Dog-Friendly Hotels in Vancouver BC

Vancouver is a very dog-friendly town and there are plenty of choice digs for pooches and puppies of all sizes.

Try one of the trendy, chic boutique hotels in downtown Vancouver, like the Opus Hotel or the Loden, or chill out in a great Kitsilano neighborhood B&B. Either way, it’s all good.

We share with you our favorite dog-friendly hotels in Vancouver BC.

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dog friendly hotels vancouver

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Vancouver BC

Something to keep in mind when booking your dog-friendly hotel is to ask about their dog policies when making reservations.

Some places will require advance notice and it’s always a good idea to double-check that the hotel’s policies have not been changed.

The Opus Hotel Vancouver

The Opus in Downtown Vancouver is a swanky boutique hotel in trendy Yaletown, which lies within walking district of the core financial and retail districts.

This artsy hotel has a modern vibe, a rocking bar, and, f course, dogs are welcome to spend the night in some guestrooms.

Even people who aren’t looking for a hot DJ can find zen while hibernating in their own personal space with their pup.

They cater to your pup with complimentary dog tents, bowls, and treats. And there is an off-leash dog park is just 2 blocks away.

Pet-Friendly Opus Vancouver

Loden Hotel Vancouver

The Loden is another great Downtown Vancouver boutique hotel that offers luxury pet services, so that little fur babies can sleep near their mommies and/or daddies.

Why should pet owners go through those feelings of guilt as they subject their pup to yet another round of “Doggie Jail” boarding kennel?

It’s so much nicer when people can bring their pups along for a small fee?

The Loden staff are very friendly and extremely helpful.

Their offerings for dogs include a luxurious plush pet bed, food bowl, and Loden leash. Additional services are available so your pup can be pampered with some of the following:

  • Gourmet doggie-menu meals
  • Dog walking services to off-leash dog parks and trails
  • Pet sitting services
  • Pawsh Dog Spa
  • Vacation photo album of the pup’s happy vacation

As always, if your dog acts like a bad rock band and trashes the place there will be extra fees. Pets of any size can stay over, though they can’t stay in the room without supervision.

Check ahead to see if the Loden has a vacant room at the inn for you and your pup, and for their current pooch packages.

The Granville Island Hotel Vancouver

Pet-Friendly Granville Island Hotel

The Granville Island Hotel can accommodate pets on request and offers rooms with tile floors for easy cleanup and balconies for some fresh air.

They are located on Vancouver’s famous Granville Island on the banks of False Creek overlooking the waterfront and beautiful downtown Vancouver.

There is a designated off-leash area nearby and waiting for you at check-in will be a special welcome gift courtesy of the Granville Island Pet.

Granville Island pet is an island business specializing in homemade and Canadian products including amazing treats, toys, leashes and collars, pet accessories and more.

Have an Enjoyable Stay with Your Pooch.

These three dog-friendly hotels in Vancouver BC are definitely not the only places for pet lovers in the area, but they are some of the best.

Check around to see what else is available, but remember that traveling is so much nicer when people are allowed to bring their friendly snuggling dogs.