Show Your Support for Animal Welfare with Common Sense for Animals

Common Sense for Animals is a New Jersey-based organization that believes all animals have the right to be treated with dignity.

We coexist with them, form lifelong relationships with them, and often depend on them for our survival.

Find out who Common Sense for Animals are and what they do? Learn how this animal shelter organization started and how you can support them. 

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Common Sense for Animals charity

Who are Common Sense for Animals?

Common Sense for Animals is an organization that aims to educate the general public on how to interact with the animals around us.

The charity is located in Stewartsville, New Jersey. They believe that every animal should be treated with the same respect and dignity regardless of how these animals interact with people. 

As humans, it is our responsibility to care for animals on Earth. 

Common Sense for Animals also have a shelter that houses different animals.They have dogs, cats, and small animals in their facility, waiting to find forever homes.

But CSA’s mission is not limited to these creatures. They are also dedicated to researching and educating the public about wildlife, oceans, rivers, and estuaries. 

How Common Sense for Animals Started

Common Sense for Animals is the brainchild of Dr. Robert Blease, a veterinary doctor who graduated from Ohio State University.

He has been practicing for 53 years and has made sure to use all his knowledge to give back to animals. 

Aside from being the director of the shelter, he is also the owner of the Animal Health Center, as he loves to help animals with different conditions. 

The organization’s board of directors and volunteers are proud to say that Common Sense for Animals is the only no-kill animal shelter in Warren County. 

That’s because they believe that all animals, regardless of their use in society, must be protected to the full extent of the law. 

What Do Common Sense for Animals Do?

Common Sense for Animals’ initiatives are based on six pillars: animals as companions, food, animals for research, wildlife, oceans, and the environment.

The company does everything they can to educate people on all aspects of animal life while also welcoming cats and dogs into their shelter.

One of the ongoing projects of Common Sense for Animals is their educational tours

CSA believes in educating the public by promoting true animal welfare and conservation.

The organization goes to schools, scouts, 4-H Clubs, Mom’s Clubs, and more to conduct special presentations to help children learn about animals.

They even host birthday parties that provide a mix of fun and education to spread the word about animals.

Common Sense for Animals is also planning to expand its ranch-like facility. They are building a new shelter on a lot owned entirely by the company. 

The organization has upcoming events and fundraisers, such as the 5k run and pet calendar photo contest. 

All proceeds go to the improvement of animal care in their shelter. 

How Can You Help Common Sense for Animals?

Donations and Pledges

Common Sense for Animals allows you to support the organization directly with donations and pledges. 

You can donate through PayPal or Network for Good online or via mail at Common Sense for Animals, PO Box 589, Broadway, New Jersey, 08808. 


The organization also needs gifts and donations of items, such as canned food, floor cleaners, large trash bags, and paper towels. 


If you live near CSA, you can volunteer in their facility. You can make a difference in one of the following areas:

  • volunteer for animal care
  • help with bulk mailings to CSA supporters
  • bake goods for bake sales at CSA
  • volunteer your specific skills or talents.

Fundraisers & Events

Another way you can help the organization is by getting involved with events.

Join their fundraising events throughout the year and join the community to educate about animal welfare.

Or organize a peer to peer fundraising campaign. Any fun event supporting the organization in building a new shelter will be appreciated. 

Spread the Word through Social Media

Check out Common Sense for Animals’ Facebook account and Instagram page for more information on how you can help. 

Their social media account also includes pictures of the cats and dogs in their shelter. Share their fantastic advocacy with your friends and followers.

Common Sense for Animals is not your typical animal shelter because it provides educational tours in schools and other programs that teach the public about animal rights.

Do you stand for CSA’s advocacy? If yes, you can support them by donating to the organization or volunteering at the facility.

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