Dog Sleep Positions: What Does Your Pup’s Mean?

Dog sleep positions are not only entertaining and cute but can also reveal a lot about your pet. Every dog has its own complex personality and sleep positions can be seen as expressions of their disposition and state of mind.

Dogs choose to rest in a variety of different ways for a number of reasons. Whether your dog chooses to sleep on their back, tummy, curled up in a ball, or something different — it reveals a lot about them and how they feel!

Read on, and learn what the position your dog sleeps in means about them… and you!

1. The Side

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dog sleeping on side

Of the dog sleep positions this is one of the most popular. This is a very comfortable, rested position where the dog’s legs are sprawled out to their side either straight or slightly curled.

If your dog sleeps in this position it means that they are at ease and likely a little hot. Being on their side lets their stomachs breathe and their cores stay cooler.

Do you often see your dog sleeping on their side? Then you’ll be happy to know that they are incredibly comfortable with their surroundings, are secure with themselves and comfortable around you.

This type of dog is likely very loving, loyal, is trusting, and enjoys being around people.

2. In A Ball

dog sleeping in a ball

This is when a dog is curled up with their legs and tail tightly tucked under them or their tails sometimes covering their faces. Wolves and sled dog breeds keep themselves so warm in this sleeping position that they can be covered over by snowfall yet still stay comfortably warm.

By curling up, dogs are able to protect their limbs, face, and all vital organs from the cold. It’s said that dogs who sleep in this position have easy-going dispositions, and are sweet and affectionate.

3. In A Croissant

dog sleeping croissant

A slight variation of the sleeping in a ball position is where your dog’s hind legs are tucked in and they’re resting their head between their two front legs, or they’re less tightly rolled up in a ball. Sleeping this way instead of in a tighter ball simply means that your dog is a bit warm and needs to cool themselves off. It can also mean that your dog is in a deep state of sleep and is becoming more and more relaxed.

4. Sprawled Out On Their Belly

dog sleeping superman

If your dog is sleeping like Superman with his legs sprawled out behind and in front of him like he’s flying this means that he’s comfortable, but in a playful or alert state of mind. He’s ready to jump up at any given moment, even though he’s fast asleep.

Dogs who sleep in this position are generally very high-energy, always ready to go and do, and very easily motivated.

5. Legs In The Air

dog sleeping legs in the air

This is when your dog lays on their back with their legs stretched towards the sky or limp and folded in all directions. This variation of dog sleep positions helps them cool off quickly. You may often see your dog go from being curled up in a ball to twisting themselves onto their backs. This is because they’re a little too warm for comfort.

Dogs that sleep in this position are very secure with their surroundings. They are usually very laid-back, confident and independent.

6. Under The Covers

dog sleeping under the covers

Burrowing under the covers is similar to the feeling of being in a cave or burrow. Wild pups are often raised in these conditions and grown wild dogs also find comfort in sleeping in snug, dark spaces. In other words, hogging the covers is an instinctual behavior.

Dogs that sleep like this are likely in need of feeling safe and secure. They’re also affectionate and enjoy the company of others.

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Did you learn something new about your pup’s sleeping habits today? I hope so! 🙂