Easter Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs

Easter is almost here, and we can already feel the festivities starting. While Easter is a day filled with great food and an abundance of sweets, it is often a concern for dog parents with all of that extra food floating around.

Naturally, we want to share everything with our pets. I mean, who can resist those big, beautiful eyes, right? 

However, we all know that some foods are not suitable for our pets. This fact doesn’t change during holidays such as Easter.

So, let’s take a look at the most dangerous Easter foods that are harmful for dogs. Check them out below. 

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easter foods harmful to dogs

Easter Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs 


easter chocolate for dogs

The Easter festivities are filled with sweets and chocolates. Chocolate bunnies, chocolate Easter eggs, you name it, Easter’s got it.

Unfortunately, our furry little friends cannot consume chocolates. 

Yes, chocolates are toxic for dogs, that is a known fact. Why exactly is chocolate toxic for dogs? Well, chocolate contains theobromine. 

This chemical substance found in chocolate is highly poisonous for dogs and even cats. It is so toxic that even just a few bites can lead to poisoning.  

Additionally, chocolate also contains caffeine which is also poisonous for dogs. The most dangerous kinds of chocolate are dark chocolate and unsweetened chocolate. 

Signs of chocolate poisoning include diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, increased urination, restlessness, and abnormal heart rate.

If you think your dog accidentally consumed chocolate, it is best to contact your vet immediately. 

Hot Cross Buns 

hot cross buns

These delightful buns are ever-so-famous during the Easter season. However, dog owners are warned about the dangers of Hot Cross Buns for their dogs.

The content of these buns is highly poisonous for dogs. 

Hot Cross Buns contain ingredients that are toxic for your beloved pets.

These ingredients include raisins, different spices such as nutmeg, sultanas, and lemon zest.

Each of these ingredients pose a great danger to your pet’s health.  

Consumption of Hot Cross Buns can cause sudden kidney failure, diarrhea, vomiting, and extreme lethargy.

In some cases, it can also cause hallucinations, abdominal pain, and seizures for dogs.  

Sweets & Candies 

Aside from chocolates, sweets and candies are also dangerous for dogs. This is especially true for desserts that contain Xylitol.

As we all know, Xylitol is a sugar substitute. It is found mostly in sugar-free candy, sugar-free gum, sugar-free baked goods and more. 

This is also found in toothpaste, vitamins, and supplements. Ingesting Xylitol can cause a drop in blood sugar for dogs.

The dangers of ingesting this substance include liver failure and death. There are plenty of documented cases where dogs are poisoned because of this substance. 

Signs of Xylitol poisoning include diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, seizures, and weakness. Symptoms may not show immediately after consuming Xylitol.

In some cases, including liver failure, the effects of Xylitol are not seen at all. However, it is best to contact your vet right away if you think your dog ate anything that contains Xylitol.  

Macadamia Nuts 

macadamia nuts for dogs

Another delightful treat that’s dangerous for dogs are Macadamia Nuts.

While this type of nut is not usually fatal for your dogs, it is still considered toxic by veterinarians.  

Signs of Macadamia nut poisoning for dogs include vomiting, tremors, and an increase in temperature.

Your dog may also experience lethargy, wobbliness, joint stiffness, and depression after eating a large amount of Macadamia nuts.  

Cakes/Carrot Cakes 

Carrot cake, chocolate cake, or in fact, any kind of cake is dangerous for your pets. Not only to they include toxic substances for dogs, but cakes are also high in sugar, fats, and calories.  

Consuming fatty foods is not good for your dog’s health in the long run. Additionally, some cake icing can contain buttermilk and icing which is dangerous for dogs who are lactose intolerant. 


easter ham

Speaking of fatty foods, another Easter food that’s dangerous for your dog is ham.

Ham is incredibly high in calories and fats. Consuming too many fatty foods like ham is dangerous for your dog’s health. 

Not only can it cause weight gain, but it can also cause life-threatening illness like pancreatitis. Sure, it is not as poisonous like chocolates and sweets, but still, be wary of the amount of ham your dog consumes. 

Poultry Bones 

There is nothing dogs love more than poultry bones. And who can blame them, right? Leftover chicken, ham, or turkey are juicy and incredibly tasty. In your dog’s eyes, it is the best treat ever. 

However, after the cooking process poultry bones go through, it breaks down into sharp and long fragments.

In most cases, dogs immediately swallow these bones. This means those sharp bones can penetrate your dog’s digestive tract. As a result, this can cause choking, gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, and even internal bleeding.  

You can find more here on what kind of bones are safe for dogs

Mashed Potatoes 

Okay, the potatoes themselves are not dangerous for dogs. However, mashed potatoes often include additional flavorings such as onion powders, garlic powders, butter, and milk. All of these flavorings are dangerous for dogs. 

Butter and milk can cause diarrhea for dogs, especially for those who are lactose intolerant. Other ingredients such as onions, chives, garlic, and leeks are toxic for dogs and even cats.  

These ingredients can cause hemolytic anemia, causing low blood pressure for dogs. They can also cause gastroenteritis for your beloved pup.

While the signs of toxicity don’t show immediately, it can develop for several days. Signs include drooling, upset stomach, abdominal pain, pale gums, lethargy, and nausea. 

Alcoholic Beverages 

dog and alcohol

Aside from foods, alcoholic beverages are also dangerous for pets. Unlike us humans, our furry little friends cannot handle the alcohol content.

Because of their size, the alcohol hits their bloodstream relatively quickly.  

Signs of alcohol consumption in dogs and cats include a drop in their blood sugar and their blood temperature. As a result, this can lead to seizures and respiratory failure.  

As a precaution, it is best to keep the alcoholic beverages out of your pet’s reach at all times.

If your dog is vomiting, drooling, gagging, or appears disoriented, it is possible they have consumed alcohol. In this case, it is best to contact your vet immediately. 

If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, the best thing to do is call your veterinarian immediately.

Especially if you are unsure about what your dog has consumed, a check-up with your vet can help determine if your dog is experiencing any health issues you are unaware of. 

Best Easter Treats For Your Dogs 

Despite all of these food restrictions, your dogs can still enjoy the Easter festivities. There’s no other reason why your beloved pets cannot join you and the rest of the family for some Easter fun.  

We have found a few great treats for your four-legged babies to enjoy. Check them out below. 

Three Dog Bakery Cookies, Assorted Flavors, Baked Dog Treats

Three Dog Bakery has dog cookies that come in a variety of flavors, such as oats & applesauce, peanut, and vanilla. So it’s no wonder why dogs love them even when it’s not the easter season!

These aromatic and soft dog treats are packed with healthy and premium ingredients without any preservative or artificial flavoring.

The soft and chewy cookies also make them suitable for senior dogs that have trouble with digestion.

Claudia’S Canine Cuisine Gift Assortment Dog Cookies

Want yummy easter treats for your dog with a pretty packaging? Claudia’s Canine Cuisine offers this beautiful gift assortment with dog cookies inside.

These sweets re 100% made of human-grade ingredients in the USA.

You can also give them as gifts to other dogs you know. The incredible aroma and taste will make every fur baby love this treat.

Wüfers Easter Cookie Box | Handmade Hand-Decorated Dog Treats

Here’s another easter cookie box that your dog will enjoy!

This aesthetically pleasing arrangement of Wufers Easter Cookie Box makes it the perfect gift for other fur babies you know. It even comes in 9 different designs.

The dog treats in the box are had-decorated and guaranteed safe and healthy. The locally sourced human-grade ingredients of each dog treat are freshly baked to satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth.

Keep Your Pup Safe This Easter

Don’t forget to keep an eye on family and friends that are visiting for the holidays. Many people simply aren’t aware of many of these dangers to your pup.

They also can find it difficult to resist those pleading puppy eyes and end up feeding your dog scraps under the table.

Make sure everyone knows the rules on what your furry family members can and cannot eat during the holidays. 

See? Despite all of the food restrictions, your beloved pets can still enjoy the Easter holiday.

The most important thing is you spend the day happily with your family. And yes, the family does include your precious pets as well! Happy Easter to you all 🙂