How Diabetic Alert Dogs of America Changes Lives

Dogs are well known as man’s best friend because of the companionship and emotional support they give us. But have you heard of dogs who offer physical support for people with diabetes?

Diabetic Alert Dogs of America an organization with the aim to save lives one dog at a time. 

Find out what a diabetic alert dog does, how this great organization works, and what you can do to help them.

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Diabetic alert dogs

About Diabetic Alert Dogs of America

Diabetic Alert Dogs of America is a Nevada-based organization that aims to provide diabetic individuals with service dogs that can alert them of potential medical emergencies.

These service dogs are well-trained by the organization to assist people with diabetes become independent, happy, and safe at all times.

Professional trainers teach the dogs how to alert their owners of low or high blood sugar levels before they can escalate to a life-threatening event.

No matter your age, they have a service dog for you. The organization also offers financial support to those who cannot afford to adopt a service dog.

Diabetic Alert Dogs of America caters to anyone in the United States.

What is a Diabetic Alert Dog?

A diabetic alert dog (DAD) is a trained furry friend who senses hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. They alert their handlers so they can take the necessary steps to return to their normal blood sugar levels.

The dog does this by sensing the chemical components in the body. They are specifically trained to react to the odor released by the body based on different blood sugar levels.

Trainers train these service dogs through positive reinforcement. Then, the DAD is matched with a specific individual with a compatible lifestyle and personality. 

That way, the dog can also provide mental and emotional support in addition to medical support. Many experts overlook a person’s need for companionship. 

These dogs also provide balance and happiness to your life. They are guaranteed to help you become more independent and happy.

Your service dog’s dependence on you will also motivate you to employ a healthy lifestyle for a longer life. In other words, they’re the missing puzzle piece in every diabetic person’s life.

How to Acquire a Diabetic Alert Dog

No matter how old you are, where you live, or your financial situation, you can always acquire a DAD. The first step is to fill out their online form.

Then, wait for 48 hours before a customer service representative contacts you. You can talk to them about your needs and ask for additional information.

Once you’re ready to get your new friend, Diabetic Alert Dogs of America will email you the purchase agreement and your deposit receipt.

It may take a while before they find the perfect match for you. 

The goal isn’t just to get a dog who will help you. They want to give you a dog that fits your personality, energy levels, and lifestyle.

You will receive photos of the dogs and their biographies. Once you have picked a service dog for you, they will give you a specific date on when you’ll receive your furry friend.

The organization will also send you a scent collection kit. You need to collect samples of your blood glucose levels to help train the dog beforehand.

You will then wait for a few weeks before a Certified Service Dog Trainer delivers your new dog right to your doorstep. 

The trainer will assist you for two days on how to take care of the dog, what to do when they sense abnormal sugar levels and other essential information.

But you can ask for an extension if you’re not yet ready to live alone with your service dog. 

How to Donate a Diabetic Alert Dog

You can contribute to the organization by donating a DAD to an individual who needs one. Fill out the “Donate a DAD” form to help.

Another option is to donate directly to their GoFundMe page. Any amount will help the organization.

You can also help them by volunteering your time if you live near their Las Vegas location.

Lend a Helping Hand to Dogs and Diabetics

Sometimes, the best medicine is a dog that knows their love can help you. 

The Diabetic Alert Dogs are modern-day heroes who make sure people with diabetes live a longer and happier life. 

Thanks to the organization, dogs can easily be trained and matched with potential owners. 

Donte to the Diabetic Alert Dogs of America so you can support the training of these crucial service dogs all over the country.

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