The Latest in Dog Fashion Trends

In the world of canine couture, dogs are dressed in cashmere sweaters, branded sunglasses, jackets with rhinestones, and sleek boots. But the latest trends in dog fashion do not have to require you to spend a lot! 

Your dog is your constant companion whom you love hugging, playing with, and going outdoors with! And because we know how much you want your pup to look their best, here are some of the latest trends in dog fashion you need to know about right now!

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latest dog fashion

The Statement Collar

If your dog is not a fan of fabrics hugging their body, then a simple collar that creates a statement will definitely stand out! Snakeskin, leather, and those with rhinestones are in, but we’re currently loving this Designer-like collar that is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

This dog collar will make your dog the talk of the walk! It’s made of high-quality PU leather and cotton material that won’t hurt your dog’s neck. It includes a collar, leash, and the bowtie!

Coats and Jackets

Because it’s not yet the end of the cold season, woolen coats for dogs are so in right now! In Milan, a fashion designer who worked for Bottega Veneta and Armani launched a line of canine couture that includes a collection of woolen coats and cashmere polos for dogs.

There are always alternatives for the Italian sartorial experience for your furry friend. This chic coat made of faux wool and super soft polyester will keep your dog warm along with the faux fur collar that offers extra neck warmth. 

It has a stylish design with wintry details that will make your dog turn heads.

For something lighter and brighter which can be worn this spring and summer, this dog poncho is a perfect choice! Every one of their ponchos is unique and made of Mexican Scrape Blankets. The sweater is designed to fit teacup and small-sized dogs, as well as large and extra-large dogs. 

Neon Clothes

Whether it’s socks, collars, or shirt, neon on your dog is in! Not only will it make your dog stand out from the crowd, but it will also keep them safe and visible when in a crowded place.

This classy fleece vest is so simple yet so elegant. Available in 21 colors, it’s very comfortable and lightweight. We recommend the neon green or orange for your pooch! 


Whether your dog is athletic or not, tracksuits are one of the hottest trends in the fashion industry, both for humans and dogs. Imagine how cool you and your furry friend would look going out in matching tracksuits that look unique and luxurious!

There are a lot of dog tracksuits out there, but why not make one for your pooch instead? Mystery fashion blogger Luxirare is an internet fashion personality who documented the process of buying Adidas tracksuit and re-shaping and re-sewing it to fit his Maltese, Rocky! The blogger even used a leash made from an Adidas necklace. 

As an alternative, you can get this Adidog tracksuit for dogs! The material is made of cotton and polyester that is very soft and warm. It’s perfect for daywear, sleep time, and jogging with our dog!

Dog Boots

Dog boots never go out of style! They’re practical and incredibly stylish. Rubber boots or neoprene water-resistant booties are great for keeping your dog’s feet protected from the ground. 

Choose booties made with breathable mesh on the top and anti-slip bottoms. They won’t make your dog’s feet hot and will protect them from the hot pavement. You can also go with adorable sneakers or sandals for a little edge.

If you’re wearing the classic Chuck Taylors, go twinning with your fur baby with these Converse-like shoes! They’re designed as dog hiking boots, but you can use them for jogging, running, and even just walking. The adorable shoes are non-slip and durable, protecting your dog’s paws from too much heat or cold. 

What we love about these shoes is that they’re easy to match with any trendy outfit you want them to wear. 

Dog Sunglasses

You can keep your dog stylish and safe with sunglasses. They are excellent choices for when your dog and you are traveling. They usually love to look out the window, and sunnies will help prevent the dirt and dust from getting in their eyes!

The best sunglasses for dogs are the retro-looking ones that are also waterproof, just like these Stock Show round sunnies! They’re available in four colors, but we the clear ones with gold frame and the black one are currently hitting the charts.

Unfortunately, the product only fits small dogs like Yorkshires, Toy Poodles, Poms, etc. The lens is made of resin, spectacles frame using alloy metal. Your dog will definitely look fashionable in one of these!


Bandanas are the perfect choice for the dog that isn’t all about fashion and “dressing up for the occasion”. Bandanas are inexpensive, come in many colors and designs and can actually keep your dog cool in the summer months. Cotton is an ideal choice for doggie bandanas.

Checkers, stripes, and plaid are behind the times. Go for these fresh new patterns that have cool-toned colors. Each dog bandana features a custom design exclusive to Remy+Roo that is hand created by their talented artists. They have been carefully designed to complement each other. 

Fusing Fashion and Function 

Dog fashion has evolved over the years, from fancy boutique collars and hand-knit sweaters to sporty apparel and functional vests! Remember that dog clothing should be functional and fashionable for everyday wear, but it should also fit the bill when a special event arises! 

If you are having trouble finding what you need for your friend, try at least one of our recommended dog clothes that are sophisticated yet reasonably priced!

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