don’t tire them out, they aren’t built to spend long hours in the pool or ocean. 

We also suggest having your Pom wear a life vest and staying close to them at all times. 

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