Discover How Helen Woodward Animal Center is Saving Abandoned Pets and Giving them a New Lease on Life

Do you believe that people help animals, and animals help people? If you do, you share the same viewpoint as the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Helen Woodward founded an animal center that rehomes animals, provides care to them, and educates people. 

Read on to learn who Helen Woodward Animal Center is and what they do to help animals around the country. Learn how to support the organization through donations, gifts, and volunteering. 

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Helen Woodward Animal Center charity

Who is the Helen Woodward Animal Center?

Helen Woodward Animal Center is an animal shelter located in Rancho Santa Fe, California. 

This organization believes that people should help animals as much as they help us. Every animal on Earth deserves trust, respect, and unconditional love.

The center provides several services to the community through humane care, animal adoption, and educational and therapeutic programs for humans. 

This unique group is a private, non-profit organization in San Diego County. They are also a nationally recognized center that inspires many humans by sharing the importance of the human-animal bond. 

How Did the Helen Woodward Animal Center Start?

The Helen Woodward Animal Center was established in 1972 and named San Dieguito Animal Care and Education Center.

Since their foundation day, their focus has been pet adoption and onsite humane education. 

But their services have grown over the years to include an equine hospital, small animal hospital, boarding facility, animal-assisted therapy, and Animeals.

The name of the animal center was changed to Helen Woodward Animal Center in 1986 to honor the founder’s life. 

Mike Arms has been the CEO and president of the facility since 1999. 

What Does the Helen Woodward Animal Center Do?

Helen Woodward Animal Center’s main initiative is their adoption program. The center rescues pets from about 50 organizations all around the country to give them second chances at life. 

This no-kill animal shelter proudly states that 95% of their animals come from other shelters that cannot keep them, providing 3,700 orphan animals each year. 

The animal center also has a boarding house for pets called Club Pet. According to them, you can feel confident knowing your pet is in a safe, nurturing environment and receiving attentive care from our knowledgeable staff.

Helen Woodward also provides:

  • workshops for shelters across the country
  • humane educational outreach for children and adults
  • a hospital for the horse community. 

One of the current efforts of Helen Woodward Animal Center is Animeals, which provides meals for the pets of homebound and low-income seniors.

AniMeals serves 830 pets and 520 people in one month while donating 9,300 pounds of pet food. 

Helen Woodward Animal Center also created the special event, Remember Me Thursday, that unites people and organizations to advocate for orphan pets.

How You Can Help Helen Woodward Animal Center


You can help Helen Woodward Animal Center by donating to the organization

Any amount, whether a one-time or recurring donation, will go a long way in making sure the animal center continues their mission of people helping animals and animals helping people.

The online donation page also allows you to dedicate the donation in honor or memory of someone. Or credit it to a specific fundraiser or team.

You may also choose where your donation will go, such as adoptions, P.E.T., therapeutic riding, or their P.E.T. initiative. 

Other Ways to Help

Other ways to support the organization include:

Spread the Word

The easiest way to help Helen Woodward Animal Center without breaking the bank is by simply following and sharing on socials.

Share their posts, so your friends and followers can support this wonderful non-profit organization and save lives.

Your donation, fundraising events, social media promotion, or volunteering will go a long way in helping the organization continue their mission. 

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