Do Puppies Need a Blanket at Night?

Puppies cannot maintain body heat on their own. This means they can easily get cold.

Yes, puppies need a blanket at night.

A puppy’s fur may look warm and protective enough to beat the cold weather, but they need extra immunity from cold nights until they fully develop.

Find out the risks of cold weather to puppies and how a blanket can help them.

You’ll also see the best puppy blankets and how to safely use blankets for your puppy at night

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Puppies need a blanket at night

Do Puppies Need a Blanket at Night?

Yes. Puppies may need a blanket at night if their environment is cold, especially if it’s wintertime. 

Even if their fur is thick, puppies and dogs still get cold. And even if they stay indoors and you think it is warm inside the house, they may still get chilly.

Small breed dogs, short-haired dogs, and puppies tend to be cold more often than large breed dogs with thick fur.

But the Alaskan Malamute, Saint Bernard, and the likes may still feel uncomfortable if the temperature is very low. This means they may still need blankets sometimes.

A puppy blanket not only provides warmth but also makes them more comfortable and provides relief from anxiety as it wraps around their bodies during stressful nights.

If your dog stays outside, they always need a blanket. Even if it’s summer, evenings can still get cool.

But a blanket is not enough for an outside dog. Make sure their doghouse has bedding, heater, and other comforts to keep them warm and sheltered.

Aside from their breed and physical features, their health, weight, and age also play a role in whether dogs need a blanket every night. You also want to consider where you live. 

And if your home’s heating conditions are not enough, a puppy blanket may help keep them warm and comfortable.

It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and adds value to your pup’s life because of the coziness and comfort it offers.

Benefits of a Puppy Blanket

A puppy blanket does more than helping your pooch regulate their body temperature. Here are some of their benefits.

It Keeps them Warm

This is self-explanatory. A puppy blanket’s main purpose is to keep your little one warm no matter the time of day.

Winter nights are horribly cold for puppies, especially those with thin fur and poor health.

Even if they stay inside the house and sleep in your room with a heater, they may still need a cover. 

A huge misconception among dog owners is that a dog’s protective fur is enough to keep them warm. But this isn’t true. 

Remember that low temperature can affect your dog’s health, and puppies cannot regulate their body temperature well yet. 

It’s our responsibility as fur parents to keep our puppies as comfy as possible as their bodies adjust to their new environment. 

And even if they grow older, a dog blanket will still come in handy.

Puppy Blankets are Relaxing

Nothing feels better than having a nice shower and wrapping yourself in a warm and fluffy blanket at bedtime.

Your puppy deserves to experience that relaxing feeling as well.

It will keep them comfortable throughout the night, reducing sleep disruptions and the need to go out. 

They feel at peace when they are wrapped around a blanket as if you are hugging them. This makes blankets beneficial if you don’t let your puppy sleep in the same room as you

Even during the day, a blanket can make your dog feel less alone because they feel warm and comforted. 

An Alternative to Your Physical Presence

Did you know that wrapping your dog can also reduce anxiety? Swaddle your dog in a blanket, making sure to cover their upper body and sides to target pressure points.

Physical touch is a dog’s love language, so an anxiety wrap can help in stressful situations. A study on dogs suffering from thunder-related anxiety found wraps to be 89% effective.

Your hug or simple touch can be comforting for your puppy, so a blanket can serve as an alternative if you are not around.

Try rubbing a bit of your scent on it to soothe them even more. This will make them associate the blanket with you to give them a restful sleep. 

Dogs love and need you so much, especially younger ones who are not yet trained to be independent. A simple blanket can help them cope with the uneasiness of being alone.

Aside from thunderstorm-related anxiety or fear of the dark, blankets can also help when you need to leave home at night.

Provides Good Quality Sleep

Dogs need to get enough sleep. This sleep should last around 12-14 hours a day.

And as much as possible, it must be continuous without disruptions, except for the afternoon naps.

A huge factor that can affect your puppy’s sleeping pattern is the temperature. If your dog feels too hot or cold, then they might feel uncomfortable and unable to doze off.

A blanket can solve all these issues that have an impact on your pup’s sleeping pattern.

It will keep them healthy and improve their overall quality of life.

If you thought we’re only talking about your pup’s sleep, then you’ll be surprised to know that getting your puppy a blanket can also improve your sleep.

No puppy sleep disruption means no sleep disruption for you too. You won’t have to hear them barking or whining because they can’t sleep or being scared in their crate.

It also gives you peace of mind knowing that they are safe outside your bedroom, feeling warm, healthy, and happy.

You don’t have to worry about them being at risk of hypothermia because they are protected from the cold. 

Puppies need a blanket

Risks of Cold Weather to Puppies

If your puppy is exposed to the cold for prolonged hours, they may experience serious health problems.

At the very least, they might catch a cold not because of the temperature but because of the virus that comes with it.

They may experience some of the following:

  • sneezing
  • runny noses
  • coughing
  • lethargy
  • fever
  • lack of appetite.

A low body temperature can also cause irregular heartbeat and low oxygen in the body.

Your puppy is also more susceptible to frostbite, where their blood vessels constrict in an attempt to keep the vital organs warm.

Cracked skin is also an issue with dogs and cold weather. Make sure your puppy’s paws are always moisturized to avoid irritation.

Lastly, your puppy can catch hypothermia, pneumonia, and other life-threatening ailments.

Best Puppy Blankets

Here are the best blankets to get for your fur baby.

Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

Furrybaby Premium Blanket takes the lead for our puppy blanket recommendations because their small blankets are made of 100% polyester that is super soft.

Your puppy will enjoy bedtime even more because they will feel safer and warmer with these lightweight blankets.

Furrybaby also claims that it’s perfect for preventing fur on the furniture because you can just place it on top of the couch.

Your puppy might not even want to climb on your bed anymore because of how comfortable this blanket is.

The Dog’s Blanket Sound Sleep Original Blanket

If you want a blanket that serves as a warmth provider and an anxiety reliever for your puppy, then The Dog’s Blanket Sound Sleep Original Blanket is here to the rescue.

This blanket is perfect for targeting the pressure areas on your pup’s torso, therefore calming them down and alleviating their stress.

What makes this blanket special is its seven layers for maximum warmth and protection.

It’s made with vegan fur pile – ultra-soft and reversible with superior heat retention to fleece.

Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blanket

For something cute and decorative to cover your puppy with, check out the Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blanket.

It’s not just a blanket, but also a mat pad, bath towel, and a picnic blanket. Comsmart is ideal to put on your dog’s bed, crate, or carrier.

It’s available in a variety of colors and it’s made of soft fleece material, suitable for newborn puppies or older.

This blanket offers optimal comfort and ease of cleanliness in terms of furniture.

Blanket Safety for Puppies

While blankets offer various benefits for our pets, some puppies are uncomfortable using them. If they seem unhappy using it, remove it and use an alternative to keep them warm.

Your puppy must be able to move and breathe as they are wrapped in a blanket without getting tangled or stuck in it.

You also want to make sure your dog can get out of the blanket if they feel too hot. Older puppies can already regulate their body temperatures so they might need them less.

Not giving them an escape route may cause overheating or suffocation. 

The point is to give your puppy a choice. You won’t be able to fully know how your pup feels about their blanket. The same is true with beds, heating pads, and clothes.

You can use some blankets you have at home, but it’s better to find a blanket marketed for puppies, not cats or adult dogs.

These blankets are typically breathable and made of microfiber or fleece. 

Avoid blankets with big knit holes or loose threading because they might end up being chewed or pulled by your puppy.

You also want to prevent blankets that have tassels or fuzzy designs because teething puppies will find them appealing to chew on.

When washing your puppy’s blanket, beware of possible allergens in laundry detergents and perfumes that you will use for the fabric. Puppies are sensitive beings.

Electric Blankets

Electric blankets are not recommended for puppies because they still tend to chew on cords.

It’s important to train your dog to stop their destructive behavior before letting them use electric blankets and heating pads. 

Anything with an electrical component should be taken away from your pup.

If you want to get one, choose a reputable brand of electric blanket. Keep the cord away from the actual blanket to avoid fire.

Electrocution is another possible issue with electric blankets. This may result in pulmonary edema, where water goes to their lungs and leads to difficulty breathing.

Electrocution may also cause burns and even death due to shock.

Supervise your puppy the first few nights of using an electric blanket. If you feel that they are still too immature to be left alone with electric blankets, switch to the ordinary one.  

Puppies need blankets

FAQ Dogs and Cold Weather

How Cold is too Cold for Puppies?

Puppies have a low tolerance for the cold, especially if they are small breeds that are bred for warmer climates. 

It also depends on their fur coat and at what stage of puppyhood they are. 

There is no exact temperature that can describe “too cold” for puppies, although the guideline is to start keeping them warm when the temperature falls below 45°F.

Check out puppies’ tolerance for the cold weather and how you can stop them from shivering.

What is the Best Dog Breed for Hot and Cold Weather?

If you want a dog that can thrive in both hot and cold weather, some of the breeds we recommend include the Jack Russell, Labrador Retriever, and the Weimaraner.

But the breed isn’t everything. Health is another important factor that affects your dog’s coping skills with the extremes.

Their age should also be considered. As mentioned, puppies and senior dogs cannot regulate their body temperatures well.

Find out what kind of dog to get for the hot and cold weather.

How Do I Keep an Outside Dog Warm in the Winter?

A doghouse is not enough to keep your outside dog warm in the winter. 

As much as possible, they have to stay inside the house during the cold season to be monitored and to avoid any health risks.

But if you have no choice but to leave them outside, make sure they have thick bedding and a blanket, along with a thermal bowl for their water.

You also want to dress them up with a jacket and socks to keep them cozier, although some dogs won’t feel comfortable sleeping with these on.

Discover our tips on how to keep your outside dog warm during the winter.

Keep Your Puppy Warm at Night.

If your puppy likes the warmth of a blanket at night, then provide them with the freshest, warmest, and comfiest blanket specially made for puppies.

Blankets offer a lot of benefits, from warmth to familiarity. Even helping to avoid anxiety.

If you are planning to let your pup have a safe haven outside your house, you can give them a comfy doghouse that can withstand the weather extremes.

Get the best doghouse for cold weather so your dog stays healthy and happy outside.