How to Make Dog Toys Out of Rope

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how to make dog toys out of ropeDogs can go through their toys like they’re made of paper. It’s one of the many frustrations of us dog owners all around the world. Whether it be a playful pup or a fully-grown adult dog, most dog toys on the market today don’t last as long as you want them to.

It is time to stop throwing money in the trash one chewed up dog toy at a time and learn how to make dog toys out of rope!

Why Your Dog Needs Toys

All dogs need toys for mental stimulation, behavior modification, appropriate chewing, and most importantly–fun! Dog toys give a dog physical and mental stimulation which are both important in your pup’s development. Toys can give your dog exercise as well as stave off boredom, which can also prevent them from misbehaving to pass the time.

Dogs that don’t have toys will often find something to chew on to pass the time, and this can, unfortunately, be your shoes, your furniture, or the throw pillows on the sofa.

Aside from preventing destructive behaviors as a result of boredom, toys are great for a dog’s emotional health as well. Dogs toys help your beloved pooch stay relaxed and happy even if you are busy at work or school.

dog rope toys

Why Making Dog Toys out of Rope is Better

Dog toys come in all types, shapes, sizes, and textures. Veterinarians recommend getting your dog a few toys that differ in shapes and textures and rotate their use every few days. This way your dog won’t get bored with their toys because they have something new to play with from time to time.

However, dogs will get bored of their toys eventually. Some dogs may even destroy their toys completely, and this is often the case for heavy chewers and aggressive dogs. To save yourself money and keep your dog entertained with new toys every few weeks, making your own dog toys out of rope is an easy and simple solution. This means you won’t need to keep buying expensive dog toys at the pet store after your dog chews the latest one into oblivion.

How to make DIY dog toys out of rope

Making your own dog toys out of rope is super easy and it will take you less than five minutes to finish. There are endless knots that you can try to make your own dog rope toy, all you need are a few pieces of rope and a little creativity.

For small to medium sized dogs, use a rope that is ½” to ¾”. For bigger dogs, use a 1.5” rope especially for heavy chewers. Remember to use only the strongest rope you can get as dogs can swallow bits of the rope if it is easily frayed. Swallowed frays can end up in your dog’s digestive system and cause painful gastrointestinal problems.

An ideal toss and tug toy would be a rope that is a bit long and knotted at both ends. This is very easy to do. All you need is a piece of rope (the length and diameter would depend on the size of your dog) and a guide on the Matthew Walker knot.

To make the rope tug toy, unravel braids of the two ends of the rope. Then, follow this tutorial on how to make a Matthew Walker knot to tie both ends. Fray the ends with a comb so that the toy looks nicer.

For bigger dogs with a bad habit of destroying their dog toys in a matter of hours, you can create bigger rope toys with a thicker rope. Choose a tough rope to prevent your toy from fraying out quickly as your dog chews on it.

Create a woven bone dog toy for your dog to chew on. This dog toy is proven to withstand extensive chewing and play, which is perfect for dogs who love to do both. To create a woven dog toy, you need at least sixty feet of ⅜” cotton rope, two lacrosse or tennis balls, cardboard, duct tape, and pins.

Then, follow this tutorial on how to weave rope into a bone-shaped dog toy. It is not too complicated, just weave the rope around the duct taped cardboard with two balls at either end. After you finish weaving, you will have your very own dog-shaped rope dog toy that your playful pup can thoroughly enjoy. It is perfect for chewing and playing catch and fetch.

For a more stimulating rope dog toy try incorporating a ball in the middle of the rope. To do this, simply pierce through a tennis ball and pass the rope through the hole. Then tie the ends of the rope in a knot style of your choice.

Check out this instructional video on making your own dog rope toy:

Don’t have the time to do all the weaving and DIY crafts? Just take a piece of rope, solidify the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying, and let your dog enjoy it! You don’t have to make the dog toy all too complicated, just make sure that there is variation so that your pup doesn’t get bored of your DIY dog toys.

Use different colored ropes and different designs, attach balls and other soft toys to the rope, use recycled materials like old shirts, make the toys into exciting shapes. The possibilities are endless!

Dog toys are essential for a dog’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The absence of toys in your pup’s life can make way for unwanted habits such as nuisance barking, chewing on household objects, and other attention-seeking behavior.

Get Crafty for Your Dog!

Buying dog toys can be a hassle especially if your dog goes through them in a matter of days. It’s like letting your dog chew up money! Fortunately, you can easily make your own DIY dog toys with a few pieces of rope and some boy scout knotting skills, and these rope dog toys are sure to last much longer than some store-bought toys.

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how to make dog toys out of rope