How to Stop Dogs from Jumping the Fence

Dogs can be stubborn sometimes. They try to escape your yard when they are greeted by fellow canines, they jump the fence just to look for a playmate, and they roam around to sniff and feed their curiosity. 

They jump the fence not because they don’t love you any more or they’re sick of your house. Dogs are just gentle creatures historically bred for adventures and work!

We will provide all the in-depth information as to why dogs want to jump the fence and how you can keep them in the yard! Continue reading to find out how to stop dogs from jumping the fence. 

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dog jumping fence

Why Dogs Jump the Fence 

Generally, dogs don’t jump fences because they climb them, especially when your fence is too high. 

Our four-legged friends have their own reasons for why they long for the other side of the fence, and it is your job as the caretaker to find out what it is so that you can establish a proper game plan to stop them from escaping! 

Excitement and Sex Drive 

Dogs jump the fence when they see other animals they want to play with or a friendly person they want to meet. One reason they get excited when they see other dogs is because they become potential mates.  

Our canine friends become sexually mature around six months so you might notice them being jumpier and naughtier at this age. This is more common in male dogs as they are strongly motivated to look for female dogs. Their drive is so high, it can be hard to keep them under control. 

Separation Anxiety 

Sometimes, dogs associate the yard with feelings of abandonment. They feel upset when they’re apart from you so they hit the road to look for you. You’ll know this is why they climb the fence when you notice them getting nervous when you’re leaving or when they destroy things when you’re out. 

This issue drives them to run away as soon as you go out, but usually, they won’t be too far from your house. 


If missing you is not the case, then they’re probably just scared of being alone. They feel unsafe especially when there is a thunderstorm or fireworks. WebMD states that 1 in 5 dogs go missing after hearing loud noises. 

Lack of Stimulation 

Dogs jump the fence when they see or smell something more interesting than what is in your yard. We know how dogs are active and always in need of healthy outlets for their energy levels.  

Sometimes, they behave the way they do when they lack exercise or when their environment is so barren. It’s like living in a house without wi-fi, phone, television, and electricity! 

How They Escape 

Again, dogs don’t always jump fences because they climb them. They use some part of the fence to push off and transfer to the other side. If they are tall and tough enough, they use forward momentum.  

Providing short-term solutions for your dog’s escaping problem includes knowing how they jump out so that you can decrease his motivation to do so. 

How to Stop Dogs from Jumping the Fence 

Stopping your dogs from jumping the fence not only requires fence modifications and equipment. Your furry friends also need proper training and exercise to instill discipline in them.

It is always an important step to solve their behavioral issues by knowing the root cause and providing the best long-term solutions for our beloved pup! 

Walk Them Daily 

Because dogs jump out of frustration and social isolation, they need proper physical and mental exercise. A walk in the park is enough not only for stimulating their minds and body but also for bonding with you.  

Provide Them Interesting Toys 

Toys are necessary to keep them busy and happy while you are not around! If your four-legged friend is fond of chewing and destroying your shoes, give them indestructible chew toys like SHARLOVY’s Pack of 14 Dog Chew Toys.

All the 14 toys in this pack are made out of non-toxic cotton fibers so that your dog can enjoy playing without you having to worry about what goes in their mouth.  

These kinds of toys are also good for puppies’ teeth as they take out dirt from the mouth and grind them canines to make the pearly whites less sharp. 

Another kind of toy you can leave your dog with to deter jumping over the fence is an interactive treat-dispensing ball from Our Pets that rolls around and drops a few treats through the tiny hole. It serves as good mental and physical exercise for your doggo! This toy is made of safe and durable plastic that twists apart to make cleaning easier.  

For more great ideas, see our article on the best interactive dog toys. 

Have Them Spayed or Neutered 

The Humane Society of the United States explains that getting your male dog neutered decreases sexual roaming in 90% of cases. On the other hand, spayed female dogs can prevent pregnancy in case they do escape your yard.  

Remove Climbers 

Remove items around your yard that you think will help your dog jump over the fence. This includes outdoor furniture, pot plants, trash bins, and anything else that can give them a step up and over the fence. 

This can be tricky for homes with a chain link fence because some dogs can easily climb up those.  

Restrict Their View 

You can restrict your dog’s view in order for them not to be intrigued by the outside world. If they can’t see other animals or people, then they won’t want to leave. Closing gaps in fences can cover up what your pup can see and that may be enough to deter them. 

Another option for some pups is to give them a way to see out so their curiosity can be satisified. Maybe an acrylic dome attached to your fence is all that they need.  

Lemonda’s 2-pack dome for dogs will prevent your dog from jumping and escaping without depriving them of the outside world’s interesting sights. The material is made out of high-quality acrylic that is easy to install and clean.

We love how this already comes with all the bolts and nuts needed and how it is flexible enough to be attached to wood, vinyl, and other materials. 

Train Your Dog The Right Way  

Proper training will help to correct this problem Make sure you only correct your dog in the moment that you catch them escaping or climbing the fence. If you start correcting them when they stop jumping or when they already left your yard, then the training becomes confusing and ineffective.  

You will need good foundational recall training so you can call your dog back when they jump the fence. This will help them learn boundaries and they will soon know that you don’t want them leaving the yard. 

Moreover, don’t correct your dog if they are simply scared or anxious. It will only make them more afraid.

Seek the help of a professional trainer and talk to a veterinarian about anti-anxiety medicines to alter your pup’s behavior.  

Watch this video below for some tips for boundary training.