Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

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Have you started deciding to go green with your furry friend? That’s amazing! With climate change being a buzz due to the consumerist culture, it’s high time people become environmentally conscious and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Because your dog is not going to recycle on their own, you owe it to mother Earth to give them a quality and enjoyable life while also choosing eco-friendly products for them, especially when it comes to their toys. 

eco-friendly toys for dogs

Here are some of the greatest sustainably manufactured and eco-friendly dog toys you need to invest in now!

Why Go Eco-Friendly with Your Dog

It is our job as dog parents to guarantee that we keep the planet healthy for our pets. The Earth is important to every living being, not just to humans, so we have the duty to do our part to ensure we are keeping the world’s plants and animals safe from the potential harm of our pets.

Pets bring so much joy in our lives but they, too, have a surprisingly high ecological impact. Dogs can’t control their carbon footprints, but we should. And one way we could do this is by picking sustainable pet products for them!

YoTelim Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Got a tough chewer with you? This dog toy is made with natural, food-grade, and eco-friendly bamboo fibers to help your dog overcome their destructive behavior. It is guaranteed healthy and won’t break easily, so you’ll save a lot of money due to its durability.

This non-allergenic chew toy is also useful for cleaning your dog’s teeth and massaging their gums to promote oral health. Not only are you saving the environment, but you’re also helping your dog grind away their plaque and loosen the tartar in hard-to-reach places in their mouth!

What we love the most about YoTelim is how they manufacture this eco-friendly dog toy to suit all types of dogs regardless of size and breed! The product comes in four sizes and they recommend picking one that is larger than the width of your dog’s mouth!

ChuckIt! Rebounce Recycled Rubber Dog Ball

Does your dog enjoy playing with rubber balls? Then this toy might be a great selection for them! Chuckit’s durable balls are made of recycled rubber that bounces higher than tennis balls for our furry friends who love to jump and chase. 

They are designed for long-term use since they don’t get destroyed and dirty easily. The dirt doesn’t stick to it making it so much easier to clean.

These balls are available in bright blue and orange colors, so you won’t have a hard time searching for it when you throw it too far by the tall grass or water. 


This unique play mat is manufactured from purposively selected eco-friendly materials! It is a dual-purpose sleeping mat and chews toy in one due to the attached dental rings on the corners.

The small mat, which is perfect for puppies and small dogs, is surely going to keep your dog stimulated and occupied as their teeth and gums are massaged by the ring chew toys made of rubber and rope! The colors orange and blue are also found to stimulate their senses.

The soft foam makes the mat a perfect place to sit, lie, and sleep on whether it’s in the house or your car. Remove it and you can safely wash the whole thing through a machine.

Lucas b. Sensory Fish Dog Toy

This adorable squeaky big-eyed fish toy is only 6-inches long, making it suitable for small dogs and puppies. How is it friendly for the environment though? This toy is made from 100% natural latex rubber from the Hevea Brasiliensis trees, and it is also free from BPA, lead, and phthalates.

The durable rubber is super soft and tingly on your dog’s teeth, making them easier to clean, which is not like other toys that harbor bacteria over time. 

Because it abides by the European Safety Standard EN 71, it is not as loud as other squeaky dog toys which have too many toxins and chemicals in them. Some harmful chemicals in squeakers that contribute to loudness include BPA, lead, and phthalates.

Eco Kit Eco-Friendly Dog Set

This set not only includes two eco-friendly dog balls but also a bamboo brush, cotton rope, and a pet bowl made of natural plant fiber! It’s the perfect gift for any pooch who loves to play and also be pampered and fed in a very sustainable way!

The items are made of the highest quality non-toxic and natural materials, so it’s safe for your fur baby to chew on the natural rubber ball and cotton ball without risking their health! In addition, the cotton ball also claims to help keep their teeth clean. 

Organic Farm Buddies Boxer the Dog Plush Toy

If your dog is looking for a friend whom they can bring anywhere, sleep with on the couch, and maybe chew a little, then the Boxer the Dog will surely keep them company.

At first glance, Boxer the Dog may seem like a simple yet adorable plush toy for dogs, but this product is a proud winner of Dr. Toy’s Best Green Product Award, Best Vacation Product Award, and Best Bay Area Toy Company Award! 

This amazing toy is naturally hypoallergenic as it is made of 100% organic corn fiber filling with natural cotton on the outside. This hand-stitched product is also sustainable since it is free from harmful chemicals. 

All of the packaging is printed on recycled paper with azlon from soy ink, making the whole item a hundred percent good to mother Earth!

Ethical Pet Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle

This mind-stimulating puzzle for your pooch is a great way to alleviate their boredom and negative behavior that often results in destruction. The interactive features help strengthen their cognitive skills as they become more engaged with it.

Made out of eco-friendly sturdy wood construction, this bone-shaped board has ten holes and six sliding disks where you can hide treats for them.

Not only will they enjoy the toy because of the thrilling game, but they will also be able to feed themselves when it comes to the treats!

Overall, this toy is safe, innovative, and high-quality!

Cycle Dog High Roller Ball

Cycle Dog is a company that dedicates itself to making sustainable toys and other products for dogs. One of their most popular toys is the High Roller Ball which is made with their Ecolat technology, a fuse between eco-friendly, post-consumer recycled, and durable materials!

This blue ball has a Super Float feature where it can float above the water surface, making it easier to find by dogs who love to play in the water.

Other products of the company include their adorable moose and turtle toys which are also made out of recycled materials. 

Go Eco-Friendly With Your Dog’s Toys Now!

It’s time we stop letting our dogs play with just any cheap and nasty products. It’s not enough that the toy looks creative, quirky, and totally out of this world. It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to start thinking green! 

Dog toys are supposed to be non-toxic and made of organic materials to keep your pooch and the environment safe and healthy! There’s a wide array of environmentally friendly dog toys to choose from, and we hope you consider our top suggestions for your eco-conscious canine!

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