Eco-Friendly Dog Grooming Tips

We love clean-smelling dogs. The weather may require you to bathe your dog twice a week.

Dog grooming can pollute local waterways if soap, flea chemicals, fur, or waste runoff into storm drains. Shampoos, soaps, and other products we buy contribute to environmental waste.

Try following these simple and easy eco-friendly dog grooming tips to guarantee that you’re grooming your dog safely and sustainably.

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eco friendly dog grooming

Use an All-Natural Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Skin is your dog’s largest and most absorbent organ. Using natural shampoo and conditioner is safe and eco-friendly.

Synthetic chemicals and toxins in dog skin products can be harmful to our pets and the environment.

Some of the harmful ingredients you should stay away from including the following:

  • Laureth Sulfate and Lauryl Sulfate – used to remove oil and dirt.
  • Cocomide DEA – chemically altered coconut.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol – turns into acetone which can cause damage to nerves and livers.
  • Artificial Colors.
  • Fragrances.
  • Amitraz.

Paws & Pals Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner uses ingredients that are guaranteed natural and safe.

By using these products, you’re helping reduce chemicals in the environment while also avoiding skin irritation for your dog.

Use Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Treatments

Different treatments for ticks and fleas include collars, soaps, powders, and sprays.

However, some dog supplies businesses are only tricking us as these products can leave harmful chemical residues on our pooch’s fur

These chemicals are hazardous not only for your dog but also for the whole home.

Avoid using tetrachlorvinphos and propoxur in flea collars, as well as permethrin and amitraz in soaps. 

As for pesticides, products with lufenuron, spinosad, methoprene, or pyriproxyfen are better choices.

Also, always go for natural and herbal products which claim to be eco-friendly like the Adams flea and tick collar, and shampoos with oatmeal, aloe vera, or coconut oil.  

Save Water

Dogs don’t need daily scrubs and baths as we do. The general guideline is that they only need to bathe once a month, or more if they have an oily coat.

The only exception to bathing them more frequently is if they enjoy swimming, mud puddles, or in extreme heat.

Bathing less will not only help you with saving money due to less water consumption, but it can also have various benefits for our environment.

Conserving this minimizes the effects of drought and water shortages as well as the energy required to process and deliver water to homes, businesses, and communities which, in turn, help reduce pollution.

This is not to say that you should stop bathing your dog even when they already smell. There are so many ways to keep them clean and fresh without using too much water and harmful products.

  1. Use organic wipes to clean the dirty parts of their body, such as their feet after an outdoor walk, their behind after doing number two, their ears, and their whole body just to keep them cool.

These wipes are hypoallergenic and loaded with beneficial natural ingredients

2. You can also use deodorizing sprays to keep your dog smelling good and looking clean all day no matter how playful they get.

Earthbath’s all-natural dog spray is biodegradable and also uses only natural ingredients like oatmeal and aloe vera.

3. Lastly, keep their fur smooth without the need for a conditioner by simply brushing them.

A more sustainable way to do this is by making use of a bamboo brush which, unlike most brushes for dogs, does not take hundreds of years to decompose after disposing of them.

It does a great job of detangling and de-shedding too.

Don’t Forget Your Dog’s Teeth

Yes, environmentally conscious dog companies have found their ways to market oral dog care products that are 100% safe and produce less “paw print”.

For instance, Bodhi Dog Breath Spray helps fight the bacteria in your dog’s mouth that may result in smelly dog breath and soon a periodontal disease.

There is also an eco-friendly natural dog teeth cleaning stick with rigid bristles that work to grind away plaque and loosen tartar in those hard to reach places. It’s made of natural rubber without BPA too.

Go to Eco-Conscious Dog Grooming Shops

That’s right. If you need professional help with all the bathing, nail clipping, and brushing, there is always an eco-friendly solution.

Look for an eco-conscious, sustainable dog grooming salon near you which uses natural and organic products.

Some businesses even use double tank hydro baths which recycle water and uses the wastewater for watering plants, cleaning, and other purposes.

Some salons don’t use plastic and even paper for their filing systems. 

DIY Dog Soaps and Shampoos

Go zero-waste by making your grooming essentials for your dog instead of buying products packaged in boxes, bottles, and lots of papers.

Most ingredients for making shampoos, soaps, breath sprays, and even breath freshener can be found in your kitchen.

The key to making dog shampoos or soaps is to use base oils and other ingredients that target your specific concern, whether it is itchiness, pests, matted fur, or dry skin. 

Some good base oils include:

  • Shea butter – a triglyceride that is used in many different kinds of lotions, shampoos, and salves to moisturize.
  • Coconut oil – used for soothing, cleansing, lathering, and nourishing.
  • Sunflower oil – for soft smooth skin, restores skin, has vitamin E.
  • Jojoba oil – nature’s most effective moisturizer.

Other ingredients you might want to add include:

  • Aloe vera – contains soothing and emollient properties while helping to promote a silky and healthy coat.
  • Honey – hydrates and softens hair and skin.
  • Oatmeal – for dry and itchy skin, anti-inflammatory.
  • Yogurt – for a smoother texture of the skin

You can also use essential oils that are safe for pups for a light scent and additional benefits like easing inflammation, repelling insects, deodorizing, and astringent properties. 

Watch this video to learn how you can create your dog shampoo for a shiny coat.

Take Care of the Environment With These Eco-Friendly Dog Grooming Tips

Just as we provide quality and safe grooming for our beloved four-legged fellows, the same should be done with our mother Earth.

We need to tend to our only home’s needs to make it a better place for our dogs to live in.

By employing these sustainable grooming practices, you are spending time taking care of your pooch while also reducing your environmental impact. 

You can also look at these 9 ways to go eco-friendly with your dog and check out these eco-friendly and sustainable dog brands now.