Most Famous Dogs in History

Dogs deserve recognition for their selflessness and humility. Their ability to form strong bonds with humans has made them the center of attention in households.

But some dogs find ways to get in a bigger spotlight. 

From a war hero to a movie star and one of Pavlov’s experimental participants, this list of the most famous dogs will prove that they will live in history, and our hearts, forever.


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Toto is a Cairn Terrier from the Wizard of Oz. This famous dog superstar’s real name is Terry, who was an abandoned puppy.

Carl Spitz, a German immigrant and Hollywood dog trainer, adopted her and created a bright future for her. 

Toto became one of the most loved dog actresses of her time. In fact, before The Wizard of Oz, she was already seen in several TV shows and movies.

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Trakr was a popular Search and Rescue dog during the 9/11 attack. He was one of the 300 furry heroes who helped find people’s bodies under all the debris. 

One sad story about the dogs of 9/11 was that they were highly disappointed at the lack of survivors they found. For dogs, not being able to do their job is unrewarding and upsetting.

Trakr and Symington found the last survivor who had been under steel and concrete for more than 24 hours. They were recognized by Time magazine and other media companies for their brave act.

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo isn’t a real dog. But one would be lying if they say Scooby Doo isn’t the most famous dog in the world. He’s been around since the rise of movies, TV shows, and games. 

The cartoon character also sold toys, clothes, and other products fans adored. Scooby Doo’s TV shows are also popular among kids and adults. 

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nemo war dog
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Nemo isn’t just the name of a clown fish character. This famous dog was a Vietnam War hero with a strong sense of smell and hearing to fight against enemies.

This German Shepherd told his human soldiers that the Vietnamese soldiers were arriving at the Tan Son Nhut Air Base on the 4th of December.

Nemo also protected his handler, even if that meant losing his eyes. He laid on top of him to avoid any bullets and bombs. 

After retirement, the furry hero continues his job as a recruitment dog.

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Rin Tin Tin

Another celebrity dog during the first World War was the German Shepherd, Rin Tin Tin. 

The American soldier named Lee Duncan discovered the furry friend and introduced him to a filmmaker who saw his impressive high jumps.

Rin Tin Tin starred in almost 30 movies, where most of them were created with him in mind. Some also believe that Rin Tin Tin was Warner Bros’ unofficial mascot. 

Thanks to Rin Tin Tin, German Shepherds remain popular as household pets. 

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Balto, the cartoon was based on a true story. During the diphtheria outbreak in Nome, Alaska, Balto was one of the sled dogs who led the mission of delivering the antidote.

The Siberian Husky walked 54 miles of snowy weather at negative 40 Celsius because there was no other way to get them. 

After delivering the last antidote, he was hailed as a hero. The heroic dog remains popular because of the several movies and statues based on him. 

On December 17, 1925, a statue of Balto was erected in Central Park in New York City as a tribute to the good doggo.


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Sinbad is one of the most famous canine war veterans who went to the US Coast Guard Cutter, George W. Campbell. 

But he was only there because the apartment owner didn’t want pets in the building.

The noble ship dog served for eleven years and was a World War II witness. 

Even though he was meant to be a gift to one of the soldier’s boyfriends, Sinbad became a war hero who received six service ribbons

Pavlov’s Dogs

Ivan Pavlov discovered classical conditioning, an essential concept in the field of Psychology and animal behavior. 

This scientist used many dogs to test their response when someone gave them food. 

He found that dogs salivated whenever they heard a buzzer, metronome, or any sound related to food. This discovery is still famous in animal training and human behavior modification.

Who’s Your Favorite Famous Dog?

Many influential dogs have won the hearts of the public. You’ve met Trakr, the 9/11 hero, and Toto from The Wizard of Oz. Even a fictional character like Scooby Doo is admired by many.

But with all these canine heroes, superstars, and participants in science, no one touches your heart the way your own dog does. They’re heroes and celebrities in their own way.

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