How to Get a Dog Out of an Above Ground Pool

We want our dogs to experience all the family fun and bonding activities, such as swimming in our newly built above-ground pool.

But it can be challenging when the pool doesn’t have entry and exit points for dogs.

Find out the best ways to get your dog out of an above-ground pool and how to keep an above-ground pool safe for dogs.

Learn how to find an above-ground pool suitable for dogs and find the best dog ramp, pool steps, and ladders for all kinds of pools.

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Get dog out of above ground pool

How Do I Get My Dog Out of an Above Ground Pool?

Dogs cannot always easily climb out of the pool, especially if it’s an above-ground pool.

If your pool is small and shallow, and your dog is small, then you can lift them in and out of the pool yourself.

But if you have an above-ground pool with high sides, you will need another option.

You can get your dog out of an above-ground pool with a pool ladder, steps, or a ramp. 

However, you might also need to train them on how to use these. Some dogs will figure it out quickly while others will need some guidance from you.

If you have an older or arthritic dog, pool ramps are more suitable. They are a safe and effective way to enter and exit swimming pools.

If your pool is small or you don’t have a lot of room around it, then steps or a ladder may be a better option.

Here’s a quick step-by-step teach them:

  1. Your dog should know how to swim. Start them in shallow water until you know they like it.
  2. Show them the pool steps or ladder so they know where they are.
  3. Let them paddle around for a bit. Keep your eye on them and support them when they need it.
  4. Keep showing your dog where the steps are so that they know where to go when they get tired of swimming.
  5. Get them to walk on the steps or climb up the ramp. Then, let them climb down to reach the ground. 
  6. Keep practicing until your dog can get out without your guidance.

Once your dog can do this on their own, they will be safer in the water. 

Getting a dog out of the pool

How to Keep an Above Ground Pool Safe for Dogs

Don’t let your dog miss out on all the fun in the pool. Make your pool dog-friendly with these tips.

Install a Dog Ramp or Ladder

Whether there’s someone there who can assist your dog or not, they should be able to climb in and out of the pool on their own. 

An inclined plane is the easiest and will allow them to walk in and out of the swimming pool on their own.

You can also use ladder steps that resemble stairs so that they have a reduced risk of slipping. 

Make sure that they are big enough for large-breed dogs if you have one.

An A-frame ladder also provides a good spot for your dog to temporarily rest on when they get tired of swimming.

Put a Fence Around the Pool

A secure fence is also essential to have around your pool. It’s also important if you have children in the house. 

This will keep your furry friend safe when no one is around to supervise them when swimming.

Even if your pool has ladder steps or a ramp to help them get in and out of the pool, something dangerous can still happen if they swim without anyone around.

Cover the Pool When not in Use

You can use a tied-down tarp to cover the above-ground pool when not in use. 

This is important for dogs who don’t know how to swim and if they don’t know how to climb in and out of the pool on their own.

Make sure that the cover is secured so that your pup won’t slip under it.

If you don’t trust tarps, try a rigid cover. This will ensure that there is zero risk of your dog falling or intentionally jumping into the pool.

Train Your Dog

It’s not enough that you have a dog ramp or a cover for your above-ground pool. 

You also need to train your dog in some pool safety so they can get in and out of the pool with ease.

Aside from learning how to paddle, your dog should also learn how to climb in and out of the pool. 

Teach them where to swim to if they want to get back on the ground. 

How to Find Above-Ground Pools for Dogs

Dogs usually have a harder time getting in and out of an above-ground pool than when you have an in-ground pool.

But some dog owners still prefer them. A good above-ground pool should have the following:

  • High-quality vinyl wall – this will allow them to climb in and out without getting injured or destroying the material. 
  • Safe and easy access.
  • Easy installation (for your benefit).
  • Resting place for your dog.

Then you only need to get a ramp or ladder so your dog can get in and out easily.

You can even add a ramp or steps on each side of the pool so your dog can get out wherever they’re closest to.

If you just want a small shallow pool this foldable pool for dogs gives your dog easy access and it’s easy to setup. 

Best Dog Ramp for Pools

The best dog ramp for other kinds of pools is PetSTEP’s Original Folding Pet Ramp, which is available in black and khaki. 

This ramp features a non-slip surface made of rubber to avoid injury as your dog enters and exits the pool.

This means it has no fabric or sandpaper-like materials that make it dirty and dangerous. 

Instead, it uses durable plastic that will not tear or rust after being used long-term. 

The ramp can be used on both above-ground and in-ground pools. 

Best Above Ground Pool Steps for Dogs

The Swim Time’s Above Ground Swimming Pool Step is ideal for dogs and kids to help them have easy entry and exit to the pool. 

It has handles for children so that they don’t slip. 

But it’s also slip-resistant for dogs because the steps are made of polyethylene and will fit any above-ground pool up to 54” in depth.

This is designed for above-ground pools with a deck or platform for the steps to attach to.

Best Dog Ladder for Above Ground Pool

This Confer Plastics A-Frame Pool Ladder is one of the best pool ladders for dogs.

The deep steps and large platform provide plenty of traction for your dog to get out of the pool easily and safely.

It has a lockable roll guard barrier to prevent entry to the pool when needed.

And it is height adjustable to fit 48-inch to 54-inch-tall pools.

Keep Your Dog Safe When Swimming.

Many Dogs need to have an easy way to climb out of an above-ground pool using a ramp or dog ladder. Human ladders in pools are often not enough.

Make sure they can enter and exit the pool with ease so they can rest when they are tired of swimming.

Once you find a way to keep them safe, make sure your pool is regularly maintained and find out if dog hair can ruin your pool pump.