Home Remedy for Dog Ear Ache

Ear infections are common conditions in dogs, especially those with big, droopy ears and those with very active lifestyles. However, just because they’re common doesn’t mean they are natural and normal. The excessive wax buildup could cause more severe pain and other health conditions in your pup.

That said, it is important to treat and prevent dog ear infection right away to avoid it becoming more serious. You can treat this condition using simple home remedies before going to the vet!

If your fur baby is part of the stinky ear club, this guide on ear infection and a home remedy for dog earache can help you learn a few things that will keep your pooch happy and healthy!

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dog ear ache home remedy

Dog Ear Infection Causes

Here are some of the many factors that may lead to an ear infection for your pup:

  • dogs’ L-shape ear canals that easily trap fluid
  • allergies
  • thyroid disease and other endocrine disorders
  • foreign bodies
  • injury to the ear canal
  • excessive cleaning
  • autoimmune disorders.

Dog Ear Infection Symptoms

Pain is the most obvious sign of a dog ear infection. Here are some signs that your dog is showing discomfort:

  • dark discharge
  • scratching ears
  • head shaking
  • odor
  • itchiness
  • scabs in the ear.

Why Use a Natural Remedy for Dog Ear Ache?

Of course, it is always best to consult your conventional vet for your dog’s medical needs. They will diagnose your dog with the right condition and prescribe medicated topical treatments that should be effective. 

Homemade remedies should supplement these prescribed medications for better effect. This is because, sometimes, the drugs only treat the symptoms we can see. They do not always address the underlying condition that’s causing the symptoms.

In other cases, antibiotics may disrupt the bacterial balance in your dog’s gut. Yeast may overgrow and kill more good bacteria.

A vet may also just prescribe pain medication if they think nothing is wrong with the ears. Or they may prescribe steroids that have harmful side effects. 

Best Home Remedies for Dog Ear Ache

Here are some solutions that may soothe our dog’s earache and address the cause of pain, which is usually infection.


Plain, unsweetened yogurt is a great way to help repopulate the ear with good bacteria. All you have to do is place it in the ear canal with a syringe.

Oil of Mullein

Apply a few drops, about five to six, of oil of mullein combined with oil of garlic in your dog’s ears for ten days. This natural remedy kills viruses, eases pain and reduces swelling.

Coconut Oil

To soften the wax buildup in your dog’s ears that causes pain, olive or coconut oil in their ear canal to help move it up and out where it can be wiped away with a tissue. 

This can also help get rid of ear mites naturally. Make sure to do this treatment every three days for two weeks since ear mite eggs hatch every four days. 

Warm compress

Apply a warm compress to the ear several times a day. The compress alleviates the pain and inflammation caused by an ear infection.

Boric Acid

From treating acne to killing ants, boric acid is an effective solution that can also prevent ear infections. Sprinkle some powder in your dog’s ears after swimming and bathing. This will make the moisture in your dog’s ears less of a favorable place for yeast and bacteria to thrive.

Because boric acid shouldn’t be swallowed or inhaled, be careful to protect your dog’s eyes, nose, and mouth.

Green Tea

To relieve your dog’s earache, boil 8 oz of water and add two green tea bags. Let the tea steep for a few minutes and cool to lukewarm temperature.

You can use a sponge or a towel for the outer ear, and a syringe to help guide it into the ear canal.

Dietary Change

A holistic approach to preventing infections that may cause pain in your dog’s ear is a diet change. If a dog is fed a high starch diet, which is what is used in baking to grow yeast, then the yeast will flourish on the skin. That’s why you should use a species-appropriate diet to minimize the risk to your dog.

Explore meats like turkeys, brushtail, or beef, and cut out the starch! You may go grain-free with your pup as well.

Vinegar and Water

Mix one part apple cider vinegar and one part water and apply to your dog’s ears once a day for a few weeks. Make sure you get the liquid into the ear canal by holding your dog’s ear still. You can pour or squirt the liquid (at least one dropper full each time) into the ear canal. Then massage gently below the ear.

Another helpful astringent is witch hazel which can also be used to clean your dog’s ears.


Pluck all the hair growing in the ear canal. Hair obstructs airflow into the ear, causing the canal to be dry and susceptible to infection.

Oil of Oregano

As a natural antibiotic, oil of oregano can help address the underlying cause of your dog’s earache. Just add a drop to ½ oz of warm pure aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice has a cleansing power that helps deal with the bacteria in your dog’s ears.

You can use this mixture topically in the ear or add a few drops to your dog’s food.

Natural is Safer and Better

Remember that although prescription medicines are reliable for your dog’s pain, they have their own pros and cons that’s why additional home remedies should be used as well.

We recommend consulting with a holistic veterinarian who makes sure they protect dogs against infections without using potentially harmful products!

We hope you feel more confident using natural remedies at home for your dog’s earache and infection. It’s the first step on your journey to finding your dog’s perfect body balance. They’re cheap, effective, and safe!

But if your pup doesn’t seem to be feeling any relief at all, the infection might have spread into their inner ear already and the treatment isn’t quite reaching the deepest part of the infected ear. Make sure to check with your vet before it gets more serious!

And avoid infections altogether with a regular grooming schedule and learn how to clean your dog’s ears at home.