Support Citizens for Animal Protection in Their Mission to Care for Pets in Need

Many animal rescue foundations are known for their state-of-the-art facilities, while others are popular for their long history of saving animals.

But Citizens for Animal Protection is a humble shelter in Texas known for its highly active volunteer force. They work tirelessly to offer support at the shelter while holding special events and fundraisers. 

Be inspired by the efforts of Citizens for Animal Protection in rescuing animals in their town. Learn who they are, how they started, and how you can help the organization with their mission.

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Citizens for Animal Protection charity

Who are Citizens for Animal Protection?

Citizens for Animal Protection are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed in response to the rampant issue of thousands of neglected, abused, and injured animals in Harris Country. 

The organization’s facility is located in Harris County, Texas. It is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who share a vision of a community that cares for all animals.

This vision encompasses pioneering programs, such as creating the first comprehensive pet adoption screening system and implementing pet-facilitated therapy for patients at the VA hospital and the elderly in nursing homes.

They also started one of the state’s first feral cat assistance programs, FCAP.

How Citizens for Animal Protection Started

Citizens for Animal Protection was once a small group formed in 1972 by concerned Houston residents. 

Though decades have now passed, the founders and the current volunteers still have the same reason for keeping the organization alive.

They believe that rampant animal abuse and neglect still exist in Harris County.

Most animal shelters, even the local ordinance’s program, didn’t follow minimum standards for animal care.

Adoption procedures were also not regulated well, only contributing to the rampant neglect. 

The non-profit charity started rescuing animals with their own cars. They cared for these pets in their homes and used mobile facilities at shopping centers for adoptions.

The founders eventually raised enough money to rent a small shelter space in 1981. Since then, the organization keeps expanding with the help of many dedicated volunteers and donors.

They rented even larger facilities until they built their own in 2011. The 7.5 million dollar Jane Cizik Center in Houston includes a 3.5-acre campus and a state-of-the-art facility.

Private donations and foundation grants have funded the entire project. 

Citizens for Animal Protection continues to operate at the highest standard of shelter care. 

What Does Citizens for Animal Protection Do?

Citizens for Animal Protection rescues animals in Harris County. Their mission statement is to care for “pets in need through sheltering, adoption, education, spay/neuter, low-cost wellness and community outreach”.

As the first comprehensive pet adoption screening system, the organization continues to find more homes for homeless pets. In 2021, they achieved a 93% placement rate for all pets surrendered as they provided care for 10,260 pets.

Of those who surrendered to the shelter, 3,691 were adopted, 114 were reunited with their family, and 413 were transferred/transported to rescue groups and partners.

279 volunteers also donated more than 8,980 hours combined. 

The charity currently runs The Cornelius Clinic to provide affordable vaccinations and wellness care to the bunch in the shelter. 

Their additional efforts include humane education and public outreach to the public, which allowed them to reach more than 12,000 people in 2021.

Check out Citizens for Animal Protection’s Facebook account for more information.

How You Can Help Citizens for Animal Protection


Be the support that the animals in Citizens for Animal Protection needs by donating.

You can make an online donation or send it by mail or phone. Find their donation details here.

Your donation will make a lasting impact in improving the facilities and medical care for dogs and opening more doors to new animals. 

You might also want to donate everyday shelter items like cat and dog food, newspapers, paper towels, and office supplies. 

Attend Fundraising Events

The organization does not rely on government funding. You can help the animals by attending their fundraising events too.

One of their events includes the Annual Celebrity Paws Gala. You can have fun, meet other animal lovers, and help homeless pets with your ticket purchase.

Volunteer Events

Citizens for Animal Protection also hosts volunteer events, community service events, and a lot of volunteer opportunities for everyone.  

You can check their volunteer page for more information on how you can help

Raise Awareness

Helping Citizens for Animal Protection through social media will also go a long way to changing animal lives. 

They have various social media pages where you can help raise awareness:

Other programs you might consider from Citizens for Animal Protection include IRA distributions, Matching Gift Programs, Government Employee Giving, and joining the CAP Codicil Club.

Citizens for Animal Protection is a small community with big dreams for the homeless animals in their county.

Your help will go a long way toward rescuing more animals, thanks to Citizens for Animal Protection’s dedication and passion. 

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