Fun Games to Play With Your Dog Inside

You may not have a big backyard, or maybe it’s been a super busy day for you, or it’s been a stormy day outside, and you need to find a way to entertain your loving pup indoors. Regardless of the situation, we understand that your pup needs and deserves all the attention, love, and fun that he or she can get. Even though playing with dogs outside is very popular, there are still many ways to have fun and bond with your dog indoors.

It is crucial that your pup spends a sufficient amount of time each day playing and being mentally stimulated. When it comes to games for your dog there are two main types: physically active games and mentally stimulating games. The best games, however, have a good mix of both. Let’s take a look at some fun games to play with your dog inside.

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indoor dog games

The Importance of Playing with Your Dog

Playing with your dog is beneficial to both you and your pup because they need to have exercise and fun and it will reinforce their bond with you. Playing together allows you and your precious pup to establish a solid relationship together. Dogs are extremely intelligent and spending quality playtime together allows your pup to see that there’s more to life than just being super serious.

Dogs who play with their owners and with other loved ones are being more than just entertained, they’re learning how to be social. They are learning that it is good to play and have fun. Playing with your pooch truly helps their sense of how to relate to you and others in a fun and carefree manner.

Another reason why playtime is imperative is that your pooch needs to have fun in a variety of different ways indoors. Their minds are complex and their bodies need to be exercised in a fun manner just like ours do. Participating in fun activities with your dog also brings pure joy to their hearts while simultaneously eliminating any pent-up energy.

Overall, playtime is a healthy way to bond, have fun, exercise, be mentally stimulated, learn boundaries, and relax (it helps us dog owners to relax and destress too).

Fun Games to Play With Your Dog Inside

Here are some great games to play indoors with your dog:

Tug of War

This game is an all-time classic! Simply buy a basic tug toy and both you and your pup will be entertained for quite a while! We know that every pooch loves to have a little bit of rough play and this is the perfect game to satisfy their natural and playful desires.

The tug of war game falls under both the physical and mental stimulation categories. We say this because your dog is using his or her muscles to pull on the rope. They are also mentally stimulated and eliminating any pent-up energy because pups know that this game is a competition and they want to win it, so they will think about shaking the rope in different ways, cheating by trying to take over both ends of the rope and more.

Indoor game of catch

This game is perfect for high energy dogs such as Border Collies, Welsh Corgis, Shelties, Dalmatians, Russell Terriers, Huskies, Labs, and Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Aussies, and other breeds of dogs too. All you need to play this game is a ball or your dog’s favorite toy.

Carefully and repeatedly throw their favorite toy in the middle of a room that is not cluttered, so that they can freely jog, jump, and spiral into the air to safely catch their toy.

To make this an even more active indoor game, we encourage you to have your pup bring the toy back to you and drop it. This way they are having fun, exercising more, and even learning the command, “come,” and drop it. You and your dog will definitely bond while playing this game, and your pup will definitely be ready for a nap afterward.

Chasing bubbles

Dogs love chasing animals, objects, and illusions such as birds, toys, laser beams, and more so why not play a game with bubbles? There are special non-toxic bubbles that many dog parents buy for their precious fur babies and both the dog and the owners end up having a blast!

You can use the traditional bubble wand and run around the house making bubbles while your pooch follows after you, or you can even use a bubble machine to quickly fill the room with bubbles that your pup can jump at, and even safely eat.

Indoor soccer

For this game simply use any open floor space to dribble an actual soccer ball around the house. Your pup will instantly want to engage in an intense yet silly one on one game of soccer! What better way to bond together and burn calories, than through one of your favorite sports?

Indoor mini obstacle course

It may be bad weather outside, or you and your pup may reside in an apartment. However, that doesn’t have to stop your fun goals of preparing for dog obstacle and talent competitions. Simply purchase a mini indoor obstacle course to keep your pooch entertained and ready for competition seasons.

Or you can make one yourself with a few things you have lying around the house.

Indoor swimming competition

Do you already have a slightly heated indoor pool? If so, then challenge your energized pooch to a few pool laps. This is a fun, and therapeutic way to play together. Water activities are easy on the joints for dogs with previous joint, tissue or muscle conditions such as arthritis or a recovering ACL.

A wrestling match

This is a good ole’ way to play that does not require any equipment at all. Just roll on the floor and roughhouse together in a playful, yet slightly cautious manner.

Hide and seek

This is a game that is a little on the less physical side, but it is still a very fun game. It will be amusing for your precious pup, and it’s a game that the whole family can participate in. Your pooch will always enjoy an easy game of hide-and-seek with you no matter what age they are! You can use some treats or their favorite toy to hide.

Quick and Less Active Indoor Games

We understand that sometimes life gets super busy. We also understand that your dog’s play area might be limited in space. However, quality play time with a variety of games is an absolute must. Below are a few easy and fun activities that will entertain your precious pup on a busy day:

The Classic Kong or Puppy Kong

This toy is an all-time favorite for many pups! It does not require a lot of space to play with and it can hold a dog’s attention for a while. Your pup can play a mini-game of fetch with this toy, but he or she can also play with this toy alone if you fill the Kong with peanut butter or their favorite treat.

Dress up

This is the perfect game for small dogs and dogs that are super calm. This activity is great for entertainment, bonding, and being beyond cute! Your pup won’t be bored, and you’ll have a blast dressing up your perfect fur baby.

Learn new tricks

Teaching your dog new dog commands or tricks such as “shake” or “rollover” is a light physical activity that is mentally stimulating. It also helps with establishing obedience to you as the primary carer of your pup.

Chase the laser beam

This game is super easy and stimulating for your pup.

Simply just buy a red laser and point it to the floor. Move the laser pointer around so that your pooch will chase after the laser dot, but make sure that you never flash the laser in your dog’s eyes.

Have Fun with Your Pooch!

Playtime is a crucial part of your precious fur baby’s day, and it should not be skipped. Indoor games are a great way to have fun and bond with your dog on a daily basis without having to go out.

Aside from bonding with your dog, indoor games also eliminate stress, anxiety, and pent-up energy. Use these games to ensure your pup is getting enough physical and mental stimulation for their health and well-being.