How Far Can a Dog Smell?

We all know that a dog’s sense of smell is more exceptional than ours. They can pick up odors at concentrations of parts per trillion. But at what distance can they pick up such a smell?

How far can a dog smell? So far that they can recognize you from a block away.

But the actual distance depends on so many factors.

Discover what affects how far a dog can smell and how far away a dog can smell their owner.

You can also learn the exact range of their sense of smell, how far a dog can smell in miles and how far a dog can track a smell.

Be amazed by how far a male dog can smell a female in heat and a K9 dog’s smelling abilities.

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Can a dog smell far

How Far Can a Dog Smell?

Dogs can smell as far as 12.4 miles or 20km away given the right conditions.

Breed, environmental conditions, training, and your dog’s health are just some of the factors that affect how far your dog can smell.

We tend to underestimate that dogs can smell miles away when we can’t even sense if someone is in the next room.

Who else can smell where your parents hid your favorite snack?

Dog Breeds with The Best Sense of Smell

While all dogs have more powerful smelling abilities than humans, some breeds are more exceptional than others

Here are some dog breeds that can smell the farthest:

  • Bloodhound
  • Basset Hound
  • Beagle
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Dachshunds
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever.

Unfortunately, short-nosed dogs usually have more restricted nostrils and additional respiratory problems, hindering them from smelling long distances.

In a book entitled Scent and Scenting Dog by Willam Sytoruck, it is stated that albino dogs and white or light-colored dogs also have partial impairment of smell.

Factors That Affect How Far a Dog Can Smell

Besides the specific breed, there are other factors to consider when it comes to how far a dog can smell. 

These have a lot to do with the object being smelled and the surrounding environment, as well as how well trained a dog is.

Environmental Factors

  • Speed and direction of the wind.
  • Weather and temperature.
  • The density of objects between the dog and the smell.

These reasons also show why summer is not the best season for dog tracking.

Spring and fall are when the canine nose performs best because the vegetation and cover are not as thick.

This is mostly true for ground trackers. When the ground is thick and high, and the air is dry, scenting conditions worsen.

The temperature should be slightly warmer than the air, which is why some owners let their dogs track in the evening.

Training and Ability

Is your dog well-trained to pick up scents from far-away places?

Even though some dog breeds have a more powerful sense of smell, they can’t put it to good use if they are not properly trained. 

Some dogs might also have a weaker sense of smell if their nose is not working properly.

Ideally, the dog picks up lots of scents with the help of their vomeronasal organ.

This is a narrow canal that has olfactory cells and 608 nerve bundles that easily connect the nose to the brain.

And one-eighth of your dog’s brain is committed to smell. 

Scent-training your dog is mentally stimulating for them because they are using their natural ability to smell, identify, and find specific odors. 

It turns their training into a challenging puzzle game. Over time, you will notice their skills increase along with their confidence.

You can scent-train your dog by yourself. You can start at home, in the yard, around your neighborhood, or at the park.

Find how you can start scent training with your dog now.

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How Far Can a Dog Smell in Miles?

Again, the reach of your dog’s smell depends on their breed, training, health, and weather.

When your dog is in perfect shape and the weather is just right, they can smell up to 12.4 miles away. This is equivalent to 20km.

In a study by Wasser and his team, dogs were trained to track bear scats along transects within a 5,200 square kilometer area. 

With the help of dogs’ powerful smell, the researchers were able to identify land-use patterns for both black and grizzly bears.

Another study by Smith shows that dogs can also use scent to locate the subnivean lairs of seals, located beneath the snow at a distance of over 1.5 km, through drifted snow up to 2m deep.

In this study, the speed of the wind was up to 46 km/h. 

These show how far away and under what conditions dogs can smell. Take note that these are scenarios from trained dogs.

But even if you have a house dog who does not track scents and only plays around your yard all day, they can still smell long distances of scents.

And, of course, they are trainable.

How far can dogs sniff

How Far Can a Dog Track a Scent?

A dog can track a specific scent up to 500 hundred yards away, depending on the weather.

Scent tracking in dogs refers to tracking, perceiving, and following a scent.

Compared to simply smelling from a distance, tracking is all about following a specific smell to its location.

This requires more work, talent, and natural abilities, considering that some dog breeds can smell better than others. 

For example, a dog can recognize that an animal is standing about 40 yards away if it’s windy or rainy. 

But if the weather conditions are more stable, then they can detect an animal from even further away.

However, tracking is not just all about finding a scent. It’s also about following the scent to its location, and some dogs get lost in this phase. 

The closer the scent is, the better they can smell it, and follow it.

In a study on dogs following tracks, the dog participants correctly tracked directions, although they did not always go to the correct path the first time.

How Far Away Can a Dog Smell Their Owner?

Studies on how far away a dog can smell their owner are still lacking, although we infer that it can be farther than usual due to a proven study on dogs’ love for their owner’s scent. 

There’s even news about a dog that found their way home after walking 11 miles for two days. 

What makes it more impressive is how the dog was taken to the new destination by car but found their way back on foot.  

This is why detection dogs can effectively help during search and rescue operations.

They help to find missing victims in floods, avalanches, and other disasters.

There are also cadaver dogs who are trained to look for human corpses, skeletons, and blood and tissue remain, whether it’s on land, buried underground, or underwater. 

Dogs can also identify criminals by matching the scent of a perpetrator at the crime scene with the smell of the suspect.

They can do all of this when a person’s scent is mixed with the scent of another person or other substances with a strong smell.

Dogs are indeed the best sniffers in the world.

How Far Can a Male Dog Smell a Female in Heat?

Male dogs have a powerful sense of smell, although there is not enough data on whether it’s stronger than female dogs.

All we know is that dogs can collect pheromones from other animals through their vomeronasal organ also known as the Jacobson’s organ.

This means they can sense a female dog in heat from several miles away, depending on location and wind direction.

How Far Can a K9 Dog Smell?

K9 dogs are trained for a variety of jobs, including apprehension, detection, and search and rescue.

They receive specialized training for nose work, so we might assume that their range of smell is better. However, the evidence for this is lacking. 

Dogs have noses that are up to 100,000 times more sensitive than ours. With a K9 dog, they can smell a substance diluted to 5 parts per trillion.

So even though we can’t tell how exactly far a K9 dog can smell, we know that they can detect a teaspoon of sugar even if it’s dropped in a million gallons of water.

When it comes to scent detection, dogs can track evidence like drugs, explosives, and accelerants. They can even check landmines to protect handlers and personnel from danger.

Dogs scent tracking

FAQ Dogs Sense of Smell

How Good is a Dog’s Sense of Smell?

Good is an understatement for describing your dog’s sense of smell.

Their nose is their main sense for interpreting their surroundings, humans, and other animals. It gives them more details about the world than what they can see, hear, feel, or taste.

A dog’s sense of smell is also so powerful that they use it to socialize with other dogs. They can send out information through their noses.

In fact, it’s secondary to barking, whining, paw shakes, and other forms of greeting.

Learn all about your dog’s good sense of smell and how you can unleash this canine sense.

Why Does My Dog Put Their Nose on Me?

If your dog is putting their nose or whole face on you, it’s probably because they are greeting you, seeking attention, or gathering information.

They are trying to pick up scents and information about you because they want to get to know you more.

Sometimes, they are not using their nose at all. They are just putting their head on you because they want attention.

They feel safer and more secure when they are close to you as if you are their mother dog or their pack leader. 

Check out the other reasons why your dog is putting their head on you.

How Far Can a German Shepherd Smell?

There are no actual studies on how far German Shepherds can smell, but this breed is known for their best tracking skills.

The popular, obedient, and loyal dog has around 225 million scent receptors which they can use for very important jobs. 

This is why you’re more likely to find them doing police work like detecting drugs and explosives, looking for victims in search and rescue operations, and more.

Find out more about the German Shepherd if you’re planning on adopting one.

Dogs Can Smell Far and Wide.

Dogs can smell you and other objects from afar. That is why when you’re arriving home very quietly, they still get enthusiastic knowing you’re about to open the door.

But dogs can smell farther than this. To be exact, if they have superb health and smelling ability, they can track a certain scent up to 500 hundred yards away.

Despite being able to smell the tiniest odor, yours is still their favorite. 

They like picking up all sorts of invisible things in you, such as your hormones, mood, sickness, and your overall scent fingerprint. 

It’s no wonder why you are their most favorite thing to sniff.

Learn how to respond to your dog when they start sniffing you all the time.