Dogs Swimming

DTM Featured Image Can Beagles Swim

Can Beagles Swim?

Swimming is an amazing activity for energetic dogs like the Beagle. Yes, Beagles can swim, but they need a lot of training and encouragement. Find out whether Beagles are natural swimmers and if they like the water. Learn some great safety tips for swimming with your Beagle, how to train them, and more.  Can Beagles […]

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DTM Featured Image Can Pitbulls Swim

Can Pitbulls Swim?

We all find dogs who swim adorable. But not all breeds are good at this skill, such as Pitbulls. Pitbulls can swim but they need plenty of support and training. Find out if Pitbulls are natural swimmers with webbed feet and other physical traits that help them in the water. Learn what you can do

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DTM Featured Image Can Great Pyrenees Swim

Can Great Pyrenees Swim?

The Great Pyrenees look noble and imposing. At first glance, they seem energetic and athletic, so you might think they would be great swimmers. The Great Pyrenees can swim but are not as good as most water breeds, and it’s rare to see them enjoying the activity. Find out if your Pyr enjoys swimming, what

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DTM Featured Image Can Maltipoos Swim

Can Maltipoos Swim?

Maltipoos are a mixed breed between the Maltese and the swimming breed that is the Poodle. Maltipoos can swim thanks to their Poodle ancestors.  But the Maltipoo also shares some genes from Maltese, a non-water breed that dislikes swimming. Read up on whether Maltipoos can swim and what traits make them natural swimmers.  Learn what

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Swimming gear for dogs

Dog Swimming Gear

Swimming with your dog is a great way to exercise and bond with them.  But you should practice swimming safety tips such as using flotation devices to avoid accidents in the pool or at the beach. What swimming gear should you get for your dog?  Find out whether dogs can swim with a harness on

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